Season 1, Ep 18, Aired 5/11/10
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  • Episode Description
  • Rachel loses her voice and can't sing. Kurt attempts to impress his father. Puck tries to do whatever it takes to make him cool.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Matthew Morrison

    Will Schuester

  • Dianna Agron

    Quinn Fabray

  • Jane Lynch

    Sue Sylvester

  • Jessalyn Gilsig

    Terri Schuester

  • Jayma Mays

    Emma Pillsbury

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  • Unpopular Opinion: Didn't Love It

    By thequietvoice, Dec 26, 2012

  • Very good episode that makes you laugh and cry from a series that seems to finally find its voice, let's hope they don't lose it next week!

    By Michelle_u2, May 12, 2010

  • Looking for the perfect record

    By RobGrizz, May 12, 2010

  • Tears - Chris Colfer - you are amazing!!

    By CosmoCramer1, May 21, 2010

  • Good episode..

    By sequoa84, May 16, 2010

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    • Sue: So, you like show tunes. It doesn't mean you're gay. It just means you're awful! You know, there is only one person in this world who can tell you what you are. Kurt: (he smiles) Me. Sue: No, me. Sue Sylvester and she hasn't quite made up her mind about you.

    • Mercedes: Look Quinn I could never see myself being into a guy like Puck, especially since he's your baby's daddy but something just happened between us. Quinn: I say go for it. Mercedes: What? Quinn: Look, I screwed up by letting Puck get me pregnant. He's an idiot and his mother won't let me eat bacon. I'm stuck living with him right now but at least if you guys are dating I won't have to spend so much time listening to his insane theories on how Super Mario Brothers changed civilization. But you do realize he's using you and your popularity so he won't get tossed in a dumpster. Mercedes: I know he's using me and in a way it's almost better. I'm not you. I've never had a guy like me for anything. But now I'm such a steaming mug of hot chocolate that one of the studliest guys in school wants to use me to harvest some mojo. Quinn: I just don't want you getting hurt. Mercedes: I know what this is. My hearts safe. Quinn: Oh I'm not worried about your heart. I might be okay with this but not even Puck is going to be able to call off Santana.

    • Narrator: So here's what happened last week: Kurt found a video of Sue, and the glee club posted it online. Then somebody made a "glist" of who in the glee club was the naughtiest, so Rachel tried to seem like a bad girl by doing a video with Finn, Puck and Jessie, but mostly it just hurt their feelings and the song was really, really bad. Like maybe the worst song ever written. Also, Sue spilled the beans that Will sucked face with Shelby Corcoran and that one time, April Rhodes spent the night, which totally hurt Emma's feelings. And that's what you missed on Glee.

    • Rachel: I'm like Tinkerbell, Finn. I need applause to live.

    • Puck: I'm a sex shark. If I stop moving, I die.

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    Notes (3)

    • International Episode Titles: Czech Republic: Laryngitida (Laryngitis)

    • Although credited, Jessalyn Gilsig (Terri Schuester) does not appear in this episode.

    • Original International Air Dates: Canada: May 11, 2010 on Global Republic of Ireland: May 12, 2010 on TV3 United Kingdom: May 17, 2010 on E4/E4 HD Australia: May 27, 2010 on Channel Ten Sweden: July 11, 2010 on TV4 Latin America: August 12, 2010 on FOX Slovakia: April 17, 2011 on JOJ France: May 4, 2011 on W9 Germany: May 9, 2011 on Super RTL Bulgaria: June 26, 2011 on bTV Comedy Czech Republic: July 16, 2011 on Prima LOVE

    Trivia (3)

    • Music featured in this episode: "Jessie's Girl" by Rick Springfield "Rose's Turn" from Gypsy "The Boy Is Mine" by Monica & Brandy "Lady Is a Tramp" by Frank Sinatra (Sammy Davis Jr. version) "One" by U2 "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus "Pink Houses" by John Mellencamp

    • Puck mentions Super Mario Bros 3 having star worlds. Super Mario World is the only game in the series to have a star world.

    • The sign on the dumpster in the episode says 'Waste Managment' instead of the correct spelling 'Waste Management'

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