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    Drama Llamas

    By thequietvoice, Dec 24, 2012

    Great episode! It had the necessary drama and character development that ended with a true Glee moment. Maybe not the best music, but at least the plot points weren't melodramatic and actually added to the appeal of the show overall.

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    Another Awesome Glee episode: It continues to impress.

    Will wants a page in the yearbook, he will stop at nothing to get it.

    By strat_boy, Nov 17, 2011

    It starts when Will walks in to the staff lunch room and everyone is getting pepped up for the new year book pictures. He sits with Emma and Ken, where Emma realises that her wedding is on the same day as sectionals. Sue walks in looking really really bad around the eyes, She says that when year book pictures come around, she gets a little work done. This time she got an eye lift and her tear ducts removed. She said that Glee kids don't get a photo, Will goes to talk to Figgins.

    In the Glee room, everyone is there exept Rachel, Kurt says that not getting a Yearbook photo would be really good because people vandalise the year book Glee photo, and those people that had their photo vandalised became hobo's and depressed. Will walks in and says that he WILL get a photo in the yearbook (ThunderClap).

    Will goes into Figgins office and Figgins says he can't do anything. He said he'll give Will a page for $1000, and a quarter page for $325. Then, Rachel storms in and threatens to sue, but Will said it's under control, Rachel thanks Figgins and goes.

    Then Rachel walks out and her voice is on voiceover. She says that being in the year book can be great for the paparazzi, so she joins everyclub she can, even though she dosen't do those things.

    As she thinks that, she walks past Quinn and 2 Cheerios in the library, then Quinn does the voice over and makes a vow to get in the yearbook as a cheerio, whether Sue likes it or not.

    Then, it's in Will's living room, Teri is watching T.V. Will asks what tie is better for the ThunderClap and Will says that he needs $325, Teri says no.

    Will is in Figgins office writing a cheque, he walks out and into the Glee room. Will says that he can get 2 people in the photo, they put it to a vote, everyone voted for Rachel, even Rachel, so Will says they need 2 people but the Glee kids say that they'd perfer 1 person.

    Will is in Emma's office, and Emma is saying that she's sorry she can't be there, Will thinks that Ken booked the date on purpose, Emma says that Ken is a great man and is happy to marry him. Will walks out apoligizing.

    Will and Rachel are in the Glee room, Will asks if Rachel would pick a co-captain, she says yes.

    Then Rachel is asking all of the Glee kids around school and they make up excuses, until Finn says yes.

    Rachel and Finn are in the Glee room and Rachel is going to teach him how to smile. [Song: Smile-Lily Allen]

    Then Finn is in the Football locker room where people put texta on his face and he pushes them off.

    In the photo room, Rachel is in there, Finn isn't, Rachel agrees to do the photo herself. Then the photo guy says to hurry up and he's got a commercial to do, and Rachel says that she is a great actor and she can make herself cry, the photo guy lets her be in the Ad. Rachel and everyone is in the Glee room, and Rachel says that they are in a mattress commercial.

    They are in the matress shop, putting make-up on, they practice the lines, but they are bad, so they perform a song on the matresses.

    [Song: Jump-Van Halen] (picture)

    In Will's bedroom, he find the air pad Teri has been using on her stomach to make it look like she is pregnant. Will goes down and tells Teri to show him her belly, another pad is there, they get into a massive argument and Teri tells everything to Will. Will storms out.

    Will goes to school and there are 12 matresses and he sleeps on one of them.

    Sue is in the news studio, and she is finishing Sue's corner, and she see's the Glee ad.

    Figgins says to Will that they can't do the ad, Glee club is over.

    Sue is writing in her journal, Quinn walks in in her Cheerio uniform and says that Sue is a Hypocrite and said that she did what Will did, she tells Sue that Glee is still alive and to give them one of Cheerio's yearbook pages.

    Will is in Emma's office talking about divorce. Then they discover that Will can't go to sectioinals.

    Will is telling them in the Glee room. All the girls and boys get ready for the photo, Will, Emma and Ken get there photo.

    [Song: Smile-?]

    The Glee kids take their photo. Then the football kids de-face it in the yearbook.moreless

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    The truth.

    By dmarex, May 12, 2010

    I can't express how glad I am that the entire Terri storyline has come to a conclusion. I had a feeling it was coming in the previous episodes, and it was worth the wait. I was especially glad that we got to see Jessalyn Gilsig' acting talent because her character was mostly hard to handle. Let's hope this is a turning point for the character.

    Meanwhile, I just love how mean Sue is. Her comments are just hilarious. She's definitely the type of the character I love to hate. One of the best parts of the episode was Quinn confronting Sue. I also hope that, one day, Sue's diary will end up in the hands of the principal so he'd know exactly what Sue did.

    The kids were okay in the episode; I loved how Rachel stood up to a challenge even though she would be made a clown for it. I only wish other kids had the guts to do it as well (well, they did at the ending), but still. But that's high school for you. I wish Emma would just drop Ken. I have no sympathy for him. He should know that he isn't wanted.moreless

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    Teri's secret is out. Glee clubbers star in a local commercial..

    By sequoa84, Apr 29, 2010

    Well, there's just one more episode to go. After which we will have to wait all through winter and spring, and some part of summer if you are from my part of the country. Okay my point is, you got to wait for a long long time.

    A long list of drama unfolds in this episode. Will in the process of searching for a pocket square, discovers Teri's pregnancy padding. And there begins all the screaming, crying, and all the drama that comes with it. Sue finds leverage again, when she finds a legal loophole that prohibits Glee students from accepting stuff in exchange for their talent. I was actually wondering why the directors spent something like 5 minutes, just showing mundane stuff like Will ripping off the covers of a mattress. Well the reason was pretty evident. So now Will takes the bullet, which ensures the kids compete in sectionals without him.

    And there was something about some yearbook picture...moreless

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  • 7.5


    By cisumtixe, Dec 04, 2009

    Well, Glee is officially back! After a rough episode last week (and maybe even the week before) the humor is back and still on the ball.

    I felt like maybe they'd run out of ideas for paths to take the characters but now that it seems this whole "Pregnancy" thing is over the story can go back to being a fun musical comedy.

    The lines were funny this week with most people getting at least some screen time (Something hard to do in an ensemble piece like this) but this episode has restored my faith in the shows direction. And left me anticipating next weeks episode! Something this show hasn't done since the beginning for me.

    But as most people know, these are the last 2 episodes before April so, I hope the next one doesn't end on a cliff-Hanger!moreless

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    Will finds out his wife Terri is lying about the baby. He sleeps in his office. Which turned out to convenient because Rachel gets Glee a commercial for a mattress store and they get paid in twelve mattresses. Lots of problems ensue though.

    By jyarter, Dec 03, 2009

    A pretty good story line with not enough musical numbers but I think we've been set up for a really stupendous season break finale.

    It was a matter of time before Will found out about the baby. Let's face it. The only question is what happens next. Sue does her best work at getting Glee disqualified, but Quinn turns out to be more trouble for her than she is for Glee. I have to say Quinn really does come through in a big way.

    The whole bit about the yearbooks was funny but preposterous. It was distracting for a while though. It did set up the commercial though which ended up being the highlight of the episode as Glee does "Jump" on a bunch of mattresses for the mattress store. A really great musical and choreographed piece for the group.

    It looks like Emma is going to skip her own wedding for the regionals. One could see that coming the second Will's marriage became rocky at all. In general a pretty good episode, but lacking in the musical content which really makes this show special. Otherwise it's just a bunch of high school antics and angst. Thanks for reading...moreless

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