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  • 3.2

    All in the Family and Jeffersons were great. This? A dud.

    By SoylentYellow, Feb 21, 2007

    The commune is only for couples? Typical COMMUNists who hate families.

    I always knew Mike was a COMMUNIST, but Gloria? I vaguely remember this show only because in the opening credits, Gloria slips on some horse poo and falls. Yep, this show was a dud, amazing they kept it on for a full season. Back then networks were less prone to yank bad shows before the season was up. These days with so much product available shows get the axe quicker. Was is really as bad as a 1.0? Well, since all I can remember is Gloria slipping on horse poo, I guess so.

    Ok, I decided to upgrade this thing to 3.2, 1.0 should only be reserved for truly awful things like most reality TV shows and horrors like HR Puffinstuff. LOL!moreless

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