Glutton for Punishment

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  • S 2 : Ep 13

    Fugu (Fish)

    Aired 3/26/08

  • S 2 : Ep 12

    Perfect Steak

    Aired 3/19/08

  • S 2 : Ep 11

    Corn Husking

    Aired 3/12/08

  • S 2 : Ep 10

    Pumpkin Regatta

    Aired 3/5/08

  • S 2 : Ep 9

    Pike's Market

    Aired 2/27/08

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  • Bob Blumer


  • Anthony Bourdain


  • Fiachna O'Braonain


  • Mike Beebe


  • Tim Siemens


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  • This travel series for foodies on the Food Network features a fearless cook with an appetite for adventure. Follow Bob Blumer as he tries his hand and teppan chef training, competing in an oyster shucking contest and more. You'll learn a lot of handy tips about food and travel along the way. Glutton For Punishment is produced by Paperny Films.

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    • Bob: You know this isn't all just pure heat, there's actually real flavor here too. And, that's the beauty of peppers.

    • Bob: Once I've figured out where the fish are, I need to learn some wrestling techniques. Cause this isn't like fighting a fish, it's like hand to hand combat with an underwater sea monster.

    • Bob: Man, I wish I'd had a sister who'd let me braid her hair when I was a kid. It would've been a lot easier.

    • Bob: (Before the competition) Listen, I have to tell you, I have never felt so excited about a competition before, or to be honest, so self-confident.

    • John Van Liere: We always have a booby prize, you know. So, you've probably got a good chance of getting it.

    Notes (22)

    • Also Featured: Diana Rodriguez – Chile Eating Champion Robert Franzoy – Chile Farmer Dr. Paul Bosland – Director, Chile Pepper Institute Kelly Cleary Coffeen – Cookbook Author & Food Consultant Jim Lytle – Chile Farmer

    • In the credits, special thanks is given to: Staybridge Suites Las Cruces, New Mexico and the Hatch Chile Festival 2006.

    • Also Featured: Rodney Clark – Canadian Oyster Shucking Champion "Oyster" Bob – Winner, 19 Championships Clementine Macon – Virginia State Champion, 2004 Deborah Pratt – National Champion

    • Also Featured: Chuck McIntosh – Flair Bartending Champion Mark Mital – Flair Bartender Toby Ellis – Flair Bartending Champion Johanna Van Oeveren – Vegas Showgirl

    • Also Featured: Brock Li – Co-Owner, Legendary Noodle Stephanie Chik – Cantonese Teacher BC All-Stars – Competitive Jump Rope Champions Ricky Ng – Honk Kong Guide

    • Also Featured: Ed "Fast Eddy" Maurin – BBQ Champion Lindsay Shannon – BB's Lawnside BarB-Q Paul Eiskina – Wood Supplier Sarah Damson – Bob's Sister & Teammate

    • Also Featured: James Coombs – Head Chef (Harrah's) Jerry Snow – Cook

    • Also Featured: Sonia – Fiachna's accomplice Virginia – Fiachna's accomplice Derry Clarke – chef, I'Ecrlvain restaurant

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    Trivia (10)

    • Tips for Winning: 1. Drink a tablespoon or two of cooking oil before the contest to coat your mouth's verve endings. 2. Eat a few bites of cornmeal before the contest to help soak up the pepper's in your stomach. 3. Eat the peppers as quickly as possible, so that they don't have time to coat the inside of your mouth. 4. Eat something hotter than the peppers first to numb your lips and mouth. 5. Drink a shot of tequila to dull the pain.

    • Steps: 1. Banging 2. Twisting 3. Pulling

    • Cooking Times: Beef Brisket: 12-14 Hours Pork Butt: 11-13 Hours Ribs: 6 Hours Chicken: 1 Hour

    • Beekeeper Games Events: Hive Tool Throwing Honey Identification Bee Beard

    • Categories include: Best Looking Showmanship

    • This episode is set in Oatman, Arizona around the Fourth of July.

    • Bob samples 5 types of watermelon: jubilee, tender gold yellowmeat, legacy, carolina cross, and black diamond. The jubilee is his favorite.

    • Parkour is the art of moving through space in the most efficient way. It is often referred to as the art of fleeing.

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    Allusions (3)

    • Bob: Well, to heck with traveling on 40 dollars a day. We're talking about 5,000 calories a day. $40 a Day is a show on the Food Network starring Rachael Ray. She travels to different cities and eats on a limited budget.

    • Bob: I'm gonna have to take this pumpkin where no pumpkin has ever been before. This line, combined with Bob's decoration of his pumpkin as a space ship, is an allusion to the opening narration of Star Trek, a famous science fiction series.

    • Bob: All's fair in love, war and pumpkin racing. Bob changes a famous proverb (all's fair in love and war). The proverb stems from John Lyly's "Euphues," a poem published in 1578.

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