Go, Diego, Go!

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Quotes (14)

  • Diego: Tree frogs live way up high in a tree. Alicia: And they use their strong legs to jump up, so can we. Diego: Come on, jump up like tree frogs. Deigo and Alicia: Jump, jump, jump jump jump.

  • Diego: What sound do they make? Come on, everyone knows. Frogs: Ribbet ribbet. Diego: Say, ribbet ribbet.

  • Diego: When we want to call him say EEE EEE.

  • Diego: Put your hands in the air and climb slow, like a sloth.

  • Rescue Pack: Can a telephone fly us down the waterfall? No, that's silly. Who ever heard of a flying telephone?

  • Diego: To call to chinchillas, repeat after me. Say WAA WAA.

  • Diego: Chinchillas live up in the mountain tops. Alicia: They've got big eyes and ears, and boy can they hop. Diego: Stand up to hope with the chinchillas. Stand up. Stand up. Now hop, hop, hop hop hop.

  • Diego: Can you bend your back like a humpback whale? Bend your back, bend your back.

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Notes (27)

  • Animal Song: Tree Frogs (available on Nick Jr site)

  • Animals Saved: Two Red-Eyed Tree Frogs

  • Bo Bo Monkeys trouble: Running on the log Diego and Baby Jaguar were on to make the log roll under their feet.

  • Animal Song: "Three-Toed Sloth Song"

  • Animals Saved: A mother and her baby Sloth (Two Three Toed Sloths)

  • Bo Bo Monkeys trouble: Teetering a log into the lake to make the waters rocky.

  • This episode was put on Nick jr's website and viewers were able to view the episode right from the website.

  • This episode aired on Noggin on August 22, 2005.

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Trivia (4)

  • In one sequence, Alicia is not flying the Condor. She is on a rock, the next second, she is flying the Condor! Magic?

  • First episode where Diego appears shirtless and in swimsuit.

  • Goof: Right before Diego gets out of the water, his watch disappears.

  • Papi appears in this episode in brown shorts.