God, the Devil and Bob

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Quotes (29)

  • Bob: So, what exactly is it that I'm supposed to do? God: You don't know? Bob: Well, sure I ... no. God: Oh for ... you people. This isn't new stuff. It's written down in books, scrolls, stone tablets. What do you want me to do, scribble it on a bar napkin for you? Bob: (holds up a napkin and pen) Would you? 'Cause that would really help. God: You're on your own, Bob. Don't disappoint me. (He disappears)

  • Bob: I drink, I swear, I download porn... Devil: Bob, go to hell.

  • God: Hi, I'm your maker and this is the evil one. Bob: Get lost!

  • Bob (to video store clerk): Do you have the Bible on video? No? What about Showgirls?

  • Bob: God has literally put the fate of mankind in my hands! Donna: And these would be the same hands that are inching up my nightie? Bob: That's just a little confidence builder.

  • (getting his car inspected at the Canadian border) Bob: This is harassment, pure and simple. Border Patrolman: Sorry sir, but you fit the profile. Mindless belligerence is one of our red flags. Bob: What kind of idiot country is this?! Border Patrolman: Fair warning sir, you're on the verge of talking yourself into a full cavity search. Bob: Where do you get off threat- (cuts to Bob driving away with a frightened look on his face)

  • Bob: I wanted to ask you, I'm in sort of a tough bind with my kid and I need your help. God: This is a tough week for me Bob. There's a crisis in Africa. Bob: You always say that! You always say there's a crisis in Africa. God: That's because there is always a crisis in Africa. You might know that if you picked up a news paper once in a while instead of filling your head with soft-core porn.

  • Andy: We need to talk. Bob: All right. When a man has certain “feelings” for a woman... Andy: Dad, I’m six. Bob: Oh. Then you know.

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Notes (16)

  • Robert Downey Jr. was originally signed to do the voice of the Devil.

  • Eventually aired in the US on the TRIO network on June 10, 2003.

  • Aired in the UK 15 May 2001.

  • Eventually aired in the US on the TRIO network on June 12, 2003.

  • Aired in the UK 26th May 2001.

  • Eventually aired in the US on the TRIO network on June 10, 2003.

  • Originally scheduled to air on April 4, 2000, but the series was cancelled by NBC.

  • Aired in the UK 12 June 2001

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Trivia (3)

  • When Bob asks the Devil if his father was in Purgatory since he wasn't in hell, the Devil merely laughs at Bob saying that they made Purgatory up as a joke.

  • In the line waiting to get into Heaven, there's an astrometrics droid from Star Wars.

  • When Bob begins paddling the boat out to the raft he's wearing just his bathing suit, but when he reaches the raft he's got on a gray t-shirt as well.

Allusions (1)

  • Council Member #1: That's what they told Joe McCarthy. Bob: The puppet with the monocle? The "puppet with the monocle" Bob is thinking of is Charlie McCarthy, a ventriloquist dummy performed by Edgar Bergen.