Godzilla: The Series

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Quotes (17)

  • Xilian Female: You wouldn't hit a lady. Gordon: Yeah! *Punches her*

  • Captain Gordon: This final mission will determine the fate of the human race, this is operation "Final War."

  • Gordon (To Xilian commander): Listen kid, there are two things you don't know about the Earth...one is me...and the other is...GODZILLA!

  • Godzilla: Yeah Angilas! Angilas: What do you want? Godzilla: Something funny going on you better check! Angilas: Oh Yeah! Godzilla Hurry up!

  • Nick: Our little pack-rats are setting up quite a home for themselves. Monique: Apparently they've gathered their next meal as well. Army Man: I don't see any food. (realizes they are the next meal) Oh.

  • Randy: Can't you make him stop? Nick: I can't make him do anything!

  • Craven: Thanks, but I didn't need any help. Monique: Hmm, and I assume that that's what you thought when you purchased that Scottish outfit but you were wrong both times.

  • Audrey Timmonds: I don't care what they say Mendel, you're a genius! Dr. Mendel Craven: Ha, ha, ha, ha! Hey wait a minute, what do they say?

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Notes (24)

  • Battle footage from the three previous films are replayed for this movie.

  • Fights recorded Godzilla: 3 winnes 0 losses Baragon: 1 loss Mothra: 1 loss King Ghidorah: 1 loss Take that Mothra!

  • Biolante, from the previous movie Godzilla vs. Biolante, is mentioned.

  • This one of the best episodes! Godzilla talks for the first time!

  • Gigan, from the previous movie Godzilla vs. Gigan, returns to team up with Megalon.

  • Was released in the U.S. in 1976 under the title Godzilla vs. The Cosmic Monster

  • Godzilla's son, Minya, is introduced.

  • Footage from Godzilla, King of the Monsters is featured.

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Trivia (8)

  • Audrey is still a reporter, despite quiting at the end of the movie. Also, Hicks was a U.S. Colonel in the film, but is a Major here.

  • In this episode the Bacillus creature is portrayed as green and round-shaped. In real life, Bacillus is a bacteria that is rod-shaped.

  • Area 51 is THE most heavily guarded facility in the United States, if you went in and tried to get some information you could be shot and killed without question. The base's security measures include trip wires, infrared radar, guard towers, tanks, aircraft, ground troops, drone gun turrets, not to mention the whole area is a No Fly Zone; any non-US military aircraft is shot down without any warning. If you ask me, both H.E.A.T. and the conspiracy theorists entry to the base shouldn't have been that easy. Plus, any surviving intruders that caught at Area 51 are immediately arrested, interrogating, most of which disappear without a trace.

  • At one point, Nick refers to H.E.A.T. as Humanitarian Ecological Analysis Team, despite the fact it really stands for Humanitarian Environmental Analysis Team.

  • Craven considers the alien conspiracy theorists to be crack-pots, despite meeting aliens himself along with the rest of H.E.A.T.

  • This mistake accures whilst H.E.A.T. is being chased by the silver monsters: At one point instead of being chased by multiple beings, they are chased by the Siamese Monster (The multiple silver creatures fused together after Godzilla fries them, which happens later in the episode).

  • In Navajo, the word Ts-eh-Go means 'the Scorpion.'

  • How did Randy know so much about what was going on with the scorpions and the different waves? Does he have Psychic abilities that no one knows about?

Allusions (5)

  • The group of redneck hunters from Pennsylvania are named Hank, Bill, and Dale. This is a reference to the main characters that appear on the animated comedy show, King of the Hill.

  • The fianc√© of Elsie in this episode is named Larry Cohen. That is also the name of the writer and director of the 1982 film Q: The Winged Serpent. The movie features a flying beast called Quetzalcoatl that nests in the rooftops of New York, exactly like the creature that appears in this episode.

  • The Ice Borer mutants that appear in this episode are a reference to the penguin-eating, burrowing creature in Antarctica that Discover magazine ran an article about for April Fools Day. They used a modified image of a naked mole rat to showcase the newly discovered creature.

  • Clash of the Titans: The episode's title, Cash of the Titans, is a parody of the 1981 cult classic film, Clash of the Titans, directed by Desmond Davis.

  • Gamera: The idea of a giant turtle is an obvious reference to Gamera. Created in 1965 to rival the popularity of Godzilla, Daikaij√Ľ Gamera gained fame in Japan and the United States, later releasing more daikaiju eigas or giant-monster movies. The writers used this episode to somewhat fulfill the desire to see Godzilla and Gamera battle it out.