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    EPISODE: Hundreds of Ounces and Freddy Dodge Returns.

    By DonaldDack, 16 hours ago

    The 2 new episodes presented a contrast in styles. The first show had the typical candidates. Toddand Jack being Todd and Jack. Fumbling the task of leadership and praying for gold. It's time to shut down. The land owner is disappointed with the production. And it should be time to pay the piper. The land owner gets 15%, Dave should get his 50% and Freddy Dodge should get his $400,000 for the wash plant. Then their is Parker. Winter arrives and the wash plant freezes and leaks. The crew is ready to go home. And to top it off, Parker has to pam Tony the 20% he agreed to. Then came the tears. And for Tony, time to float the dredge. But not yet. The second show has the Dodge brothers, the wife and a friend. Working as a team. And the nuggets they got. Not bad for where they are working. It's time for the producers to think about next season. Perhaps Todd and Jack should stay in Oregon. Let Dave run the crew. At least his decisions don't go all over the map. As long as Todd is on this series, the rating will always be in the 5s.moreless

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    Todd Hoffman

    By seymorenaples, Mar 08, 2014

    For Intergalactic president...

    He's Da man!!

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    Goofy Gold Rushers

    By madddjohn63, Jan 11, 2014

    Dustin needs to start calling Fred DAD. I think he's a know nothing know it all and needs to shut his pie hole and follow Dad. Dad pays the bills. Tony Deets is an ass. Quit being so greedy. Show some patience. Todd has a poker face. Rubbs his nose when he's . Your smart ass attitude toward Parker about the Dozer came back and bit U. U don't even know how to run heavy equipment. U don't use a track hoe to clear trees-U use a Dozer. All u do is tear up equipment.moreless

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    Season 4?

    By leeanne, May 12, 2013

    I live in the uk and I've just seen the advert for gold rush saying its coming soon. Just wondering if anyone could tell me if its season 3 or 4. Thanks

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    Get rid of Todd!!

    By Iloveracing, Apr 01, 2013

    Todd is a Goof!! If you are going to mine for the first time (season one) why not do some serious research about it. He does not know how to run a crew. He lies to Dave. Says one thing then does the opposite. Breaks the trommel due to him not paying attention then Dave's crew fixes it... in the end shows up on TV high. .Please, PUT DAVE IN CHARGE!!!

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    I Keep Watching

    By tvmavin, Feb 24, 2013

    This show has its flaws (unlikable characters, questionable reality), but for some reason I keep watching one episode after the other. I think the fact that the show follows people in remote Alaska hunting for gold is original enough to compel me to watch (clearing land, equipment failing, and other hardships that arise) . Interestingly, I find myself rooting against them finding gold rather than striking success. I think this is because, to me, most of the actors/gold hunters are unlikable (expect for maybe Grandpa Schnabel). In the end, its a fun show that has a decent formula of success and failure that keeps me watching.moreless

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    By It_Stinks, Feb 23, 2013

    FAKE!!! This show had me going in the first two seasons. Just like Storage Wars, the unbelievable stuff just kept adding up. This is total BS. These guys are just flying in for shoots and clean outs while actual paid workers are doing everything. This show is complete and total produced crap acting like its reality TV. You are a simpleton if you buy this garbage. FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE!!!!!

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    Workers getting ripped off

    By bigrig, Feb 16, 2013

    Why is it that you never see anyone with the old man (Hoffman) while he is doing his thing like weighing the myself think he is putting more in his pockets in the tent or wherever he is cleaning the gold than he is telling all his think he is stealing then show is getting to be a real drag

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    By Biginthegame, Jan 27, 2013

    Great show,but I need to know ware I can get previous episodes

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    Love the show

    By happynvchick84, Jan 07, 2013

    This show is fun to watch. I'm rootin for the Hoffman Crew and Parker Schnabel. I'm not much of a fan of Fred since he took Porcupine from the Hoffmans.. I"m hoping karma will get him for that one. lol. I actually appreciate that Todd uses phrases like "frickin"... keeps it being more of a family show without having to hear "bleeping" throughout the show. I hope Discovery keeps this show on. :)

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