Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.

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  • Gomer: He was a good little fella, wasn't he? Carter: I have to admit he was. Gomer: That's one skunk that really earned his stripes.

  • Carter: (in Gomer's face, yelling) Do I make myself clear to you? Gomer: Not when you get this close. You get kinda fuzzy.

  • Carter: (discovering Gomer set up rocks and flowers in front of their tent) Pyle, suppose we were suddenly surrounded by the enemy and they started shooting at us. You'd be caught with a helmet full of snapdragons. Gomer: Black-eyed susans. You see, the petals is a little smaller... Carter: Get rid of them! Gomer: ...and it's a different fragrance entirely... Carter: I said get rid of them!

  • Carter: [Gomer] never goes out. He doesn't do anything, doesn't have anything interesting to talk about. Colonel Gray: Innocuous. Carter: Sir? Colonel Gray: Harmless. Carter: Oh. He certainly is sir. Colonel Gray: You might even say dull. Carter: Dull, oh, yes sir! Colonel Gray: Good! Sounds perfect.

  • Carter: (to Umpire) Private Pyle here was right in the line of fire. Gomer: That's true. I don't know how I was saved. Carter: He's dead, isn't he sir? Please, sir. Of course it's your decision but I'd kill him. I mean, I'd tag him killed.

  • Gomer: There's no two ways about it, I'm coming down. Carter: Well, I've got a wonderful remedy for you. Just fill your mouth with water, then sit on a stove and when the water boils, your cold will be gone.

  • Gomer: Sergeant - Carter: You heard me Pyle, on the road. Gomer: Can I please be excused from that there run? Carter: Be excused? Is that what you said? Gomer: Yes, sir. On account I think I'm coming down. Carter: You're coming down? From where?

  • Gomer: I'm gonna be a fighting fool, you'll see. Carter: Well, you're halfway there.

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Notes (25)

  • Joe E. Tata (Joey) was credited as Joey Tata.

  • Joe E. Tata (Joey) was credited as Joey Tata on this episode.

  • Barbara Stuart appears as Hannah the "Dragon Lady". Later in the series, she will return as Bunny Wilson, Sgt. Carter's girlfriend.

  • Lynn A. Aber was credited as Lynn Aber in this episode.

  • In this episode, Sgt. Carter has his 35th birthday. Frank Sutton was really 41 when he filmed this episode.

  • Jeannine Burnier is credited as Jeanine Burnier.

  • Lucienne Auclair was credited as Lucianne Auclair in this episode.

  • The series is now in color.

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Trivia (8)

  • In Gomer's final appearance as a civilian on The Andy Griffith Show (ep. #126, "Back To Nature"), he confessed that he "don't know thang one about pioneerin'." Even Barney Fife's clumsy efforts at living off the land fascinated Gomer. Yet just 6 months later, in this episode, Gomer amazes seasoned Marine vet Carter with literally unbelievable "pioneerin'" skills.

  • It is said in this episode that Sgt. Carter has been in the Marines 18 years, but in the previous episode, "Officer Candidate Gomer Pyle," he said he had been in for 16 years.

  • Sgt. Carter's tenure in the Marines continues to fluctuate.  In "Officer Candidate Gomer Pyle," he said he'd been in the Marines for 16 years.  The next episode, "Old Man Carter" placed him in the Marines for 18 years.  In this episode, the officer at the end refers to his 14 years in the Marines.

  • Corporal Boyle tells Gomer that Sgt. Carter has been arguing with Sgt. Singer for ten years about the difficulty of the job of the Supply Sergeant.  Carter later repeats that he's been waiting ten years to prove this point.  But Carter only transferred to Camp Henderson midway through Season 1, after being a D.I. for any years, and couldn't possibly have been continuously arguing with Singer for ten years.

  • When Andy comes to pick up Opie and shakes hands with Sgt. Carter, Gomer remarks how happy he is to see his two favorite people finally meet. But Gomer forgot that Andy and Carter already met on the Andy Griffith show episode where Gomer joins the Marines.

  • Interestingly enough, the proprietor (James Hong) shows up almost 25 years later in the Chinese restaurant episode of "Seinfeld."

  • The rock band that appears at the night club where Gomer loses Janice was a band known as The Factory.  Two members of that band, guitarist Lowell George and drummer Richie Hayward, would go on to form the critically acclaimed band Little Feat.

  • Carter tells Duke that someone stole his two back tires, but they were his two driver's side tires.

Allusions (2)

  • Gomer thanks "Ms. Browning" for love advice. This alludes to Elizabeth Barrett Browning, one of the most respected poets of the Victorian era. Her most famous work is Sonnets from the Portuguese, a collection of love sonnets.

  • Episode title: The title of this episode is modeled after the show Love, American Style.