Good Morning, World

CBS (ended 1968)
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  • S 1 : Ep 26

    The Lady and the Pussycat

    Aired 3/19/68

  • S 1 : Ep 25

    Hutton's Mutt

    Aired 3/12/68

  • S 1 : Ep 24

    Here Comes the Bribe

    Aired 2/27/68

  • S 1 : Ep 23

    For My Daughter's Hand, You'll Get My Foot

    Aired 2/20/68

  • S 1 : Ep 22

    I Love a Charade

    Aired 2/6/68

  • Cast & Crew
  • Joby Baker

    David Lewis

  • Ronnie Schell

    Larry Clarke

  • Billy De Wolfe

    Roland B. Hutton Jr.

  • Julie Parrish

    Linda Lewis

  • Burt Taylor


  • show Description
  • Good Morning, World was a sitcom about two radio disc jockeys in Los Angeles, stars of the Lewis and Clarke radio show. David Lewis is married to Linda, a homemaker; Larry Clarke is a bachelor with an off-and-on girlfriend, Sandy, who is the Lewis's neighbor. Their employer at the radio station is Roland Hutton, the humorless station manager. Hutton is constantly butting heads with Larry, who wants to play more modern records, against his boss's wishes.moreless

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  • Quotes (33)

    • David: I'm through talking to you here. The next time you hear me it'll be on your radio. Jimmy: O.K. And I'll get on my refrigerator to answer you.

    • David: (reading the label on a jar Linda just bought) Pink Quail Eggs. Why did you buy pink quail eggs? Linda: I like them. David: Yeah, but nobody likes quail eggs. Linda: Then, why do quails lay them? David: To get rid of them.

    • Linda: Why aren't you voting for David? Sandy: Well, I'd like to, but I'm trying to establish some kind of relationship with Larry. Linda: But you've known David for years. Sandy: Linda! Do you know what you're doing? You're electioneering! Linda: Well, I have a right to. He's my husband. Sandy: See! You have a husband. I have a vote, which could get me a husband.

    • Mr. Hutton: Boys, I dropped by here early today because I have some very good news for you. Larry: You fired yourself. Mr. Hutton: Lawrence, if I ever fire myself it will be at you.

    • Mr. Hutton: Who flies? Larry: So far, only me. I’m taking lessons. Mr. Hutton: You are? Larry: Yeah, any objections? Mr. Hutton: On the contrary. We carry a hundred-thousand dollar policy on your life. Larry: Gee, I’m worth more dead than alive. Mr. Hutton: That would be true even if the policy was for 98 cents.

    • David: Honey, there’s nothing to be worried about. Jerry Janger’s been flying for 20 years. He even flew in the war. Linda: He crashed three times. David: But he walked away from each one. Linda: Jerry limps. David: Jerry doesn’t limp. He swaggers.

    • (Dave and Linda listing what's wrong with their car) Linda: Left rear tire is bald. Dave: And the rest of them are losing their hair.

    • Linda: (handing Dave some cards during a break in the telethon) Here’s some more pledges, David. David: Thanks, honey. Oh, listen, if you’re tired this would be a great time to take a rest. You’ve been on the phone for over three hours. Linda: Maybe I will. I do have a few calls to make.

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    Notes (10)

    • Good Morning, World was filmed using four cameras in front of a live audience twice each Friday, once in the afternoon and again in the evening.

    • Billy Jones is Billy De Wolfe’s real name.

    • The music playing when Sandy dances on the telethon is the music played over the menu on the DVD.

    • The writers of this episode, E. Duke Vincent and Bruce Howard, also appear as guest stars.

    • This episode is very similar to an episode of The Dick Van Dyke Show called "There's No Sale Like Wholesale".

    • In this episode Linda is hanging pictues that David painted. Joby Baker is an accomplished painter in real life. It's very likely that these are his paintings.

    • The character of Duke Vincent bears a strong resemblance to Frank Sinatra, with his buddy, Billy, resembling Sammy Davis Jr..

    • The character of the famous TV star has the same name, Duke Vincent, as one of the show's writers, E. Duke Vincent.

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    Trivia (5)

    • Guest star Paul Gilbert is credited as playing Jackie Sullivan. However, within the episode Dave and Larry repeatedly call him Paul Gilbert. He is never reffered to as Jackie Sullivan within the episode.

    • When the boys quiz each other on Laurel and Hardy trivia, Larry identifies a line as coming from the movie "Great Guns." The line is actually from "Blockheads."

    • We learn that Larry’s middle name is Crimshaw.

    • Burt Taylor, who plays Vinnie, the radio station's engineer, is seen in the booth, but has no lines and is not credited in this episode.

    • The credits list the names of the girls who visted Dave and Larry's room as Mitzi and Lila, but neither name is mentioned during the episode.

    Allusions (5)

    • Larry: The important thing is to live each day to the hilt, with a smile on our face. Like Ben Gazzara. From September 1965 to March 1968 Ben Gazzara starred in the television drama Run For Your Life on NBC. His character, Paul Bryan was given a short time to live and vowed to live his life to the fullest.

    • Title: "The Voice of the Turtle Is Better Than Mine" The title is a reference to the 1947 movie, The Voice of the Turtle starring Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan was governor of California when Good Morning World aired.

    • Title: "The Man Who Came to Din Din" The title is a reference to the 1942 movie The Man Who Came to Dinner starring Bette Davis.

    • Title: "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, Maybe" The title is a reference to the classic children's bedtime prayer that begins, "Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray the Lord my soul to keep."

    • Title: "I Want a Girl Just Lke the Girl That Married Dear Old Dave" The title is a reference to the traditional barbership quartet song, "I Want a Girl Just Like the Girl that Married Dear Old Dad."

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  • A good show that could have been great.

    By IndianaMom, Jun 03, 2008

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