Good Times

CBS (ended 1979)
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  • S 6 : Ep 24

    The End of the Rainbow

    Aired 8/1/79

  • S 6 : Ep 23

    Cousin Raymond


  • S 6 : Ep 22

    The Art Contest


  • S 6 : Ep 21

    The Evans' Dilemma


  • S 6 : Ep 20

    A Matter of Mothers

    Aired 7/18/79

  • Cast & Crew
  • Esther Rolle

    Florida Evans (1974-1977), (1978-1979)

  • John Amos

    James Evans (1974-1976)

  • Ja'net DuBois

    Willona Woods

  • Jimmie Walker

    James "J.J." Evans, Jr.

  • Bern Nadette Stanis

    Thelma Evans Anderson

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  • show Description
  • Good Times first aired in February 1974 as a mid-season replacement and went on for six years. This spinoff of the TV series, Maude, centered on the Evans family. In Maude Esther Rolle had portrayed Florida Evans, the black housekeeper, but in Good Times Florida and her family were struggling to survive in a South Side ghetto in Chicago. Florida was married to James Evans (in Maude his name was Henry) and they had three children, J.J., Thelma and Michael. The Evans family also had a next door neighbor, Willona Woods who was also a main character. At the beginning of 1976-1977 season, John Amos, who portrayed James, left the series. The writers decided to kill him off in a car accident, leaving Florida to run the household by herself. But then a year later, Esther Rolle decided to leave. She was not happy with the direction of the series. Especially the direction the character, J.J. had taken. In the 1977-1978 season, with both John Amos and Esther Rolle gone, stories centered around Willona and J.J. In this season, Willona adopted an abused girl, Penny Gordon. Also, the character of Nathan Bookman became a more prominent member of the cast. Bookman was the building superintendent. In the final season, Esther Rolle returned to the role of Florida. Also that season, Thelma married Keith Anderson and where expecting a child by the final episode. Spinoff of: Maude NOTE: Good Times debuted on February 8, 1974. Some resources mistakenly list it as having debuted on February 1, 1974. CBS seemed to leave 3 episode unaired. CBS Broadcast History February-September 1974----Fridays----8:30 p.m. September 1974-March 1976----Tuesdays----8:00 p.m. March-August 1976----Tuesdays----8:30 p.m. September 1976-January 1978----Wednesdays----8:00 p.m. January-May 1978----Mondays----8:00 p.m. June-September 1978----Mondays----8:30 p.m. September-December 1978----Saturdays----8:30 p.m. December 1978-January 1979----Wednesdays----8:30 p.m. May-August 1979----Wednesdays----8:30 p.m. Nielsen Ratings: (Top 30 or Better) #17 in the 1973-1974 Season #7 in the 1974-1975 Season #24 in the 1975-1976 Season #26 in the 1976-1977 Season First Telecast: February 8, 1974 Last Telecast: August 1, 1979 Episodes: 133 Color Episodes Theme Song: "Good Times" Written by: Alan and Marilyn Bergman and David Grusin Sung by: Jim Gilstrap and Blinky Williams Theme Song: "Good Times" Written by: Alan and Marilyn Bergman and David Grusin Sung by: Jim Gilstrap and Blinky Williams Good Times. Any time you meet a payment. Good Times. Any time you need a friend. Good Times. Any time you're out from under. Not getting hassled, not getting hustled. Keepin' your head above water, making a wave when you can. Temporary lay offs. Good Times. Easy credit rip offs. Good Times. Scratchin' and surviving. Good Times. Hangin in a chow line. Good Times. Ain't we lucky we got 'em. Good Times.moreless

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  • Quotes (506)

    • Florida: God didn't make man to steal. JJ: Then how come he gave us more pockets than hands?

    • Willona: I just ran into your oldest, Rodney Allen Rip-off.

    • Florida: Give me one good reason why you married me. James: You was pregnant.

    • Interviewer: Government rules can't be broken. James: Unless you running the government.

    • Florida: Let's face it James, this family ain't Ozzie and Harriet.

    • Michael: I just got $5.00! Florida: Oh, no! James: You did it, BJ, you did it! Florida: Where did you get $5.00 from? Michael: Well, I was walking down the street, and there was this accident. And the guy in the car gave me $2.00 to say that the guy in the truck did it, and the guy in the truck gave me $3.00 to say that the guy in the car did it. Florida: Did you see any accident? Michael: Nope. Florida: Then why didn't you give those people their money back? Michael: I tried to, Mama, but by then a cop came and nobody wanted no money back!

    • (to Thelma before she leaves on her date) James: Take $5.00 spendin' money. Florida: James, she's already got enough money to go on a date with a boy, a dollar and a dime... a dime to call me if she needs me, and a dollar to get home if she can't reach me.

    • Florida: (to James) Luck was not what Jesus was sent to us for. He was sent to teach us humility when things are going good and faith to carry through when things are bad! Now, get this straight! Jesus has nothing to do with luck!

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    Notes (332)

    • This episode was videotaped on January 21, 1974.

    • Co-creator Eric Monte originally envisioned the Evanses as a 4-person family, excluding Michael, and it was going to be titled The Black Family, with the family's last name being Black. Co-creator Mike Evans, known for his role as the original Lionel on The Jeffersons, came up with the idea for a 3rd child, a little boy. After debating on a name for the boy, they decided to go with Michael, named after Mike Evans. They later decided to give the family the last name Evans as well, and the name of the show was retitled Good Times.

    • The series begins its run, airing on Fridays.

    • The training progrom James Sr. was up for is only for people 18-35 making him ineligible at 42. Ironically, John Amos (the actor playing the role) WOULD be eligible, he was only 35 at the time!

    • Stymie Beard makes his first appearance in the recurring role of Monty.

    • Woodrow Parfrey appeared in Dirty Harry as Jaffe, the owner of Harry's favorite lunch counter.

    • According to TV Guide, this was the first episode to air on Friday, February 8, 1974.

    • This episode was videotaped on January 14, 1974.

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    Trivia (68)

    • In this episode's opening credits, Bernnadette Stanis is credited as simply "Bern Nadette."

    • For this show, John Amos' character name has been changed from Henry to James...which is odd, considering that the character Henry Evans last appeared on Maude three days before this episode aired!

    • Willona states her ex-husband is named Alvin. In the fourth season he is named Ray.

    • In this episode's opening credits, Bernnadette Stanis is credited as simply "Bern Nadette."

    • In this episode's opening credits, Bernnadette Stanis is credited as simply "Bern Nadette."

    • At the episode's start, watch Michael try not to laugh as he talks to Thelma in the kitchen.

    • Michael recieved bulletins from several organizations including CORE(Congress of Racial Equality) and SNCC(Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee).

    • It is strange that James had to knock to be let into his own home, but later, Willona just walks right in.

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    Allusions (25)

    • Willona: I just ran into your oldest, Rodney Allen Rip-off.

      "Rodney Allen Rip-off" is a take-off of the famous Jack-in-the-Box kid, Rodney Allen Rippy.

    • Willona: Hi, I'm Willona. Fly Me.

      The "Fly Me" line was a reference to the 1960's and 1970s' National Airlines began a "Fly Me"; campaign using attractive stewardesses with taglines such as "I'm Lorraine. Fly me to Orlando."

    • Florida: That was good! Now let's see you do Geraldine. Geraldine was one of many characters portrayed on the Flip Wilson Show, by Flip Wilson.

    • In trying to convince Florida to do the VitaBrite commercial, Thelma mentions Redd Roxx portraying a man who lives in a junkyard. That show, of course, was "Sanford and Son," another Norman Lear show.

    • Florida: When I worked as a maid -- excuse me Lord -- but I was the best DAMN maid there was! Florida was more than likely referencing her job as a maid on her previous role as a maid on Maude

    • When JJ slaps himself and says 'Thanks, I needed that', ┬áhe is making a reference to the Skin Bracer shaving commercial from the early 70's.

    • Willona: James, I've never said that I'm Mrs. Olson.
      She is referring to a series of commercials for Folger's Coffee (circa 1964-1985) starring actress Virginia Christine as Mrs. Olson who always proved that "the best part of waking up is Folger's in your cup".

    • J.J.: Click' click
      J.J. is referring to the series of commercials in the 70's where couples prepare for dates by taking a Certs and they would show two rolls bang into each other twice, then merge into one while the announcer would say "It's two, two, two mints in one!"

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  • Fan Reviews (42)
  • Good Times ,1 of the best comidies of my childhood.

    By stephenlowery777, Feb 06, 2014

  • 1st Black Family of Comedy

    By arieslady6104, Aug 03, 2013

  • I love this show they were great.

    By GINA710, Aug 24, 2008

  • Good Times is one of my all time favorites. It's portrayal of the strength of the black family despite of racial prejudice is accurate. While the storylines are simple,they teach lessons of love, longsuffering and endurance.

    By meikaw, Jun 23, 2008

  • i love this show, it teaches today what family is all about. How best friends stick together and help each other out, and what is really going on in the world, its just worse now a days. Good times was always a favorite and always will be

    By swompthang, May 18, 2008

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