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    Good Times ,1 of the best comidies of my childhood.

    By stephenlowery777, Feb 06, 2014

    If you watched this show as a kid you had a awesome childhood!

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    1st Black Family of Comedy

    By arieslady6104, Aug 03, 2013

    Loved the show! They are planning a Cast Reunion Cruise in 2014. Email me if you want details.

    You can reach me @

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    I love this show they were great.

    By GINA710, Aug 24, 2008

    I really love this show I can watch this show all day and every day. It showed that poverty hit their family hard but they were strong as a family. I really loved it when the father was there because he was strong and he was really out there trying too take care of the family and set morals and values for the children. Florida had good ideas but she came off a a goody too shoes sometimes but she was a great mother she was there to support her children physically and mentally. Thelma was a very beautiful young lady that coame across like her mother. Michael the militant midet was funny with racial issues you learned different inflormation every week from michael. JJ was okay he was just silly but he could be serious some of the time. I wished they would come back for a reunion show.moreless

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    Good Times is one of my all time favorites. It's portrayal of the strength of the black family despite of racial prejudice is accurate. While the storylines are simple,they teach lessons of love, longsuffering and endurance.

    By meikaw, Jun 23, 2008

    Good Times is definitely one of my all time favorites. It's portrayal of the strength of the black family despite racial prejudice is accurate. While the storylines are simple, they teach lessons of love, longsuffering and endurance. The Evans family provided imagery of a typical black family in the 1970's. They overcome trials and tribulations of living in the ghetto. While they were poor, they were never poor in spirit. James and Florida Evans were played by two of my favorite actors, John Amos and Esther Rolle. Both of the actors were under rated and they never received the acting roles or awards they deserved. J. J. Evans, played by Jimmie Walker, kept the audience in stitches with his comedic candor. While the black family has come along way from the days of Good Times, we all can learn from the Evans family and why they had Good Times and overcame all odds. www.2black4u.blogspot.commoreless

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    i love this show, it teaches today what family is all about. How best friends stick together and help each other out, and what is really going on in the world, its just worse now a days. Good times was always a favorite and always will be

    By swompthang, May 18, 2008

    Just as i said thank God for reruns. Good times was just that Good Times. I bet on the set it was fun. I just finished watching a good times marathon. The last episode still gets me to this day. I love this sitcom. I wonder if the cast members keep in touch, oh well, this show told it like it was and it was about families. The evans family made it thru thick and thin, but made it together, and i cried and cried at the last episode everyone did great acting, made it seem like a real family. When i was little i would come home and it was a favorite in our home.moreless

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    Best comedy show ever!

    By SpaceWay2007, Apr 17, 2007

    Good Times is one of my favorite comedy show. My favorite character is J.J. He's always talking nonsense and acting foolish. J.J is always getting dissed by his family and what I especially like is when he says "Dynomite!" That was hilarious! I never got over that. Another thing funny about him is the way he dresses. His clothes are bright colors which made him look like a clown. Anyway, too bad this show is canceled. Even though I would like for this show to come back on, I doubt it because this show is so old. You have got to watch this show for yourself. This show may be canceled, but you can at least watch the re-runs on a different channel that I forgot.moreless

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    this show was great and showed a way of life some people might not be used to.

    By kevinb4444, Apr 03, 2007

    O.K. I'm sorry for this and everyone who reads this is going to want to kick me in the head, but this show really is DY-NO-MITE !! It was funny, and it showed how the Evan's family people made it through life, there was not really an agenda with it suprisingly with Norman Lear. It was a great show, even though the character of Wilona, sometimes laughed at her jokes more than the audience did. It wasn't just comedy either, they had some real serious episodes, with such issues, as child abuse, death, drugs etc, it was kind of like an after school special except it was funny.moreless

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    This show was classic and definetly my favorite show that began in 1974. It was classic.

    By NarutoShippuden, Feb 18, 2007

    This show was classic and definetly my favorite show that began in 1974. It was classic. This show dealed with real life problems of an african-American family. The show featured a short tempered father, a smart mouthed son named JJ, a genius son named michael, a sassy daughter, and of course a kind and considerate mother named florida. All these characters rolled into one family made one of the best comedies for the family of it's kind. Anyone who has seen the show know that it was a good show. There were many side characters that made minor appearences but were not to important. Watch the reruns if you can. -NarutoShippuden.moreless

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    A great show, showed how many people struggle making ends meat.

    By KkMc7080, Oct 22, 2006

    This is one show that survived for a reason, even though it was an african-american family it showed what it's like to struggle. Sometimes it was "where's the next meal coming from?" This happens to many families of many different colors. I'm glad this show shed some light on what it's like to struggle and how difficult life can be. It was one show I think a lot of people can relate to on so many levels. I mean I never grew up in the ghetto, but I understand what it's like to struggle and wondering where do we go next. I love this show even though it's before my time, it was cancelled a year before I was born.moreless

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    Take it from a native Chicagoan

    By isohgreg, Oct 11, 2006

    Being from Chi-town I don't think any of the shows writers were ever in Chicago. On the show several references were made to 'downstairs on 35th St (the south side), but in the intro the scene of the apartment is the Cabrini Green housing project on the north side.

    If they make a movie, my choices are

    James.....Bernie Mac


    Thelma....Kelly Rowland

    J.J.......dave chappelle

    Michael...Bow Wow

    Willona...Jackee' Harry


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