To Catch a Goof

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Quotes (2)

  • "How To" Narrator: HOW TO BE A NINJA Ah…the ninja, protector of property, defender of the downtrodden, champion of law and order. (Goofy: "A-Hyuck, that's me!") Chapter 1: Donning the ninja costume. (Goofy: "A-Hyuck") The costume should fit snugly, protecting hands, feet and face, not allowing unrestrictable hurt of extremities. The tight fit emphasizes the graceful bond of the ninja and the full ballet-like quality of its motions. It allows him to move quietly undetected, silent like a leaf, floating gently through the ground! (Goofy fell down the stairs) There, enjoining imposing figure!

  • Max: Dad, you'd ninja-ed the fridge! What are we going to do with all the food? Goofy: A-hyuck, nothing to do but eat it till it spoils!

Notes (1)

  • The "How To" segment is called How to be a Ninja.