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  • S 4 : Ep 8

    Deep Trouble (2)

    Aired 11/16/98

  • S 4 : Ep 7

    Deep Trouble (1)

    Aired 11/16/98

  • S 4 : Ep 6

    Cry of the Cat (2)

    Aired 10/31/98

  • S 4 : Ep 6

    Cry of the Cat - Part 2

    Aired 10/31/98

  • S 4 : Ep 5

    Cry of the Cat - Part 1

    Aired 10/31/98

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  • Adam West

    Galloping Gazelle

  • Jayne Eastwood

    Woman in Line

  • Malcolm Stewart

    Howard O'Connor

  • Wayne Robson

    Jimmie O' James

  • Brendan Fletcher

    Grady Tucker

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  • Goosebumps was a live-action series that began on Fox Kids in the mid '90s. It's based on the award-winning book series, written by R.L. Stine.Goosebumps takes place in a strange reality, where nothing is as it seems. Normal kids find themselves trapped within and exposed to the paranormality that this world has to offer. And in each situation, they must find a way to get themselves out. From evil halloween masks to werewolves. From scarecrows to dummies. From haunted amusement parks and toy towns that come to life, in Goosebumps, anything can happen!moreless

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    • Carly Beth: (Referring to the plaster head) It smiled at me. Mom: What is up with you? Carly Beth: Its mouth opened and it smiled at me. Mom: Carly Beth, you're letting all this Halloween stuff get to you.

    • Shopkeeper: (Sees Carly Beth wandering around the store) What are you doing here?! Who are you? Carly Beth: I'm-I-I like to buy a mask for Halloween, please. Shopkeeper: Well, we're closed. Carly Beth: Um, only a minute, please I-I-I really need a mask. It won't be long. (The telephone rings.) Shopkeeper: Everything I have is up on the walls. Five minutes.

    • Sabrina: (Referring to the mask) It isn't made of real skin, is it? Carly Beth: Maybe.

    • Carly Beth: (Possessed by the haunted mask) And this, is Carly Beth's head!

    • Girl in witch costume: What are you supposed to be? Carly Beth: I'm supposed to be me but I'm not. I'm supposed to be me, but I'm not!

    • Sabrina: Let's just go back to my house, okay? Carly Beth: No! This is my night, Halloween is my night. It's the one night I get to have fun. The night I don't get to be pitiful, scareable Carly Beth.

    • Mom: (After Carly Beth scared the little girl) Listen, don't frighten her like that, she's just a little girl. Carly Beth: Aw, isn't that too bad. Mom: Hey, cut it out! Carly Beth: And if you don't stop talking, you'll get what's coming to you too! (She takes some candy from the bowl and runs.) Mom: (To Sabrina) You tell your sick little friend that I'm gonna call the police! Sabrina: She didn't really like that! Carly Beth! Wait up! Carly Beth: Did you see the look on that old bag's face? Sabrina: Carly Beth, that old bag says she's calling the cops on you! Carly Beth: I'm not afraid of her.

    • Shopkeeper: (Referring to the masks in his shop) I call them the unloved ones, because no one will ever love them now. No one. Only you, Carly Beth. You're the only one that ever wanted them, the only one who ever loved them. Carly Beth: No! No! I want it off! I want it off, now! Take it off me! I hate this face! I hate this face! I hate it! I hate it! Shopkeeper: Carly Beth, I'm sorry, but this face is your face now. Carly Beth: No, no! (She begins crying uncontrolably.)

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    Notes (234)

    • According to R.L. Stine's autobiography, It Came from Ohio! My Life as a Writer, the story for this episode and the book was inspired from when his son, Matt, got a Frankenstein mask stuck to his face and can't get it off.

    • Based on Book #11.

    • The original premiere of this episode and its VHS release include R.L. Stine as the episode's host.

    • This episode and its continuation were originally broadcast as a one-hour special on primetime.

    • According to R.L. Stine's autobiography, they were going to use a rubber worm in the scene where Carly Beth bites into the sandwich and finds a half-bitten worm, but Kathryn Long insisted on eating a real worm to make it more realistic. That particular scene was shot twelve times.

    • The original premiere of this episode and its VHS release include R.L. Stine as host.

    • This episode and its predecessor were originally broadcast as a one-hour special during primetime.

    • Based on Book #11.

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    Trivia (58)

    • In this episode, they used two different methods for the haunted mask and you can tell. The first time Carly Beth wears her mask, it looks like an ordinary mask and you can see her normal skin underneath her eyeballs. But after she puts it on a second time, the mask is really a makeup job which is why she couldn't get the mask off, because it was make-up!

    • In the mask shop, while Carly Beth looks for a mask, you can see a mask of R.L. Stine!

    • Towards the end of the episode, when Carly Beth returns home, she throws the mask on the ground. But a few scenes later, it's back in her hand.

    • Early in the episode, Carly Beth's mom tells her to be careful with the plaster head since it can break easily. Later, however, Carly Beth throws the stick (with the plaster head on it) on the ground when she "attacks" her friend by grabbing her neck and shirt collar. Then, Carly Beth lifts up the head and it is completely unharmed when it should have been broken.

    • The second time Michael goes through his birthday, his mom asks him to help her with his cake. When he goes to her, you see they're outside, but the first time of Michael's birthday, they were inside.

    • In the scene where Michael is dreaming, he opens the door to the room the Cuckoo clock is in and begins to scream. But we hear the scream a split second before his mouth opens.

    • The first time when Michael's dad tells Tara not to touch the clock, you see she has bangs on her forehead, but when she turns around to stick her tongue out at Michael, her bangs are gone.

    • When it shows the episode name, you see that they put it in white. However, the rest of the episodes' names are in green.

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    Allusions (29)

    • When Michael looks in the mirror at age 6, his scream and facial expression is exactly the same as Macauly Culkin's scream in the Home Alone movies.

    • Title and Storyline: This book and episode title, along with some of the story itself, spoof the classic children's fable, The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

    • This episode is pretty much like the episode of The Twilight Zone, Third from the Sun.

    • Title: Phantum of the Auditorium The title of this book and episode spoof the title of the classic piece of literature. The Phantom of the Opera.

    • The Ghost's Musical Piece The piece that the ghost plays during the night is none other than Beethoven's classic, Moonlight Sonata.

    • Slappy being a living dummy is much like the two Twilight Zone episodes, "The Dummy" and "Caesar and Me".

    • Title: Night of the Living Dummy The title of this episode and book are a spoof of the classic film, Night of the Living Dead.

    • Camerawork In the scene of the episode when Slappy is moving around, the camera moves about like the scene in the film, Child's Play, where Chucky kills Maggie Peterson.

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    By anastasia1243, Feb 08, 2014

  • Does`nt scare as much as the books did

    By Raven77, Jun 02, 2014

  • Undoubtedly One of the Best!

    By Shoode, Aug 20, 2013

  • Completed my childhood

    By demariusbridg, Jun 06, 2013

  • audition

    By HeidiMesser, Dec 06, 2012

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