Desperately Seeking Serena

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  • 7.3


    By Canogaparkcindy, Mar 20, 2011

    A very interesting episode of Gossip Girl, we got the usual cliffhangers, the regular comedic timing, and just some entertaining drama. The SAT's and Blair trying to take down another girl that was taking them wasn't very entertaining, and was probably the weakest plot of the bunch.

    Well that might no be entirely true considering Jenny managed to ruin another episode for me. Where are the writers even going with this character? She serves no purpose other than being incredibly annoying (especially as of late). Nate & Vanessa? Okay, that was random, I hate when two people just hook up for the heck of it, so this was unsettling.

    The Georgina scenes really were fantastic, I love Michelle Trachtenberg, so it was great seeing her here, and I love the fact that she's playing a character as sinister as Georgina, definitely looking forward to future story lines involving Georgina's scheming, definitely not looking forward too Jenny's relationship story lines. Entertaining episode.moreless

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  • 6.0

    It was nice, but G ruined it for me.

    By krazy4crack, Aug 30, 2010

    G: Serena's old friend, Georgina is back and town and she's out to party. She becomes a major bad influence for Serena and a huge obstacle when it comes to her and Dan's relationship. I really hate G, the actress is horrible, her character is so pointless and she can't get any more annoying.

    Jenny: As all her friends start studying for the SATs, she is forced to go on her own and with that in mind, she finds a king. Her king must be smart, he must be good looking and of course, he must have a lot of money. She finds a guy who fits well with her standards, but remember, you're grounded Little J. Asher seems like an interesting enough addition to the show. I hope Jenny and Blair continue their quarrels.

    Blair: She steals back her circle from Jenny after she has luxuries to offer and other than that, she also has a very big plan to have a higher ranking in her SATs. It was sort of filler-ish, but it wasn't that bad, had its funny moments.

    Nate: Well, Nate is the most normal character on this show and that is why he stands out (how ironic). He starts getting to know Vanessa, you know, Dan's friend. They seem to have chemistry and I see more of them in the future. I like the idea of them getting together, but they aren't the most exciting characters on the show, so it might end up a little dull.moreless

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  • 7.5

    Someone from Serena's past is back. She is someone who knows the Serena of old.

    By kawadge, Jun 08, 2008

    Someone from Serena's past is back. She is someone who knows the Serena of old.

    Serena decided to meet with Georgina, and the first night they went out she was drunk. The next night Georgina told Serena to meet to hear about the new her, and whilst Serena was on the phone she spiked her drink.

    The next morning Serena woke up at Georgina and was risking of missing the SAT's. She called Chuck and he decided to pay someone to take Serena's place. Meanwhile Dan realised that something was wrong.

    Serena is afraid of Georgina. Something happened last year, something that she is afraid of telling even Chuck. Meanwhile Jenny found a guy who can help her become Queen instead of Blair.moreless

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  • 9.0

    Everybody has their evil side.

    By celine09, Jun 08, 2008

    The infamous Georgina Sparks returns. She is driving Serena crazy. It's like, G has S wrapped around her finger. And it isn't pretty. Poor Serena, waking up not knowing what happened the night before. Ugh, Georgina is twisted. Blair is also twisted, gathering her "army" and they all turn against Nelly Yuki. Nelly however, buys Blair's pseudo-concern, not knowing that B has been scheming to take her down. Not that Nelly's gonna be "Queen", B thinks Nelly has a bigger chance of going to Yale. So thus, she does whatever she can, even taking out the batteries out of Nelly's calculator. I'm not a huge fan of Vanessa and Nate, and never will be. Lol. It was an okay episode.moreless

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  • 9.5

    Buffy's little sister stars as Serena's ex-BFF.

    By firefly317, May 08, 2008

    Every time I see Michelle Trachtenberg all I think of is her as Buffy's little sister. In everything she's done. even the Harriet the Spy movie which came out years before she was on Buffy. All I saw all episode was Dawn which threw me waaaay off track. I have to say she did a better job than I expected though. I loved to hate Dawn mostly because she was so annoying, but I love to hate Georgina for totally different reasons. She's deceiving, scheming, and wears great clothes =] and she definitely plotted for Serena to miss the SATs.

    Can't wait to see how she keeps lying to Dan, and telling him she's Sara, and has nothing to do with Serena.moreless

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  • 10

    5 Reasons Why "Desperately Seeking Serena" Rocked!

    By iheartblair, May 03, 2008

    Reasons Why "Desperately Seeking Serena" Rocked:

    1. Because the SAT Montage was mad-cool - I really thought the SAT montage at the beginning was very cool. I liked all the little touches. For example, did anyone notice Blair's vocabulary cards? They were outlined in frilly yellow paper. And in true Chuck fashion, he said screw the SATs and hired someone to take the test for him. 2. Because Chuck is not so much a Ba$$hole - So, last week the episode rocked because Chuck was a Ba$$hole, but this episode was even better because he wasn't so much. I like the fact that Serena feels she can turn to Chuck. Not only did Chuck come to Serena's rescue once (he sent a car for her) but he also covered for her SATs. I like the fact that Chuck is being a bit nicer to Serena. I think he truly loves the idea of having a family. 3. Because Nelly Yuki is fun to say - It's true. The name just kind of rolls off the tongue. And the fact that Blair said her full name over a dozen time was hilarious. And again, Blair's inner-b*tch was channeled and she devoured Nelly. Stealing the batteries at the end was a nice touch. Somehow, we overlook her cruel attitude and find her likable.

    4. Because Georgina plays dirty - And here I thought Blair played dirty. She's as clean as freshly washed towels compared to the filth that Georgina is getting into. Not only did she spike Serena's drink now she's set her sights on Dan, which can only spell trouble for Serena/Dan. I was hoping for some trouble for this pefect ship, so I can't wait to see what "Sarah" has in store for her past BFF and Dan. 5. Because Nate is still boring, but Vanessa isn't - So yeah, I still find Nate boring, however, I think this storyline is something that will give him a bit more action. I like he and Vanessa as a couple. I think mainly because they are so different and come from completely different worlds. The "door step" moment was nice. Also, the look in Dan and Blair's eyes after seeing the two get into the town car was a good touch.moreless

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  • 9.5


    By VGFreak8, May 01, 2008

    Georgina has returned for Serena. The SATs are here and everyone panics to get a good score. Nate and Vanessa start hanging out and they kiss. Dan feels like he is separated from Serena. Jenny meets a cute guy, Asher. She wants to go out with him, but Rufus tells her she's still grounded and not allowed to date. Blair wants to be better than Nelly Yuki, a really smart girl. She sabotages her studying plan by bringing her old boyfriend back into her life and making her miserable. Serena and Georgina party, even though Serena doesn't want to get into her old self again. She tells Georgina to stay away, but she meets Dan. Chuck is a good and bad "brother" to Serena.

    This was a great episode! I felt sorry for Nelly. She was so innocent, but Blair made her feel terrible. I don't like Georgina. I don't want Serena to be messed up by her. I want to know what happened last year though. The idea of Nate and Vanessa is okay, but I don't really like Vanessa that much. This episode gets a 9.5 out of 10!moreless

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  • 10

    Luuurrve It!!


    By Iz-Belle91, Apr 30, 2008

    Love It!! Chuck is so HOT!!

    =] This was a great episode...

    Getting borde with the whole Jenny story now though...

    She needs to grow up and get a life!!

    Nate and Vanessa??hmmm...not sure about these two yet..

    Blair...gotta love this girl, she's so devious!! Not long now till' she's back on top!! Serena and Chuck, love how Chuck is being nicer his character is realy growing. Just hope they don't develop beyond this because Serena and Dan are so nice together.

    G is Evil!! Pure evil, realy bursting to know what Serena's secret is..thought it would have been revealed in this episode, no such luck.Bring on next week.

    I realy want Blair and Chuck to get together, it's taking to long for them to find each other again. But you could tell with the look they gave each other when the went past that there's still something between them. WOOP!! WOOP!!

    They seriously need to get together sooooon real SOOON!! Lmao!!Chuck looked sooo haawwt in that red coat...hhmmm

    =] =]

    Great episode lots of suprises, whole Jenny storyline realy getting BOOORRRIIINNNGG!!

    Can't wait for the next episode!!


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  • 9.1


    By martooo_m, Apr 30, 2008

    Gossip Girl was greater this episode than the previous one because of the great installment of Georgina Sparks character that brings so much suspens and drama.Her introduction is the greatest part of the episode and the shape of thigs to come along with her and Serena.It is so sweet for all the fans of the show to realize what is the connection between Serena and Georgina and the biggest question and clifthanger after taht one with the gossip girl-Why Did Serena Left Manhattan?Michele Trachtenberg is a great actress and brings so much greatness to the show with her chilly character and amazing beautiful face.Serena returns to her old habits abd acts like before.I like the scenes where we see the past Serena drunk at clubs.

    Blair was not great this episode and I think that Serena is stealing the spotlght from her.She is even not that main character since the storyline with her as a queen and her relationships with Nate and Chuck are over.She is just not that interesting any more.I loved the scene whre she cares about seeing Nate with Vanessa.I realizes taht she still loves him.

    Dan was not that main this episode and was somehow standing on the side.But he is very good at keeping Serena out of her habits.

    Jenny is getting more and more annoying with her constant murmurring for fame and fortune.

    Nate is getting so lttle screen time.I hope the couple Nate and Vanesa will be good in the terms of supercouple.I hope.

    Chuc is aside of lots of the stories.

    Rufus and Lily are no more that great characters.

    I think taht the first part of the season before the strike is so much better that these episodes except for Georgina's character.I hope Gossip Girl will return to its own peaks.moreless

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  • 10

    i love it goergina is back

    By bliarxoxo, Apr 30, 2008

    i loved this eposide in every eposide they make he me hate jenny even more lol.there were not alot of chuck and bair sence olny when they walked past each the begining thet were all studing for there SAT'S and chuck got another person to do his test i love chuck bass.Then georina commes and sees serena and is nuce to her at first in the commeral i thought that they were enmeys i acally love georgina i think she makes thing intresting.ok dont get me wrong blair is my fav charter but what she did to nelly yuki was kinda mean.i still cant belive chuck helped senerna so much in this eposide he is so sweet i want him and blair to get back toghter lol .then dan meet serena and she said her name is sacrh.i thought in this eposide they would reavle sereneas secert but for the commeral for next week i was hopeing it was going to be this week but annyway icant wait till the nxt eposide gossip girl is the best show in the world .moreless

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