The Big Sleep No More

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    I don't understand the low rating for this episode

    By hazepurple, Dec 28, 2011

    The drama and intrigue around the theatre experience was great. As always Blair and Chuck take centre stage.

    Serena did seem to be plonked into scenes though. But I loved the intensity of this episode.

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  • 6.5


    By thefanof, Nov 16, 2011

    For all of the good drama that this show created last week, it virtually evaporated tonight in one of Gossip Girl's biggest flaws that it continues to accentuate, odd events where even odder things happen.

    Not crazy about the direction for Serena or Dan right now, but that's nothing new. I am starting to warm up to Charlie/Ivy though, so there's that.

    This was a solid episode, it had some funny moments and it was interesting, but it was far from perfect.

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