Gossip Girl

The Magnificent Archibalds

Season 2, Ep 11, Aired 11/17/08
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  • Episode Description
  • It's Thanksgiving time and Blair is offended when her Mom's new man hijacks her Thanksgiving traditions. Lily attempts to strengthen the frail bond between Rufus and Jenny. Eric discovers a secret about Bart. Vanessa and Chuck help Nate deal with his father.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Sam Robards

    Howie "The Captain" Archibald

  • Jean de Segonzac

  • Joshua Safran

  • Blake Lively

    Serena van der Woodsen

  • Leighton Meester

    Blair Waldorf

  • Fan Reviews (11)
  • 211

    By Canogaparkcindy, Mar 27, 2011

  • A very moving episode.

    By hrgaffney, Dec 01, 2008

  • Little J finally back where she belongs.

    By sajekima, Dec 01, 2008

  • Little J finds her way back home, Nate turns in daddy, Blaire finds hers and Bart Bass keeps a watchful eye out on Lilly her kids.

    By le0nii, Nov 26, 2008

  • awwwww, the cutest episode ever!

    By carolaguilera, Nov 24, 2008

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  • Quotes (7)

    • Dan: You okay with it? Jenny not being with us tonight? Rufus: If by okay you mean extraordinarily depressed, then yes. I miss her a lot. Dan: You know, in all the arguments you two have had, I haven't once heard you tell her that. Rufus: (Shocked) Oh my God, you're right. Dan: That's not ... that rare is it?

    • Rufus: I was kind of hoping she'd be here. Dan: Yeah, me too. (Jenny comes around the corner) Jenny: I love you too, Dad. I don't want to not be your daughter. (Rips up the emancipation papers and hugs Rufus. He pulls Dan into their hug) Guys, I can't breathe. Dan and Rufus: Good.

    • Gossip Girl: Signed, stealed, delivered, I'm yours. XOXO, Gossip Girl

    • Blair: (Talking to Serena about Aaron) And how do you plan to introduce him? Mom, you DVR 'Big Love'? This is Aaron and he's just like Bill Paxton only younger and with scruff.

    • Gossip Girl: For the rest of the country, Thanksgiving is when families come together to give thanks. But on the Upper East Side the holiday thankfully returns to its roots. Lying, manipulation and betrayal.

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    Notes (4)

    • International Episode Titles: Czech Republic: Archibaldův osud (Archibald's Destiny)

    • Wallace Shawn (Cyrus) also worked with Sam Robards (the Captain) in the 1994 movie Mrs. Parker And The Vicious Circle.

    • Original International Air Dates: Latin America: February 18, 2009 on Warner Channel The Netherlands: March 13, 2009 on Net 5 Norway: March 18, 2009 on TVNorge Philippines: April 14, 2009 on ETC Greece: April 25, 2009 on Star TV Denmark: August 9, 2009 on Kanal 4 Turkey: November 17, 2009 on CNBC-e Poland: December 6, 2009 on TVN7 Czech Republic: March 14, 2010 on Prima COOL Australia: March 18, 2010 on GO! Slovakia: May 30, 2010 on Doma

    • Music in the episode: "My Only Offer" by Mates Of State "Bad Man's World" by Jenny Lewis "Danger! (Ice Cream Shout Version)" by The Sound Of Arrows "I'm A Slave 4 U" by Britney Spears "Reasons To Sing" by The Crash

    Allusions (2)

    • Blair: Mom, you DVR 'Big Love'? This is Aaron and he's just like Bill Paxton only younger and with scruff. Big Love is the HBO TV show starring Bill Paxton as Bill Henrickson, the man with three wives.

    • The title of the episode, 'The Magnificent Archibalds' is a reference to the 1942 movie 'The Magnificent Ambersons', written for the screen and directed by Orson Welles, from the novel by Booth Tarkington. This is the tale of a well-known and respected American family - "The Magnificent Ambersons" and their rise and fall.

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