Outside Looking In

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Quotes (3)

  • Tomoko: (To herself) Teacher is trying to tell me that I could survive in this kind of world. Teacher was saying my breasts were big. I have no choice but to go with the flow. I feel like a calf. That's right, I'm a cow. I'm a cow that produces a lot of milk.

  • (Eikichi is at Tomoko's family restaurant) Tomoko's dad: (About Tomoko) Everyone else in our family is quick, I wonder who she takes after.

  • (Tomoko is pumping a bottle rocket) Kunio: Hey, is it safe to let Toroko do it? Eikichi: What do you mean? Kunio: She is seriously slow. When the girl performs, her performance looks like an O-Bon dance. When she makes scrambled eggs, she turns them into pancakes. It takes her a minute to run 100 meters. Whatever she does, she does it so poorly. It's our unspoken rule not to let Toroko do anything to avoid mishaps. Eikichi: Don't worry, It makes no difference if you're slow to fill up the air. Right? Tomoko? Are you done? (The bottle rocket explodes in the room)

Notes (1)

  • Tomoko's nickname is a combination of Toroi and the -ko part of her name, thus Toroko. The english translated mangas translate that as Slo-mo-ko, which is very appropriate given what a dim-bulb Tomoko can be.