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  • Cappie: (While playing pool) Last ball, don't scratch. (Casey scratches) Cappie: Did you do that on purpose? Casey: (Casey nods) No.

  • Casey: (to Rusty) What the hell were you thinking? A bar fight with Evan? You're the size of, like, one of his arms.

  • Cappie: So, where's Numbnuts? Casey: Evan's at Bid Night. Cappie: I was talking about Rusty. Now... how would Evan feel knowing you think his nuts are numb?

  • Cappie: Hey Beav, didn't you take some pictures last night? That could jog our memories... Beaver: All the pictures I took were of girls flashing their racks. Cappie: Hmmm... I'm gonna need to see those...

  • Evan: You're Casey's little brother. Rusty: How'd you know? Evan: I'm her boyfriend. I'm Evan. Rusty: I didn't know she had a boyfriend. Evan: I didn't know she had a brother.

  • Evan: Haven't they taught you Kappa Tau boys how to dress yourselves yet? Cappie: Well, Evan, we Kappa Tau boys spend so much time with our clothes off, we just figured, why bother?

  • Casey: Have you no self-respect? Cappie: In my book, you gotta respect yourself a lot to walk around showing off a package this early before Christmas.

  • Casey: Now, what can you tell me about Ashleigh just from her appearance? Anyone? There are four things that I see right away. One, the stain on the right side of her Theory shirt. Means she's sloppy. Two, her Marc Jacobs skirt looks brand new, but is last season, so I'm guessing clearance rack raid. Three, her Prada shoes, while quite nice, are too big for her feet. Probably on loan from a friend with better taste and more money. Four... Libby: The bags under her eyes. She's a party girl who's probably still drunk from last night. Ashleigh: That's all true!

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  • Music: "In Transit" by Albert Hammond Jr. "Jesus" by Scott Krippayne "Untouched and Intact" by The Honorary Title "Gimme More" by Fredalba "Song Beneath The Song" by Maria Taylor "Feels Good" by Ming+FS & Northern League "Paralyzer" by Finger Eleven "Pretty Little Thing" by Fink "Revenge" by The Waking Hours "No Sleep Tonight" by The Faders

  • The trailer for this episode featured music from The Plain White T's, with their song "Our Time Now".

  • iTunes offered a free download of this show to help promote it.

  • This is the first of 10 episodes ordered for the season.

  • ABC Family were at first apprehensive about a storyline involving "beer pong", fearing it might promote drinking.

  • Music for this episode: "My Jesus" - Dave Pelman "Collarbone" - Fujiya & Miyagi "All Good" - Zeroleen "Fool's Gold" - Adrienne Pierce "I've Been Down" - Sweatshop Union "Inaction" - We Are Scientists

  • Music: "Coming Out Wild" - The Sammies. "Do You Want It" - Lash. "How Good Can It Be" - The 88. "Understanding" - Aidan Hawken. "Our Time Now" - Plain White Ts. "Blind" - Aidan Hawken. "Hey There Delilah" - Plain White Ts. "The Plot That Weaves" - The Brothers. "Traffic Jam" - Vega4. "Prepare To Reactivate" - Fredalba. "Fly Straight" - Aidan Hawken. "Handful of Names" - Waking Ashland.

  • Music: "California Blur" - Echo Jet. "Facing East" - Music Library. "Shine" - Fredalba. "I Know You" - Lindsay Price. "Summer Stay" - All Smiles. "Messin Around" - The Woods. "Don't Play Nice" - Verbilicious. "The Dirty Girls" - Shapes Of Race Cars. "The Happy Dreamer" - Music Library. "I Know" - The Explosion. "Tiny Spark" - Brendan Benson.

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  • Rusty earns the nickname "Spitter" because of how he spit up shots of tequila.

  • Cappie has a pair of boxers that say "Cappie's Butt".

  • When Cappie is about to score the first goal for Kappa Tau, the scoreboard shows 'Kappa Tau 1 Omega Chi 2', even though just before the halftime it read 'Kappa Tau 0 Omega Chi 3'.

  • When Calvin is about to score the third goal in the match, the scoreboard reads 'Omega Chi 2 Kappa Tau 1'. But after the goal it shows 'Omega Chi 3 Kappa Tau 0'.

  • It is confirmed that Calvin is gay The only person he tells is Rusty.

  • Mt. Vesuvius erupted in 79AD and buried the towns of Herculaneum and Pompeii.

  • The people in the chain Destiny makes when she cuts the paper with the scissors is impossible. The chain would have to all be wearing dresses or pants. They would all be cut the same and couldn't alternate like they do in the scene.

  • The Plain White T's guest starred again, singing their songs Friends Don't Let Friends Dial Drunk and Making a Memory.

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  • Ashleigh: Laguna Beach is so freakin real! Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County (often referred to as Laguna Beach) was an MTV "reality" show documenting the lives of several teenagers living in Laguna Beach, a seaside community located in Orange County, California.

  • Rusty says that at the engineering party they were discussing The Matrix. The Matrix is a popular sci-fi film.

  • Casey: (about Rebecca) Skank-monster pulled a Paris! She is referring to heiress Paris Hilton, whose sex tape was inadvertently released.

  • The title of this episode is a play on the popular 1993 high school movie, Dazed and Confused.

  • Cappie: How the hell could they cancel Gilmore Girls?. Gilmore Girls is a CW series that was recently cancelled after seven seasons.

  • Ashleigh: Just make sure you're an officer and a gentleman tonight. She is referring to the 1982 romanctic drama An Officer and A Gentleman.

  • Casey:Oh, Frasier is on. Casey is played by Spencer Grammer, daughter of Kelsey Grammer, who played Frasier, in Cheers and Frasier.

  • In this episode the Zeta Beta Zeta President is reading an issue of MODE which she then uses to give Casey some advice. MODE is a fictional magazine from another ABC show Ugly Betty.

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