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    A show about an upper class Manhattan family's struggle to fit in with rural farm life.

    By gwactuary, Jan 15, 2013

    The casting made this show great.

    The lead couple is a study in contrast - a well-matched upperclass couple: a hungarian heiress and a Harvard lawyer.

    Add an opportunist traveling salesman who would sell anything that isn't nailed down, and sometimes things nailed down.

    Add a County Supervisor who can't speak 5 consecutive words on the same topic.

    Add a farm hand with more aspiration than true potential.

    Add an elderly childless couple - who adopt a pig to be their son.

    Add a general store manager that wears every hat in the city.

    Add a female contractor named Ralph.

    The combination is so delightful that the PC police hardly notice that the whole show is premised on the husband is acting as chief decision makere for his wife.moreless

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    Green Acres Was Very Funny Show

    By petenv, Sep 09, 2012

    I liked this show very much. It had Aronld the pig which had me laughing at all the crazy things he would do. The Zipples were Aronlds family.


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    Welcome to Hottervile...

    By frosty_ice, Feb 28, 2010

    One of the funniest shows in the 60's, this series is a landmark when it comes to all sorts of gags. The show's story is about Oliver Wendell Douglas and his wife Lisa who move from New York City to Hootervile, in order to accomplish his dream of owning a farm. But this turns out to be a little more complicated than he thought it would be. Along the way, many characters try to help them do the right thing, but sometimes, things do not go according to planned. The characters are incrdibly funny, especially Lisa, who wa sprobably the funniest of all characters, and then, Mr. Haney who ended up selling all kinds of products to Oliver, even if this one did not want to buy them. With its incredible humour, this is definitely one of the greatest shows ever, since the Beverly Hillbilies. A definite 10!moreless

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    Rich character development make this a great show

    By revbucky, Jul 14, 2008

    Green Acres has an appeal for everyone. Those who have lived in the city all their lives will enjoy the thought of moving to the country to live simpler, more down to earth life. Those who live in small-town America will get a kick out of the shenanigans that go on in Hooterville (the imaginary town where Oliver and Lisa Douglas live).

    Adjusting to country life is not as easy as it first appears to the Douglas family. Oliver is used to schedules and predictability. He finds neither in Hooterville. Surprisingly Lisa adjusts to farm life much better than her husband. She has a real knack for relating to the various characters that visit the "homestead" of the Douglas family.

    Ultimately, the success of the show rests on its great characters. Each one plays a vital role in keeping Mr. Douglas on his toes and Mrs. Douglas from missing the city life of New York City. Need a break from the rat race? Visit Hooterville!moreless

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    Funniest. Show. Ever.

    By borisbalinkoff, Jun 15, 2007

    This is certainly a positively hilarious show. It should be much more popular than it is. It might seem mediocre to a person who just started watching it. Some people might also think, "Oh, it's an old show, so it's not worth watching." But it was way ahead of its time, and consistent watching will reveal its true nature--laugh-out-loud funny.

    A hilariously funny event--quote, action, subtitle, whatever--happens every few seconds on this show. It has all kinds of humor, from the basic humor used on all shows, to the surreal, to breaking the fourth wall. Lisa's speaking flubs. Oliver's speeches. The unseen fife player. Ralph's man-craziness. Mr. Kimball's utter stupidity. Arnold's talent. The Ziffels' bickering. The seen subtitles. And more. All extremely funny.

    If this were promoted more and more people saw it, it could be an immensely popular show. Matt Groening is a fan, and indeed, The Simpsons has many things in common with this. The Simpsons is very popular, and Green Acres could be as well, because it is twice as funny as The Simpsons. HILARIOUS!moreless

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    It may have been before my time, but it was a great show. Lol.

    By onceinabluemoon, May 31, 2007

    Green Acres is a classic sitcom from the 60s. The setting is a change from all the town and city scenes of many sitcoms of that time. I think because of the farm setting the show was even funnier. All the country folk in the show were so funny and loveable. But Lisa was probably my favorite. I love her character. She's so ditsy, oblivious, and hilarious. She has no clue about farm life and it's so entertaining to see her try to adjust to it. I also like Green Acres' jokes. They're so funny. Green Acres is definately a classic.moreless

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    Oliver Douglas, successful Park Avenue lawyer longs to give up the rat race and become a farmer. His Socialite wife Lisa reluctently agrees to give it a try for Oliver's sake.

    By stephendm1963, Apr 22, 2007

    This series fits into more than one category. Not only is it a classic but it was also ahead of it's time. Like other classic shows from the 50's and 60's there were no divorces or fragmented families, no gay characters, no bedroom humor. Green Acres dared to be different however in that all rules and norms were thrown out the window. Was Hooterville in another dimension or was Oliver just cracking up? Was Lisa scheming with the rest of the town by trying to undermine everything Oliver tried to accomplish? It's all a great mystery just as is the location of Hooterville? Where is this town anyway? Hooterville has had snow, droughts, floods, and freezes. All of this of course doesn't really matter. What matters is the oddball comedy and slapstick you'll find on every episode of Green Acres. A pig that everyone understands except Oliver, a door to door salesman who seems to show up with exactly what you want when you want it, a County Agent who gets everything mixed up including his own name, and a pair of Carpenters with male names although one is the sister of the other. Put it all together and you have one of the absolutely funniest classic sitcom's of all time.moreless

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    A good classic.

    By prankster_33, Nov 08, 2006

    Green Acres is a great spin-off and also a great classic show. I watch this show every now and again.It had its funny moments, mostly Lisa would make the show funny because she is the stupid one of the show, Most classic comedys i know always have a stupid one.Its not of good as Three's Company or shows like that, but its is a very nice show that is worth watching when there isn't a lot on at the time.I never saw the show Petticoat Junction, but i'm guessing that it is as good as this show, cause Green Acres is a spinoff of it.moreless

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    A great spinoff...

    By neon2farmer, Nov 07, 2006

    i used to watch this show every night at 10;30 however when i had to go to school in the fall again i soon lost interest. I think Green Acres is a very funny show and difinetly a classic series. i like how Lisa is so stupid sometimes and Oliver gets mad. it is funnier to me than probably most people because i live on a farm.Eddie Albert was a good actor and lived to the age of 99. he died in 2005.i've never watch the parent show of Green Acres; Peticoat Junction but i'm sure it is good as well.later.moreless

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