Greetings from Tucson

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  • David: Hey look it's Maria, the Teenage Bitch! Maria: Like your the first one to ever call me that. David (to himself): Damn it!

  • Karen: I hope we didn't offend Joaquin. I wasn't sure if his people had ever seen caroling. Elizabeth: Actually, we Mexicans, and I say we because I converted, have something called Las Pasadas. On Christmas Eve, we stroll from house to house, reenacting Mary and Joseph looking for a place to stay the night. Karen: I knew Mexican Christmas would be completely different from normal Christmas!

  • Ernesto: It shouldn't be this hard to make a kid play a racist cartoon character.

  • Carolers (to Maria & Elizabeth): Feliz Navidad! Feliz Navidad! Feliz Navidad. Maria (to Joaquin): Daddy, turn on the sprinklers.

  • Sarah: Hey, check it out. That teacher is making out with a kid! David: That's my mom. She's making out with my dad.

  • Joaquin to David: "Oh good, you're awake." David to Joaquin: "Awake, asleep- my whole life is a nightmare." Joaquin to David: "Hey, you want to know what a real nightmare is? Huh? How these weeds keep growing no matter how much gasoline I put in them." David to Saleslady: "Hi, I'm David. I have an envelope full of cash." (Joaquin pulls him back) Joaquin to David: "I got to admit it does have a little more punchline than I remember, huh?" (David's car) David to Joaquin: "I wouldn't know. I've never driven it." Joaquin to David: You think your sister takes advantage of you?" David to Joaquin: "I've dreamed about you asking me this qestion. But in my dream you're hooked up to a heart machine."

  • Sarah to David: "Why don't we just leave without her (Maria)?" David to Sarah: "She's a scary animal and I don't want to provoke her." Maria to Mr. Gargan: "Are you married?" Mr. Gargan to Maria: "Yes." Maria to Mr. Gargan: "Really?" Mr. Gargan to Maria: "No." Maria to Mr. Gargan: "Are you gay?" Mr. Gargan to Maria: "Yes." Maria to Mr. Mr. Gargan: "Really?" Mr. Gargan to Maria: "No." Ernesto to David: "Hey, David can you watch Daniel? I got to run out and get 'cigarettes.'"- in front of son Daniel David to Ernesto: "Shouldn't you say 'milk' in front of Daniel?" Ernesto to David: "No, 'cigarettes' is my word for adult films." Maria to David: "What's tonight with Sarah?" Daniel to Maria: "Shes' modeling underwear." David to Daniel: "Shut up, perv!"

  • Joaquin: "You know what I love about this house Tom?" Tom: "what's that?" Joaquin: "The fact that it was built on money Ronald Reagan saved me on taxes" Tom: "hmm.. it looks more like on the surplus of a balances budget courtesy of President Clinton" Joaquin: "And her husband Bill"

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Notes (19)

  • In the original pilot Jamie Strange played the character of Sara, but the role was recasted afterward to Sara Paxton.

  • After this episode originally aired on November 1, 2002, Pablo Santos (David Tiant) appeared for the first time on Law and Order: Speical Victims Unit on NBC afterward as an abused boy who was molested by an adult. During the summer he spent two weeks in New York City to film the episode before he went back for Greetings from Tucson.

  • The Los Lobos who appear in this episode also perform the theme song for the series Greetings from Tucson in the beginning of the opening credits.

  • This episode was originally scheduled to air on November 15, 2002, but the WB preempted the series and the episode 2 days before airing and replaced it with an episode of "Do Over" for promotion.

  • Even though she is credited, Lupe Ontiveros (Magdelena Tiant) does not appear in this episode.

  • Bobby Chavez (Daniel Tiant) does not appear in this episode.

  • Music featured in this episode was from Sonic Youth from "Murray Street."

  • Bobby Chavez (Daniel Tiant) does not appear in this episode.

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Trivia (2)

  • During the premiere broadcast of the pilot episode The WB accidentally aired a portion of the premiere in both english and spanish at the same time. This was a result of the WB's experiment in airing brand new episodes of "Greetings" through SAP (Second Audio Programming).

  • Eegee's is a real restaurant chain unique to Tucson, famous for their "Eegee's," or iced drinks, and also for their ranch fries (drooooool). Hardee's, however, does not exist in Tucson. There's only Carls Jr's.