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    This was one of the greatest shows of all time, but the cowardly FOX network wouldn't give it the chance it deserved.

    By manukahas, Feb 11, 2009

    Greg the Bunny existed in the logical fantasy extension of the Sesame Street world in which humans and puppets co-exist. the premise is that all the puppets from Sesame Street onward are actual living individuals with their own distinct personalities and their own particular demons.

    Greg the Bunny lucks his way into a job acting on a children's show much like Sesame Street. The classic dichotomy of the show was the contrast between the very adult characters with very adult perspectives who bounce in and out of their children show personas. There is also the tension between characters, like Jack, who does not appreciate working in such a close proximity with puppets; there is also Warren, who is a self-absorbed prima donna who requires such stage direction as "Sober up!"

    The Moral of the story is that Greg the Bunny worked and it worked well. The fact that few people remember the show at all can solely be blamed on FOX. FOX was one of the few stations that would be brave enough to take a risk on such a show; nevertheless, FOX was too cowardly to let it run its course. Thirteen shows were made, but only six shows were allowed to air. FOX took a chance, but since it did not come out of the gate as runaway hit, the network grew nervous and canceled it. It's a good thing that they didn't panic after the Simpsons first pathetic season and allowed that show to find its vision and audience.

    Greg the Bunny was, unfortunately, too good for television. I thank FOX for allowing the show to be made and I thank them for airing some of the shows that were made. Nevertheless, FOX deserves blame for not giving this intelligent little gem of a show the chance it deserved. Then again, what do expect from a network that canceled Family Guy twice. It would be great if Cartoon Network bought the rights to the show and aired it on adult swim. Adult Swim resurrected Family Guy from cancellation, and I know that if more people had the opportunity to watch Greg the Bunny, it would not only be a hit, but new shows would be back on the air.

    Until that happens, the DVD of the complete series is available and highly recommended. Then again, if you remember the show at all, you probably already own the DVD.moreless

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    Another show gets screwed by FOX...

    By Darth-Revan45, Oct 28, 2006

    I enjoyed "Greg the Bunny" starring Seth Green from "Family Guy" and "Robot Chicken". It was basicly a wacky show about living puppets who were on a TV show... simple. Like always Fox cancels a good show and keeps crap. Please bring back "Greg the Bunny" it is better than "War at Home"!

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    This show is sooo great and fox gave it the hatchet job. Fox is full of idiots who just turned their heads and gave Greg the Bunny the business. FOX = S.O.Bs

    By JpasDa1, Aug 03, 2006

    This show is Sooooooo great and fox just gave it the freaking hatchet job like so many other good shows. Fox is full of real dum idiots who just turned their heads and gave Greg the Bunny the business. FOX = S.O.Bs. Greg the Bunny is the best puppet ever. Bring it bak bring it bak bring it bak bring it bak bring it bak bring it bak bring it bak bring it bak bring it bak bring it bak bring it bak bring it bak bring it bak bring it bak bring it bak bring it bak bring bakmoreless

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    Such a great loss

    By lexx2002, Jun 08, 2006

    The cancelation of this show was such a great loss to television. It had drama, humour, character development.....and puppets! What more could you ask for? Every episode had it great parts and its own twisted little stories, and kept me occupied from start to finish.

    If you didn't get a chance to watch this program (UK viewers can watch it now on ITV4) then i suggest you purchase the DVD of the entire first season.

    It's nice that they have moved back to the IFC. Yes, they may not look as pristine as the FOX episodes but it does let them live again...more or less.moreless

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    This show was awesome.... it was like South Park meets the Muppet Show. Please bring it back FOX!

    By arenafoot, Jun 07, 2006

    This show was awesome .... it was like South Park meets the Muppet Show. Please bring it back FOX! I have heard that IFC still has Greg the Bunny as a spokeperson for their channel but I do not get that channel here. Its awesome of FOX to release this show on DVD! Thanks!

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    I just don't like it.

    By InchyAlly, May 21, 2006

    I don't like Greg the Bunny because I don't find it funny. I am fine with the language, but I don't think I laughed once during the whole show. The idea isn't bad, a world where pupetts and people live longside eachother, but it just didn't work out. I checked it out because it got spectacular reviews from the newspaper, saying it is a hilarious and a must see comedy, and boy was I dissapointed. The only near decent part of the show is Count Blah. Maybe it depends on personal taste, but I just don't like this show at all. If they fixed it up. it could be something, but it is just not good. I say avoid.moreless

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    Again, Fox kills another great show.

    By bonefactory, Apr 23, 2006

    I loved this show! The funniest characters were the puppets (fabricated Americans) who interacted on the same level as the humans, were just as vain and ridiculous as any other celebrity. They all graduated from Harvard (as they sing in the opening credits) and have started this kids' show.

    The humans weren't all that as characters, but the writing was great. In one episode, Greg the Bunny is competing with Jimmy (Seth Green) for the attentions of Laura, a lovely female reporter. Greg imperiously tells Jimmy (as Laura only has eyes for the star of the show), "A vanilla cappuccino. Make that happen!" To which Jimmy bitterly says "Yeah, I could make a lot of things happen to your vanilla cappuccino."

    Another favorite line is when someone accuses Count Blah of being a rip-off of Sesame Street's "the Count". "HE is the fake! His accent is fake! I am from Transylvania -- HE is from New Jersey!"

    Or when one character laments "This party isn't going to be like that time you all came to my house and cleaned out my liquor cabinet!" and another one says "THAT was an intervention!"

    Yeah, boozing puppets -- gotta love it!moreless

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    "TV wasn't ready for him. Are you?"

    By xtakeiteasybaby, Apr 15, 2006

    I wish I could have Greg hang out with me every day, just doing witty commentary in that adorable little voice. And am I like, the only girl on the planet that would bang Seth Green to within an inch of his life? Tardy the Turtle is priceless, and I've heard that the Tardy puppet was stolen. And that's sad.

    This show was edgy, and kind of rough around the edges, but brilliant all the same. It was silly, but incredibly entertaining. Especially with Eugene Levy and his deadpan delivery.

    With guests like David Spade, Gary Oldman, Michael McDonald and Corey Feldman.. How can it not be a classic?moreless

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    This is the review of the IFC version

    By Sabbage34, Mar 12, 2006

    To be honest I've never seen an episode of Greg the Bunny on FOX, but after seeing the IFC spin-off I wish I had. Since I am a big film geek it really touches my heart with a big bloody puppet hand. For those who haven't seen this version of the show it is about Greg the Bunny and gang spoofing independent movies like Pulp Fiction, Natural Born Killers, Eraser Head, etc,

    It's like Muppets on crack and I love it. Very bizarre, strange, and at times slightly disturbing. So if you are a fan of films or orginal TV this is defiantly a gem to check out. Oh yeah just a slight warning it’s completely unedited so if you don’t want to hurt your virginal ears and eyes (one episode with full blown nudity) just a small warning.


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