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  • Gil: Look who it is. Mr. Brando. Welcome. Okay, you know what, fellas? You got a great appreciation for comedy. I got a joke for you. What do you get when you cross a half-wit bunny with a big disappointment? Jimmy: What? Gil: Out. That's what you get. You get out. You're fired.

  • Jimmy: Look, Greg, we had a deal. You support us while I finish medical school. Greg: Oh, Jimmy, please. "Medical School" is a ridiculous name for a comic book. Jimmy: It's a graphic novel. This is serious literature. See, the kid, and he breaks his arm, and the evil doctors come, and, "Where are you taking me?" "We're taking you to Medical School!" Greg: Oh, Jesus, we're gonna starve.

  • Jimmy: You okay? Greg: Sure, this place is filled with freaks. I'm gonna fit right in.

  • Blah: Rochester, my friend. Don't do it blah Rochester: Give me one good reason why I shouln't. Blah: Uh..prison rape.

  • Greg: That's it? Don't blow it. That's your best sho..uh, yeah wow, not since Vince Lombardi, has anyone gave such a rousing and inspirational speach, thanks Jim.

  • Jimmy: Okay, I'll tell you what. If..if you hire Greg back, I'll come work for ya. Gil: Wow! That's a sweet deal, I get not one, but two idiots.

  • Gil: Son, what kind of future do you think you have as a pool boy? Jimmy: I'm a pool man.

  • Tardy: Crayon's taste like purple.

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  • Reworked and aired as "Welcome to Sweetknuckle Junction."

  • The outtakes tag for this episode was not broadcast by FOX. It was replaced with a promo. In this show, one outtake is shown during the closing credits: Rochester Rabbit telling Warren a long story about how they fired him, to which Warren replies, "Yeah, I'm sorry. I totally drifted off on you."

  • The Hyperjinx Tricycle album Soft Skull Shortwave contains "Greg the Bunny," their bid for a theme song, which ended up rejected and replaced with the one we're all familiar with. (Among other things Shortwave contains is an ode to Matt Groening -- who drew some of the cover art -- and The Simpsons.) This was probably the basis for the title of frontman, Daniel Johnston's, previous album -- Rejected Unknown.

  • Speaking of Steven Levitan's other shows, this is the second premiere in a row of his to feature an animal humping a human's leg. Here, it's Greg the Bunny humping Alison's leg. In Stark Raving Mad, it's Edgar the dog humping Henry's (Neil Patrick Harris) leg.

  • David Spade of course starred on Steven Levitan's other show, Just Shoot Me.

  • Music: "Living for the City" by Stevie Wonder

  • The outtakes tag for this episode was not broadcast by FOX. It was replaced with a promo. In this show, three outtakes are shown during the closing credits: Gil telling Warren to "stand in the corner" after he attacks the black girl; Greg asking Jimmy "what do the fingers do?" after Jimmy uses his hands to explain the new show to Greg; Greg telling Gil that he "misspelled goiter" in his crossword puzzle.

  • The storyline is, more or less, based on two real-life incidents: Sesame Street getting retooled to make it hipper in the face of declining ratings, and numerous children in Japan getting seizures from watching Pocket Monsters.

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Trivia (10)

  • In the scene where Jimmy goes to visit his dad's office where he reveals Greg is not an actor, Greg pops out the top of Jimmy's shirt. In a wide shot with Jimmy sitting down and facing the camera (looking towards his father) you can see a puppeteer's arm coming out the bottom of his shirt. It explains the uncomfortable position Jimmy is sitting in!

  • After Alison first discusses firing Rochester with Gil, he opens the door real wide to give her and her team of executives the cue to leave his office. After Alison says that the show will be cancelled if he doesn't fire Rochester, the door is far less open than it was in the previous shot.

  • When Warren enters the focus group and starts strangling the little girl, Alison helps the little girl replace her glasses. The scene cuts back to the room with Junction Jack and Count Blah laughing, but when it cuts back to the focus group, we see Alison replacing the girl's glasses again.

  • When Greg tells Gil that the remodeled show isn't going well, the number of buttons buttoned on Gil's shirt changes from shot to shot.

  • In Jimmy's house, there is a picture of Cybo-Jack from the episode SK-2.0.

  • While Greg is saying the line, "Oh, is it more embarrassing...," after entering Dottie's dressing room, his reflection in the mirror shows a bunny whose mouth is not moving.

  • The scenes with Greg over at Dottie's apartment while "The Lovecats" is playing in the background -- and which are intercut with the scenes of Jimmy, Alison and Eddie at the quickie-mart and Jack's and the puppets' poker game -- encompass a 4 minute, 50 second period. Which is longer than any version of "The Lovecats" actually lasts for. Also, although the scenes are obviously supposed to be running in real time, since Greg and Dottie are playing different games every time they cut back from the other co-workers, the point in "The Lovecats" where their scenes resume isn't anywhere near the point in the song (both the 3:37 version and the 4:35 version) where they should be resuming.

  • We learn that October is Puppet History Month in 'Sock Like Me'.

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Allusions (38)

  • Gil: Oh, I see, Mr. Ovitz.
    Mr. Ovitz, or Michael Ovitz, is one of the top agents in Hollywood, and founded the Creative Artists Agency.

  • Alison: We need to find the next Elmo if we're going to reach a younger audience. This is one of many Sesame Street references. Elmo is a furry red monster with an orange nose who hosts his own segment on Sesame Street.

  • Count Blah: Look, don't turn this in to a freakin' Abbott and Costello routine, okay? During the fifties, Abbott and Costello, of The Abbott and Costello Show, were known for their slap-stick humor routines.

  • Greg: Whatcha' talking 'bout, lady? This is a famous line from the sitcom Diff'rent Strokes.

  • Greg: ...not since Vince Lombardi has someone given such a rousing and inspirational speach... Vince Lombardi was the head coach of the Green Bay Packers from 1959 to 1967, and was well known for his pre-game speaches.

  • Greg: After you saw Risky Business you had a vision of running a brothel in the basement. Risky Business (1983), the film Greg is referring to, stared Tom Cruise whose character turns his parent's house in to a bordello.

  • Blah: Tough talk coming from Notorious P.I.G. Refers to the late rapper Christopher Wallace, a.k.a The Notorious B.I.G. Who was shot and killed on March 9th, 1997.

  • Greg: Yoko
    Greg calls Chelsea "Yoko" because she is breaking up Jimmy's and Greg's friendship. Yoko Ono was John Lenon's wife, and is believed by many to be responsible for breaking up The Beatles.

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