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  • Grey's Anatomy is a medical drama about a group of surgeons working at Seattle Grace Hospital. The show centers around Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) and her life as a resident at the hospital. In addition to her relationship with her neurosurgeon husband, Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey), and best friend Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh), it also explores her relationships with her peers and the other doctors around her. Each episode dives into different medical cases and personal dramas of the doctors at Seattle Grace, with Dr. Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) at the helm of the surgical department as the new Chief of Surgery.moreless

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  • S 12 : Ep 11

    Unbreak My Heart

    Airs 2/25/16

  • S 12 : Ep 10

    All I Want Is You

    Airing in 5 days

  • S 12 : Ep 9

    The Sound of Silence

    Aired 2/11/16

  • S 12 : Ep 8

    Things We Lost in the Fire

    Aired 11/19/15

  • S 12 : Ep 7

    Something Against You

    Aired 11/12/15

  • Cast & Crew
  • Jessica Capshaw

    Dr. Arizona Robbins

  • Ellen Pompeo

    Dr. Meredith Grey

  • Patrick Dempsey

    Dr. Derek Shepherd

  • Sandra Oh

    Dr. Cristina Yang

  • Chandra Wilson

    Dr. Miranda Bailey

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    • Meredith: I wish I wanted to be a chef. Or a ski instructor. Or a kindergarten teacher. George: You know, I would've been a really good postal worker. I'm dependable. (Meredith chuckles) You know, my parents tell everyone they meet that their son's a surgeon. As if it's a big accomplishment. Superhero or something... If they could see me now. Meredith: When I told my mother I wanted to go to medical school, she tried to talk me out of it. Said I didn't have what it takes to be a surgeon. That I'd never make it. So, the way I see it, superhero sounds pretty damn good. George: We're gonna survive this, right? (Meredith just smiles)

    • (About Katie Bryce's surgery) Meredith: I'll tell him I changed my mind... Cristina (interrupts): You know don't give... don't do me any favors. It's fine. Meredith: Cristina. Cristina (coldly): You know what you did a cut throat thing. Deal with it. Don't come to me for absolution. You wanna be a shark, be a shark. Meredith: I'm not. I'm... Cristina (interrupts): Oh yes you are. Only it makes you feel bad in all your warm gooey places. (she's getting angry) You know screw you. I don't get picked for surgeries because I slept with my boss and (Meredith looks shocked) I didn't get into med school because I have a famous mother! You know some of us have to earn what we get. (Meredith walks away, upset)

    • Meredith: What are you doing? Cristina: I'm suturing a banana with the vain hope that it wakes up my brain. (George laughs) What are you smiling at 007? (George stops laughing almost immediatly) I'm sorry, I get mean when I'm tired.

    • Alex (after he just got into a fight with a nurse over a patient): God, I hate nurses. I’m Alex. I’m with Jeremy. You’re with the Nazi right? Meredith: She may not have pneumonia you know? She could be splinting or have a PE. Alex: Like I said, I hate nurses. Meredith: What did you just say? Did you just call me a nurse? Alex: Ah, if the white cap fits. (Meredith pager goes off, she walks away. George comes up to the desk) She seein' anybody? Intern: I don't know. Alex (whistles): She's hot. George: I’m friends with her. (they look at him) I’m mean not as friends. I mean not you know actually friends. I’m mean not exactly. But we’re tight. We hang out. (the other intern walks off) I mean really like only just today. Alex: Dude. (shakes his head) Dude, stop talking.

    • (Bailey is sleeping, and Izzie needs help with something) Izzie: Dr. Bailey, I don't mean to bother you... Bailey (interrupts, but keeps her eyes closed): Then don't. Izzie: It's Mr. Jones. Bailey: Is he dying? Izzie: No. Bailey: Then stop talking to me. (Izzie stands up, Bailey gets up, really annoyed) What is it? (cut to Mr. Jones' room where Dr. Bailey has just finished inserting a central line. Izzie is watching) Next time you wake me he better be so close to dead there's a tag on his toe.

    • Intern 1: He's gonna faint. He's a fainter. Intern 2: Nah, code brown. Right in his pants. Intern 1: He's all about the flop sweat. He's gonna sweat himself unsterile. Intern 3: 10 bucks says he messes up the McBurney. Cristina: 10 says he cries. Intern 2: I'll put 20 on a total meltdown. Meredith: 50 says he pulls the whole thing off. (all the interns stare at Meredith) That's one of us down there. The first one of us. Where's your loyalty? (everyone is silent for a moment) Cristina: 75 says he can't even I.D the appendix. Izzie: I'll take that action.

    • Katie (to Meredith): You're so lost. What are you, like new?

    • Derek: It's a beautiful night to save lives. Let's have some fun.

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    • International Show Titles: Czech Republic: Chirurgové (Surgeons) Slovakia: Klinika Grace (Clinic Grace)

    • The show's theme song is Cosy In The Rocket. It was written by Carim Clasmann and Galia Durant and performed by Psapp.

    • Sandra Oh was initially looking to audition for the part of Bailey. Also, on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Isaiah Washington said that he had auditioned to play the role of Dr. Shepherd.

    • Fisher Plaza, which houses Seattle's ABC affiliate KOMO-TV, is used for some exterior shots of Seattle Grace Hospital. When a patient is flown in via helicopter, you can see the KOMO 4 logo on the side of the building and their satellite dishes on the roof. However, the hospital used for most other exterior and many interior shots is not in Seattle. These scenes are shot at the VA Sepulveda Ambulatory Care Center in North Hills, California.

    • James Pickens Jr. (the Chief) and Isaiah Washington (Burke) also worked together in the 1995 movie Dead Presidents, and, in the 1998 movie Bulworth.

    • Justin Chambers ("Alex") and James Pickens Jr. ("the Chief") also worked together in the 1999 movie Liberty Heights.

    • Ellen Pompeo (Meredith) and Kate Burton (Ellis) play daughter and mother, respectively, even though they only have 12 years of difference.

    • The main credits appear at the middle of the screen, instead of at the sides, like they usually do.

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    • Goof:During the scene where O'Malley is performing surgery, Karevappears inmedium shots at the door of the gallery, but when a wide shot of the gallery is shown, Karev is not standing at the door.

    • Taking the first letter of each of the original interns' first name, the word magic can be spelt.

    • Goof: When Meredith first sees Derek for the first time in the hospital, while she is speaking to Bailey, you can see the legs of the cameraman in the glass next to the door.

    • Goof: The scene of the sun rising in fast motion is actually a shot of the sun setting in Norfolk, Virginia, that is played in reverse to make it look like a sunrise. Look closely and you can see the cars are going backwards.

    • Goof: When Izzie and George are talking, Izzie proceeds to stretch. She puts her hands in front of her then lifts them above her head. In the next shot, her hands are back in front of her, and she is shown lifting them over her head again.

    • Goof: When Burke moves George away from the appendectomy patient, George's gloves are almost spotless, despite being covered with blood just moments earlier.

    • Goof: When Meredith and Derek are reintroducing themselves to each other at the beginning of the episode, Derek climbs over the couch while shaking Meredith's hand. In the immediate following shot, Meredith is at the stairs, not even within arms length, waving with the same hand that was just shaking Derek's hand.

    • Goof (editing continuity): While the interns are moving towards the landing helicopter, Izzie isn't wearing her glasses. In the next shot, she is suddenly wearing them, but as the view changes again, her glasses are gone. There would be no time to put on your glasses while picking up a patient, and it would make absolutely no sense to put on your glasses to just take them off again after a few seconds.

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    • Meredith: If I hadn't taken the Hippocratic Oath, I would Kevorkian her with my bare hands. The Hippocratic Oath is a oath that serves as a set of guidelines for physicians and is something they usually say or vow when they receive their license to practice medicine. It is usually summarized with the word "do no harm" but those words were not in the original version. Dr. Jack Kevorkian was the most famous advocate in the United States for physician-assisted suicide. He served eight years in prison in Michigan for helping more than 100 people to commit suicide. He was charged with several counts of second-degree murder. His conviction lead to the legalization of assisted suicide in Oregon. In Oregon, it is named the Death with Dignity Act. Jack Kevorkian died in 2011, four years after being paroled from prison.

    • Izzie: What does '007 mean? Meredith: Licensed to kill. These are references to the series of books and movies about a fictional spy named James Bond. His agent number was '007 (pronounced "double-oh-seven") and he was a covert spy with the catchphase "Licensed to Kill" since he had been by his government.

    • The Show Title: Grey's Anatomy Gray's Anatomy is a famous anatomy textbook published over a century ago. People still use it today. The show's title is a play on the book. Yahoo! has it for free online.

    • Episode Title: A Hard Day's Night A Hard Day's Night is a reference to the title of a Beatles song.

    • Episode Title: The First Cut is the Deepest The title is a reference to the song by Cat Stevens (also recorded by Rod Stewart and Sheryl Crow).

    • Episode Title: Winning a Battle, Losing the War The episode title is a reference to a song by Kings of Convenience.

    • Meredith: Hello, Kitty. Hello, Kitty, was the brand of underwear that Izzie was wearing when Meredith was talking to her. Hello, Kitty is a anime character, produced for young children.

    • Episode Title: No Man's Land The title of this episode is a reference to a song but which one is unclear. Songs with the same title have been released by Syd Barret, John Michael Montgomery, Souls of Mischief, Winger, Billy Joel, Alice Cooper, U2 and Sufjan Stevens.

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