All By Myself

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  • Meredith: Hey, you paged? Alex: I need you to scrub in. Meredith: Where's Izzie? Alex: I'm freakin' out. I told her that I love her. I told her that I love her before a solo surgery. I can't believe that. Who does that? And now she's not gonna show up and I'm freakin' out. Meredith: Stop freaking out. If you screw this up, and kill this guy, I'm gonna be pissed. Then I'll know I should've won it. You have to kick ass in there, Alex. You have no choice. Richard (walks in): Big night in there, you ready Karev? ... You ready? Izzie (walks in): He's ready.

  • Meredith: We're fighting and I don't want to be. Let's just put this past us. What happened with the Chief, and the interns, it doesn't matter. I know that's why you didn't choose me, and I know that's why you made it personal, so... let's just move on. Cristina: You made it personal. This right here is you making it personal. You told me to do what I had to do. So, I choose Alex, he was the most prepared. That's why I didn't choose you. Not because we're fighting, but because unlike you, I can seperate my personal life from my job. You made it personal. (stands up, angry) ... None of you said anything. Those were all of our interns. But I won this, they picked me! ... If I don't deserve this solo surgery, then none of us do.

  • Meredith: So you were right, Cristina and I are fighting. Derek: You should go, talk to her. She's your best friend. It's important. Meredith: Derek... Derek: They don't tell you when you become a doctor it's gonna be like this. They don't tell you that you lose more patients than you save. 16... I'm sick of the death. Meredith: I'm sorry.

  • Alex: Izz... I won! Izzie: Hey. What time is it? Alex: Yang. She picked me for the solo surgery. Izzie: She did? That's amazing. Alex: I love you! Izzie: What? Alex: I love you! I frickin' love you. I just got the solo surgery and the first thing I did was look for you. And you weren't there. You're never there anymore. And I was thinking about it and I think it might be because you love me too. And because you're scared of that. And because I... I screwed it up last time, and because... Denny died, and- Izzie: Alex... Alex: Look, just listen. You had that heart patient and it reminded you of Denny and how bad you felt when you were lying on that bathroom floor. I get that! I get that you're scared. But you're not going to have to feel like that again. Because I'm not going to die, Izz. And I'm not gonna cheat on you, and I'm not gonna go anywhere! 'Cause, I think you're my best shot at... I think that with you... you make me better. You make me wanna be better. You make me want to be good. And I think I can. With you. I think I can. So I'm not going anywhere, and you can stop hiding. And if you wanna be scared that's okay just be scared with me. Be scared while you scrub in with me on my first solo surgery. Okay? Izzie: You love me. Alex: Shut up. (kisses her then leaves) Solo surgery. Denny (to Izzie): I'm really starting to not like that guy.

  • Sadie: It was my fault. Richard: Excuse me? Sadie: What happened... The appy. It was my fault. I knew what I was doing, so if you wanna punish someone, punish me not Dr. Yang. Richard: You know who your father is, and you know he's the reason that you're still here. So, if I were you I'd stop worryin' who's fault the appy was and start figuring out what I was gonna do to make up for it. Sadie: Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.

  • Izzie: Have you ever had mind blowing sex? The kind of sex that makes you wanna die? Just... fall on the floor and give up and die. Because this sex I'm having, it's that good. It's the best sex I've ever had. In fact, it's the best sex that anybody's ever had. I don't know why anybody who's had this kinda sex would do anything but have sex. Cristina: Izzie... Izzie: You're gonna give the solo surgery to Mer, which is typical and boring but... slightly corrupt. But at least I'm having really, really good sex. Yeah, I just thought you should know.

  • Sadie: I'm not sorry, you know. Lexie: What? Sadie: For what we did. It was extreme, maybe even stupid. But this program... I mean, you should be down in that OR, not up here in the nosebleeds. And I shouldn't be spending my entire day transcribing all of Karev's charts because his handwriting is illegible. I mean, how's that teaching? So they can call me crazy Sadie and God knows what other names. But that doesn't change the fact that it's broken. I mean, the only time that they ever bother with us is when they think they can get us in bed. Lexie: That's not true. Dr. Sloan took the time to teach me today and that wasn't about sex. Sadie: He likes you. Lexie: Who? Dr. Sloan? Sadie: Oh, don't tell me you haven't noticed his eyes on your ass. Lexie: You are delusional.

  • Alex: I hope you didn't paged me to help you hand out cough drops, it ain't gonna happen. George: Where's Izzie? Alex: How should I know? I thought that she was here. George: She's avoiding me. She won't answer my pages. Alex: So what do you want me to do about it? George: Well, you guys are together now, right? So, why don't you talk to her and find out why she couldn't careless about her own clinic? Alex: Look, you're just pissed that she's not here because you can't handle a few cases of the flu. George: Something's wrong, Alex. You need to talk to her. She won't talk to me. Alex: Don't ever talk to me about Izzie again.

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  • International Episode Titles: Slovakia: Odkázaný sám na seba (Self-reliant) Czech Republic: Já, jenom já (Me, only Me)

  • Original International Air Dates: Italy: March 30, 2009 on Fox Life Australia: April 2, 2009 on channel 7 The Netherlands: April 6, 2009 on Net 5 Latin America: April 6, 2009 on Sony Entertainment Television (aka Canal Sony) Germany: June 10, 2009 on ProSieben Norway: October 20, 2009 on TV2 Slovakia: November 23, 2009 on STV1 Czech Republic: April 22, 2010 on Prima

  • Music Featured In This Episode: 1. They Said I Said by Sugarush Beat Company 2. Winter Birds by Ray LaMontagne 3. Secret by Max Morgan 4. Street Lights by Kanye West

Trivia (1)

  • Goof: During the scene where Cristina choose Alex for the solo surgery, she writes "Karev, A" on the OR board in the middle of the box. But later on in the scene when Meredith walks up next to Derek, the board says only "Karev" and it is higher up in the box.

Allusions (3)

  • George: I operated on a heart in an elevator. George is referring to the episode Bring The Pain (S2 Ep5) in which he and Alex get stuck in an elevator with a patient who crashes, and George performs the emergency surgery on the patient.

  • In this episode, Meredith says "That's one of us down there, show some respect" which is an allusion to when she said the same thing on the first episode about George during his surgery.

  • Episode Title: All By Myself The title of this episode is an allusion to the song All By Myself by Eric Carmen.