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    Painful to watch, not because its sad, but because everything is just terrible, like the show usually is.

    By schlacko, Feb 08, 2012

    I've got many gripes with this show, this episode epitomizes each one. None of the relationships make any sense, just when you think someone is about to do something logical concerning their relationship with someone, they go in the opposite direction, prompting me to wonder wtf are they doing.

    As of this episode, Izzie has become completely impossible to respect at all. Meredith has long been past that mark, this episode doesn't really help or hurt her though, shes pretty whiny for such a irrational slutty heroin. The moment of this episode that most bothered me was the supposed climax, where the device actually explodes. Why might it bother me? Well cause its exactly what happened at the end of Lost season 1; much tension is built over explosives, an apparent expert on said explosives finally takes it into his hands, it appears to be in good and knowledgeable hands but then suddenly our expert explosive handler is obliterated, right in front of the show's main protagonist (Jack/Meredith). Pretty much every thing going on in this episode is drawn out needlessly, but thats common in this show. It always takes twice as long for an issue to be resolved whilst at the same time accomplishing half as much as it should.

    I watched House recently and thought it was as if they gave Cox from Scrubs his own show but watered him down (though thats still an ok show), but Grey's is like if on Scrubs the attention was switched to Turk (surgical as opposed to JD's medical perspective) and everything else was merely redressed, and watered down tremendously. Why this show remains so popular is a mystery, its like taking Scrubs, making it twice as long, switched focus to drama from comedy, accomplishing half the character development, taking the same character types but making them less entertaining and more melodramatic (TheTodd/Alex, Cox/Bailey, JD/Meredith).moreless

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    The Code Black Situation Starts To Get Out Of Hands, and so the Cheif brings in the Bomb Squad. After Realising what's Happening, Derek tries to Save Meredith when the Surgery Room Explodes.

    By FutureDramaKid, May 08, 2011

    I Thought This Episode Was Great. At First I Never Knew What "Code Black" meaned. I Guess This Was An Episode That Really Opened My Eyes To What Can Happen When You Go To Hospital. The Episode Was Really That Fantastic, With All The Worry And Pain. Expecially When Meredith put her hand Into The Man's Body. However, as it Gets To The Bit Where Dr. Bailey's Baby Is Born It Starts To Become Yucky! I Think This Episode Deserves a Superb Score Rating And a Big Thumbs Up From Me. Why? Because It's So Exstatic And Exciting! Keep On Rockin!moreless

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    Best couple of episodes of the series! (so far)

    By -amanda-, May 08, 2011

    I'm gonna talk abot 2.16 and 2.17 here!

    i just started to watch Grey's this month (July, 2008) and I'm loving it! Before I start watching, a friend of mine told me about 2.16, so I kinda knew what was going to happen...and also I knew Meredith wasn't going to die because I know there are 4 seasons so far (what would be the point of Grey's Anatomy if Grey was dead?) even though, it was awesome!

    Finally Izzie and Alex!! I'm starting to like Alex again (my feelings about him come and go)! I don't know if they'll work as a couple, Alex is such a jerk!

    When the bomb exploded in the hands of the bomb-squad guy, there was a lack of blood. Dr. Martin talked so much about the pink mist...there should be a piece of someone in Meredith's hair or at least she (or the hall, whatever) could be covered in blood. Not that I like morbid things, I like reality!

    George's dream is a famous scene! I remeber hearing about it somewhere! I think Meredith should hook up with him at some point but without hurting him or leaving McDreamy...well, I don't think that's possible! And Bailey gave his name to the baby!! I thought she would ask him to baptize her son but name works too!

    Cristina and Burke are really getting envolved! They love each other already! She is certainly compassionless but she loves him! Cute

    That last scene, with Meredith and McDreamy...I missed a kiss there!! I was like 'Kiss her, kiss her, kiss her' and not even a hug! I was imagining something like this:

    Meredith: I can't remember our last kiss and bla bla bla

    And than McDreamy gives her the last kiss (no continuations or relapses, just a last kiss).

    Anyway, awesome episode, I hope Grey's Anatomy keep this line!moreless

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    May I just say that Dylan Young, the bomb squad leader, is molten lava HOT?! That's Kyle Chandler in the role from Early Edition, Homefront, and now Friday Night Lights.

    He totally deserved his Emmy nomination as Guest Star.

    By DolphinWoman, May 08, 2011

    May I just say that Dylan Young, the bomb squad leader, is molten lava HOT?! That's Kyle Chandler in the role from Early Edition, Homefront, and now Friday Night Lights.

    He totally deserved his Emmy nomination as Guest Star.

    Same casting director for Grey's Anatomy (at this time in Grey's Anatomy history), Linda Lowy, is also the casting director for Friday Night Lights. Good eye, Linda Lowy, good eye ... on both shows! She's been Emmy nominated for her talented eye for casting ensemble casts. Kyle Chandler turned out to be outstanding in both roles, showing such versatility in these two diametrically opposed roles.moreless

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    Half of two of the best episodes of Greys Anatomy EVER!!

    By MichelangeloG, May 08, 2011

    This episode is one of the best and most powerful episodes of Greys Anatomy ever!

    The part where Dr. Burke finally gets the incision open and Grey removes the shell and hands it to the bomb squad guy (who btw is hotter than the day is long!!) and they're playing the Anna Nalick song, I love that part.

    Also, when all is said and done, and Dr. Sheppard comes down and asks "where is she?", and his wife comes running out, and the chief's wife says "that's not the she he was talking about" I chuckled lightly to myself.

    This and the episode before it score a perfect 10 in my book. It has everything, drama, suspense, and comedy!!moreless

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  • 9.8

    Emotionally difficult to follow for it seemed obvious the bomb HAD to explode for the story to be credible. It was also incredibly touching and strong to see Bailey so vulnerable.

    By nachuko, Dec 29, 2010

    This episode was emotionally difficult to follow. There was no other way but to have the bomb explode at the end, which made things worse. Not make the bomb explode would have lacked credibility. The writers did a great job at keeping our anxiety on the edge till the end. We had no idea who was going to die and/or if a main character was going to die.

    I was shocked by the lack of reaction after the bomb had exploded. I was shocked that nobody even mentioned the guy who died and risked his life to save others. It would have been decent to have at least one character (Grey seemed best suited to make a comment) say something to honor his memory. At the end of this episode it felt like this guy's life was nothing. That's what really bothered me at the end of this episode. What seemed bizarre also was to only see both doctors coming out of the elevator after the explosion. They came out of the elevator, almost in slow motion, like heroes. They made me think of the crew that came back on Earth after having saved the planet in Armaggedon. Anyways, few seconds after this hero-look, Derek seemed totally desperate to have news from Grey… I just found this mood switch awckward.

    As for both episodes they were so well handled. Bailey's story was poignant and George was magnificent. Izzy and George were afraid of being passive when their friends were aggressive. When George convinced Bailey to be bold and strong and have her baby in spite of her painful anguish to maybe lose her husband he was aggressive. Bailey's story was so touching… especially because we're not used to seeing her so vulnerable.

    This show is really pleasant to watch and the characters are all very touching.moreless

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    The episode ends with a bang...literally.

    By calicow, Dec 29, 2010

    How can I describe “(As We Know It)?” Well, one thing that sticks out in my mind is how it built upon the drama and suspense of the first part, mainly because “It’s the End of the World” set up for a climactic ending that happened here. Some of the things that I really liked about the episode begin with the scene between Derek and Burke. While both men are facing serious situations in their operating rooms, I thought it was nice to see them trying to have a light-hearted conversation about what is going on. It almost seems, to me anyway, that they were trying to reassure themselves that everything will turn out fine.

    Another part of the episode that I really enjoyed was Webber. While you could tell he wasn’t thrilled about what was going on in his hospital, I liked his sarcastic joking about how his best surgeons (Burke and Derek) and brightest intern (Meredith) were in such a dangerous situation while one of his residents (Bailey) refused to have her baby. Also regarding Webber, I really liked Adele’s refusing to let him go back to dealing with the code black after his panic attack, because of the way I find her character to be really enjoyable to watch, and because it seems there are sometimes Webber appears to be unconcerned with his health.

    Lastly, another part that I truly enjoyed about the episode came after George and Addison were trying to figure out how to make Bailey push. This is one of a growing number of times that we get to see the strong character of George shine when he talked with her to make her realize how important it is to have her baby and that she shouldn’t loose her much loved strong will in the time of the crisis. I thought it was really touching the way Bailey named her son as a sort of tribute to George for the way he convinced her to have little William. The same can also apply somewhat to his interaction with the EMT Hannah.

    Now, on to one thing that I really didn’t like about this episode: the way Meredith began to panic during the surgery to get the bomb out from behind the patient’s rib cage. While I find it understandable for someone in her situation to start becoming hysterical, I found it to be a complete change from her reacting to the situation after Hannah left. At least Dylan, the agent from the bomb squad was able to calm her down. It was because of how he handled that situation that made me a little sad to see him eventually die.

    Ultimately, I really enjoyed how the two-part episode tied up very well. While it had in a way a sad ending, with several members of the bomb squad dying; overall the ending was really touching: with Burke commending Hannah for her quick thinking on the way to the hospital, to Derek telling Meredith about the last kiss they shared since she didn’t remember it, to Bailey introducing her husband to their son. It was all very well played out on screen.moreless

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  • 9.3

    The doers did and the watchers did. A life was lost while another made. Meredith's life did go on, but at what cost?

    By Andrea28, Dec 29, 2010

    This was the perfect conclusion to such a monumental event of these two episodes. Although not as excting as the first installment, it lives up to the Super Bowl promised grandeur that we lived through last. I'm so proud of this show, these two episodes brought in so many virgin viewers who can't wait until tomorrow to buy the first season and catch up on what they've missed out on(as I can't wait to relive it).

    But back to this episode, filled with surprises and humor as always, but this time a feeling of almost completeness. I was happy we touched base with Hannah once again, and was so proud of George when he stepped up to save Bailey's baby. Although I had someone yelling in my ear of the fate of the bomb squad, it still surprised me in the tension of the moment. My heart stopped for a moment when the horrific event finally came to an end.

    As for the final scenes, it was like a release of pressure for all the fans after a difficult day. The episodes came full circle with the beautifully filmed scene in the shower with Meredith(and I realized that the opening scene was not just a Super Bowl viewer ploy).I almost screamed when McDreamy almost left without fulfilling Meredith's most annoying problem of the day, the last kiss. We know there is still hope. After an event like this, almost losing Meredith, how could Shepherd possibly stay so unattatched from her? But again, now we have hope.


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    End of the World (Part 2) AKA I'm Never Watching This Show Again

    By ifitwasaday, Dec 29, 2010

    God, this episode was so poorly written. Plot holes and cliché ran rampant over Seattle Grace in the closing segment of the two-part story meant to hook viewers who watched following the Super Bowl. This second show suffered from the "to be continued..." aspect. It was slow, obviously dragged out to fill the 42 minutes.

    And answer me this, how stupid are these doctors?

    If a pregnant woman's husband is injured in a car accident on the way to the hospital, do you tell her before she gives birth?

    And if a doctor is performing brain surgery on the aforementioned husband, do you tell him that his ex-girlfriend, for whom he still has feelings, has her hand on a bomb?

    And what head of the bomb squad, someone who I assume rose to his rank by having dealt with many an explosive device, carries live ammunition out into the corridor of a hospital in his hands? Not in a foam container or thick metal box, but his hands.

    Elsewhere in the episode, the "Lighting Crashes" moment with Bailey's child and Bailey's husband was a bit clichéd for my taste.

    The writing in the entire episode was atrocious, showcasing the shortcomings of a lot of the actors. Isobel's "she's dead, she's, like, going to die. I mean, like, dead" bit incited chuckles from everyone in the room watching with me.

    The same went for the very O.C.-like melodrama between Grey and McDreamy at the end of the episode. It felt forced and oddly segmented. [On a side note: I'm getting pretty sick of people showing up at a location, speaking four lines of dialogue and then leaving abruptly. I don't think many people make a habit of driving/riding a train/biking out of the way to have a two-minute dialogue with someone only to have to make their trip back home.]

    But my favorite was the blatant disregard of the fact that a bomb went off in the O.R. section of the hospital. The bomb goes off in Grey's face, cut to commercial. Back from commercial and we get McDreamy and Burke sporting the heroic surgeon pose in the elevator. "Oh, they're probably going to tell the chief about the bomb. No. Hmm. That's interesting." Burke proceeds to tell Bomb-chest’s wife that he’s alive thanks to Christina Ricci’s character. “Wait a minute, this guy had two different people’s hands in his chest along with live bazooka ammo AND HE LIVED?” Then we get McDreamy searching for “her.” “Her” in this case being Grey, not his wife the moron. “Couldn’t he have just asked Burke in the elevator, I mean the man was in the room right next to the spot where Grey was propelled back by the ‘pink mist’ of bomb squad guy?”

    The lone bright spot in this entire episode was Dr. Webber’s wife, who provided her three lines perfectly.

    Oh, and O’Malley’s shower fantasy reincarnated as cleaning the blood off Grey was uber-contrived. The shot of her staring up to the heavens as the shower head rained down upon her brow, utter stupidity trying to pass itself off as pretentiousness.

    Until next time, http://www.dinosaursandethics.commoreless

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