Can't Fight This Feeling

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    Greatly disappointed!

    By jenvieve, Apr 03, 2013

    I was greatly disappointed in this episode - maybe because of all the media hype surrounding the side story of the mother with the misdiagnosed child, trying to draw attention to the issue of how easily it can be misdiagnosed, but I think it totally fell flat - LOVED the tanker story line and that's the only reason I rated it as high as I did, but felt the mother/child episode ruined it and pulled away from the GOOD story line. Maybe the mother/child should have had it's own episode (although it seemed long and dragged out enough as it is). The mother was SOOOOO annoying to watch and sad to say, obviously not an actress. I know they were trying to make a point with this episode, but I think it totally fell flat - definitely one of my least favourite episodesmoreless

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    eureka 7

    By levi24, Mar 28, 2013

    Only show i want to wach

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