Grey's Anatomy

Do You Believe In Magic

Season 9, Ep 22, Aired 5/2/13
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  • Episode Description
  • The doctors reach out to Bailey but she continues to shut everyone out; after an incident with Ethan's grandmother, Owen fears the child could end up in foster care; and a new craniofacial specialist arrives at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital to work on a young patient; meanwhile, a magician's assistant is rushed into the ER after a magic trick goes terribly wrong.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Ellen Pompeo

    Dr. Meredith Grey

  • Patrick Dempsey

    Dr. Derek Shepherd

  • Sandra Oh

    Dr. Cristina Yang

  • Chandra Wilson

    Dr. Miranda Bailey

  • James Pickens Jr.

    Dr. Richard Webber

  • Fan Reviews (5)
  • up: hilarie burton / down: miranda bailey

    By macaron, Jul 04, 2013

  • Now it's "Gay's Anatomy"

    By mrivera, May 06, 2013

  • Bad Grey

    By NeimadParis, May 04, 2013

  • Hilarie Burton great addition to the cast

    By adamashley773, May 03, 2013


    By goldingirl, May 03, 2013

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (29)

    • (Alex walks up to his door, Jo is sitting outside) Alex: Oh, man. You're killing me here. I'm trying to leave you alone. I'm trying to get out of your freakin' life, but you're everywhere. And now you show up to tell me the same thing? Well, guess what. Jo (looks up at him, her face is bruised and she's crying): Can I stay here? Please.

    • (Having a tea party with Zola) Derek (about Zola): Oh, my god. She's so perfect. Meredith (laughs): Yep. Derek: What if he's a monster? Meredith: He's not gonna be a monster. Derek: What if he hates her? What if he steals her toys? Meredith: Well, he is gonna steal her toys because that's what kids do. Derek: Look. She's just so happy. (to Zola) You don't have any idea what's gonna happen, do you? Meredith: I think she will handle him just fine. You're wearing a princess crown. Derek: I am. Meredith: She's very good at getting people to submit to her will.

    • Cristina: You've changed. You want a kid. Don't you? Owen: I want you. Cristina: Owen-- Owen: I want... you. (they kiss)

    • Ben: Miranda. Open the door. (Bailey opens the door) I got on the plane as soon as I heard. Bailey: Who called you? Ben: It doesn't matter. Bailey: Yeah, it does. Your intern exams are coming up... s-soon. Ben: And I'm your husband. Being there for you is my main job now. There's no need to keep doing things by yourself anymore. Come here. (they hug) This wasn't your fault. Bailey: Yeah. Yeah, it was my fault. Ben: No, you were cleared. Bailey: No, it was my infection. I put my hands in those patients. And they died. I operated on them, and they died... (voice breaking) A son... and a mother, and a... and a teacher. I knew their families. And they all died because of me. Now they want me to go back in an O.R. I mean, they-- they say that it-- it doesn't happen again, but nobody knows that. I-I've been um, testing myself. And, uh, testing myself and testing myself. But it doesn't go away, the... um, feeling. I f-feel so... dirty. (crying) Just all the time. So dirty. They all died... because of me. They died.

    • Ben: Hey. Richard: You made the flight? Ben: Yeah, just barely. Thanks for the call. Richard: Sure. She needs you.

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    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: May 2, 2013 on CTV
      Norway: May 14, 2013 on TV2
      Sweden: May 15, 2013 on Kanal 5

    Trivia (1)

    • Goof
      When everyone is rushing the magicians wife to the E.R. the nurse ushers the magician and the assistant away and they disappear behind the wall. In the next shot, she is ushering them away again.

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