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    Plane Crash!!!!!?????

    By dexhinacene, Jul 04, 2013

    It's so weird because its like Shonda wrote this episode really fast so everything could get over with. I don't like that especially that this is a great series.

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    This made me roll my eyes

    By Jenn84x, Nov 21, 2012

    Maybe I'm missing something, but...

    You have five matches in the middle of a forest, and you can't get a decent fire going?

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    The writing was poor

    By sonicphoto, Oct 29, 2012

    First of all, I don't mind that characters get killed, as long as they are killed in a good written way! Unfortunately this was not the case. The crash just suddenly happens, and all the episode goes into all this many emotions and drama, sadness, and so dark. But it felt out of place, like it wasn't like the end of the season of the shooting. The shooting had a scale of how it got a little tense until it got really intense. Here it was all climatic from the beginning, and the audience feels disconnected with whatever is happening here.

    Lexi suddenly dies, without enough story to back it up, she was kill just to finish her role. I think Lexi was an excellent character, yes I know this is what the actress wanted, to leave. But I don't think that story wise, Lexi should have died. She could have just left, the same way Izzie did back then. And at the very least, they should have make her die at the end of the episode not so soon, it felt anticlimactic. And it's really sad because Shonda before this episode, has always written good episodes. George's death was a surprise because it was written well in a way you couldn't see it coming. But really a plane crashing? Lost has used this, Ghost Whisperer used this on a season finale as well.

    It's a shame because the scenes that were taking place in the hospital with April, Hunt and the others were beautifully written. That you wonder how can those scenes match with the out of context airplane. I am not sure if I am going to continue watching, I mean all episodes before this well so perfectly written, in all seasons, and this episode felt like it was rushed out, like they had to record it really fast or something. So long for an amazing show!moreless

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    Great finale

    By GuilhermeSpil, Oct 17, 2012

    Before the complains about the plane crash and "Shonda sucks cuz' she killed Lexie", it should be known that: Chyler Leigh was asking to leave the show since the season started. This is a DRAMA series, so it's kind of obvious that some really tragic stuff was going to happen. I find this season finale very dramatic, yes, and it should be dramatic, the tragedies change the course of the show, and the show really needed a change of course, all the characters were affected by the crash, physically and mostly, psychologically, and I can't wait to see how every character's going to deal with the consequences of the accident. I think we're up to an amazing season.moreless

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    Great Season. Great finale.

    By JeremyJoyner, Oct 05, 2012

    I thought this episode was amazing, it might have been full of drama, but lets be honest that's why we tune into the show.

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    Terrible season finale...

    By anile84, Oct 02, 2012

    Gunshootings, Bus accidents, bombs, earthquakes, car accidents, etc... and now a plane crush! Really???

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    Television at it's worst

    By Lattelady, Aug 17, 2012

    Tonights episode was an example of the blatant example of fan manipulation that has been going on with this show since the first few years. Relationships are created and torn apart using the most angst possible, all the while show creator and writers are promising that if we just wait, and sit through all the crap, there will be a wonderful ending.

    I am tired of being played for the sake of reviews. This episode was so far fetched that it was ridicules. They killed off a fantastic character who the lamest possible way and left many others simply hanging.

    So long Grey's Anatomy. I've watched my last episode, purchased my last DVD, and urge others to join me in boycotting a show that is so far down the drain it was over two years ago.moreless

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    Love this show!!

    By SandraHernand3, Aug 06, 2012

    I hated how they ended the season because they killed off people that they didn't need to!! So mad about that besides that it is a twist and loved the twist.

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    This was Terrible

    By LaurenRuben, Jul 26, 2012

    There was so much they could have done with this episode. Everyone was leaving, and it could have been beautiful, amazing, and truly one of the best episodes in Grey's Anatomy history. Instead they ruined a great season finale with one of the worst out-of-no-where could never happen in real life crap. The drama was so dry it was terrible. There were plenty of ways to remove characters without this unnecessary bit. Horrible ending to the worst season of Grey's Anatomy yet, and I'm sure they lost a lot of viewers over it.moreless

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    8.24 'Flight'

    By Edie70, Jun 14, 2012

    This was one of those episodes when I expect more but the final product still leaves me me very shocked, surprised and satisfied.

    I loved the sequences ahot on location - with the small group of surgeons out there including Meredith, Derek, Mark, Lexie (RIP), Arizona and Jerry the pilot (guest star James LeGros). Lexie's death was heartbreaking although never my favorite character her last scene completely ripped my heart out with Mark being there with her until the very end saying how much he loves her :( beautiful acting and I loved that little twist when we thought Mark died. Thank God they fixed him. Plus Arizona's constant screaming and loud crying gave me hard shivers.

    Meanwhile at the hospital - Hunt fires Teddy because he wants her to take an opportunity of the lifetime (she was planning on turning down the new job and staying at Seattle Grace to help him cope with the collapse of his marriage), Bailey proposes to her boyfriend Ben (I seriously hate their scenes, she's especially annoying these days), plus Richard invites all the 5th year residents to have a very special dinner with him, he wanted to make a special toast but he had decided to wait for Meredith and Christina. Owen is still at the hospital at night but he notices that something is apparently wrong when he receives a message that the plane never arrived as scheduled.

    Sandra Oh, Ellen Pompeo, Chyler Leigh and Jessica Capshaw were all amazing in this episode and I would give them at least an Emmy nomination. That was some very strong acting, same goes for Eric Dane and Patrick Dempsey although the ladies do all the acting magic for me on this show, guys are kinda being there. Also I'd love to compliment the director of this episode and the editors as well. That was some brilliant work last night. 9,5 /10moreless

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