Grey's Anatomy

Going Going Gone

Season 9, Ep 1, Aired 9/27/12
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  • Episode Description
  • The doctors of Seattle Grace are faced with the aftermath of last season's plane crash. As they try to move on with their lives, they must learn to adapt to the changes, cope with their losses and move forward with their relationships and careers.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Ellen Pompeo

    Dr. Meredith Grey

  • Patrick Dempsey

    Dr. Derek Shepherd

  • Sandra Oh

    Dr. Cristina Yang

  • Chandra Wilson

    Dr. Miranda Bailey

  • Eric Dane

    Dr. Mark Sloan

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    • Meredith (opening voiceover): Dying changes everything. There's the emotional fallout, sure, but there's also the practical stuff. Who's going to do your job? Who's going to take care of your family? The only good thing for you is you don't have to worry about it. People you never knew will be living in your house, working your job. The world just keeps on going... Without you.

    • Meredith (closing voiceover): They say death is hardest on the living. It’s tough to actually say goodbye. Sometimes it’s impossible. You never really stop feeling the loss. It’s what makes things so bittersweet. We leave little bits of ourselves behind, little reminders, a lifetime of memories, photos, trinkets, things to remember us by... even when we’re gone.

    • Callie: Uh, I can't keep doing this alone, Arizona. I just can't. (Arizona has her back turned to Callie) Get up. Get the hell out of bed and snap out of this... (voice breaking) If not for me, then for Sofia, because she lost a parent last night. (Arizona slowly turns to face her) And I lost my best friend. And I will be damned if I lose you, too. Arizona: Snap out of this? Snap out of this? (pulls the blanket back revealing her leg) How the hell am I supposed to snap out of this when you cut off my leg?

    • (At April's parent's farm) April: Dr. Hunt? Owen: Hey, uh, your dad told me where I could find you. April: What-- What are you doing here? Owen: Mark Sloan died yesterday. April: Oh, god. Um... I'm so sorry. Owen: I want you to come back and work at the hospital. April: What? Owen (sighs): Nothing is the same over there. It's all... I keep trying... I keep trying to think of ways I could've done things differently, and, uh... If I'd realized they were missing sooner, if I'd told Cristina how much I... I keep looking for the do-overs, and there's no do-overs. There's just the way it is, and I can't fix that. Except for this, for you. I didn't teach you, not the way that I should have. I-I should've helped you be strong instead of kicking you when you were down. I should have never have taken your job from you. You don't belong out here on a... farm. You belong in Seattle, saving lives. Now come home.

    • (FaceTiming each other) Cristina: I had the boarding pass in my hand. I was... (sighs) standing there watching them board the plane, but I... couldn't move. Meredith (takes a shot): Next time. Cristina: We have to get past this. Meredith: I know. (Alex sits down at the bar next to her) What are you doing here? Cristina: Hey, who is that? Point me. (Mer moves her iPad so Cristina can see Alex) Alex: I'm sorry about before. Meredith: You should be. I'm sorry, too. Cristina: I thought you said he was leaving. (to Alex) I thought you said you were leaving. Alex: The guy replacing Robbins is just gonna mess the place up. Besides, I don't even like Baltimore. Meredith: So, what are you saying? Alex: I couldn't get on my plane, okay? I couldn't go. Cristina: You're saying you ditched the flight 'cause you chickened out. Meredith: What a loser. (Mer smiles and they hug) Alex: When Hunt lands, tell him I'm staying. Cristina: What? Alex: I just saw him here at the airport, isn't he coming to see you? (Cristina is silent)

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    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: September 27, 2012 on CTV
      Australia: October 2, 2012 on Channel 7
      United Kingdom: November 7, 2012 on Sky Livng
      Norway: December 11, 2012 on TV2
      Germany: January 9, 2013 on ProSieben

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    • This episode takes place about three months since the plane crash.

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    • chartah Oct 11, 2012

      Grey's Anatomy: Our journey ends here. First Lexie, now Mark. Worst season opener ever. Goodbye.

    • agentgr Sep 28, 2012

      This episode made me fell from sky , Shonda need to do better than this since it is their last season. I will agree with the rating of 5.0 this episode as Season Premier is ....................

    • bonezrulz05 Sep 29, 2012

      This sin't their last season. The main cast have all signed on for 2 more seasons. Season 10 will prob be the last season.

    • Keppie5 Sep 28, 2012

      What happened to Lexie? I guess I missed that part..

    • absolute6991 Sep 28, 2012

      died in last year finale

    • etong87 Sep 21, 2012

      Who will leave Seattle Grace?

    • RyanMassie Sep 28, 2012

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    • RyanMassie Sep 28, 2012

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    • BernardK80 Sep 25, 2012

      What tv station will it be on

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    • antdude Sep 28, 2012

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    • antdude Sep 28, 2012

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    • antdude Sep 28, 2012

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