Grey's Anatomy

If Only You Were Lonely

Season 8, Ep 16, Aired 2/23/12
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  • As Adele's condition continues to deteriorate, Richard considers altering their living situation; an explosion at a local coffee shop results in a busy day in the ER for the doctors; Callie takes Meredith under her wing by helping her study for her boards; Lexie joins Arizona and Alex in peds, as they continue to care for intern Morgan's premature son; and when Jackson snaps at a patient, Mark encourages him to find ways to relieve his stress. Meanwhile, Cristina lets her suspicions get the best of her.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Loretta Devine

    Adele Webber

  • Summer Glau

    Nurse Emily Kovach

  • Matt Byrne

  • Susan Vaill

  • Ellen Pompeo

    Dr. Meredith Grey

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    • (Derek and Bailey are doing Zola's hair) Derek: Hey, Meredith. Did you know Zola has a kitchen? Meredith: Yes, Derek. I know all about Zola's kitchen.

    • Adele: What happened? Did you have an accident? Richard, your hand, did you hurt your hand? Richard: I'm-- I'm-- I'm fine. I'm fine. Adele: Did I hurt your hand? Richard: Um... You know, how-- how about some dinner? I'll-- I'll heat up the lasagna. Adele: I have Alzheimer's... Don't I? Richard (takes her hand): Yes, sweetheart. You do. Adele: Rose Ridge, it-- it seemed like a nice place. We went there this morning, didn't we? Richard: Yes, we did. Adele: I think it's best... If I were to go live there. Richard: You-- You don't-- You don't have to do that. I mean, you-- you can stay here. I like having you here. Adele: I liked it there. Richard: Your home is here with me. Adele (voice breaking): I'd rather be there. Richard: Okay, sweetheart. Okay.

    • Lexie: I can't wait to get back to neuro. At least with lost causes, you know where you stand, and the patients can tell you when they have had enough. I don't know how Morgan can bear it. I.. I don't know how any of you can. Alex: Come here. (showing her pictures of preemies) Jolene Joramo, one pound, four ounces at birth. She's 12 years old now. She's a goalie. Uh... Benji Gellerman, one pound, two ounces at birth. He's 9 years old, plays the trumpet. This one, Hannah Slavin? I worked on her myself. She looked like a hamster when she came out. Her dad just called, said she took her first steps. Some of them survive.

    • Mark: Julia has a friend. She's pretty. Uh, a little brooding and tattoo-y for my taste, but... pretty. Bet you're into that sorta thing, huh? Jackson: For the last time, I do not need a girlfriend. Mark: Who said anything about girlfriend? One double date. Help me out with a third-wheel situation. Jackson: So, so, tempting, but no, thank you. Mark: Alright. But you need to get out there, man. Doing yourself a huge disservice. Jackson: I had a girlfriend, alright? Now I just can't. I don't want to. Mark: What do you mean, you can't? ... You still love her. You still love Lexie.

    • Cristina (as Mer is dragging her into a closet): What are you doing? Stop it. Ow! Meredith: What's the plan? Cristina: You have bony, sharp fingers. What plan? There's no plan. Meredith: Your plan, which makes it our plan. Whatever it is, I need to know. Are you plotting a murder, a nuclear attack? It's fine. I'll get on board. I'm sure you have a good reason. But just let me know. You're starting to freak me out. Cristina (pauses, and sighs): I think Owen is cheating on me. Meredith: Did you see something? Cristina: No. Meredith: Did someone else see something? Cristina: No. Meredith: Did he do something? Cristina: No. Meredith: Well, then how do you know-- Cristina: I don't know. I don't know! I just... know. Meredith: Cristina-- Cristina: You know what? I am-- I'm being-- I'm being crazy. I'm crazy, right? This is totally... (sighs) I'm crazy. I'm just... We're having a hard time and I'm-- I'm making it into... I'm crazy. I'm-- I'm-- I'm crazy. Meredith: Okay. ... I really think he's not cheating. Cristina: I know that.

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    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: February 23, 2012 on CTV
      Norway: August 7, 2012 on TV2
      Germany: November 7, 2012 on ProSieben

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