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    Not really interested

    By Tasja82, Feb 06, 2012

    I love Grey's Anatomy! I do, but I have to say that I was disapointed of this episode. I didn't really enjoyed watching this weeks episode, it was kinda boring. And ok, it is a alternative reality and what could have been .. Were the writers out of inspiration of storylines? I hope next episode will be better! But.. Grey's Anatomy still rocks!! :-) That's is why I don't give it a bad rating ;-)!!

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    By CatieBauer, Feb 06, 2012

    ok this episode was awsome, alex as a geek awesome but hes still an ass , callie and owen married and having kids didnt like that much because it just didnt fit , christina wow awesome and mer very nice i loved that richard was her dad and lexie as a druggie i was a bit surpised but all in all great episode

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    Don't experiment

    By TonyNewbury0, Feb 05, 2012

    A bit poo but not as bad as the singing episode, yuk.

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    Creative, thoroughly entertaining, and very intruging.

    By sibowittz, Feb 05, 2012

    I'm not sure what all the fuss is about, this was one of the best and most classic Grey's Anatomy episodes ever! I mean that. Some will see this as merely a filler episode, but it was more than that...well it was filler, but the best kind of filler! A Filler that really resonated with the entire season and general happenings. This episode made me nostalgic of Grey's Anatomy when it first came about, and it did some very creative things with the characters. It was fantastic to see Kate Walsh as Addison again. Everyone was fantastic. It looked like they had fun with this episode and it was done pretty close to perfectly. While other bitch about it, I found the fun in it! It was beyond great.

    Would I watch this version of Grey's Anatomy week after week...maybe...it's interesting enough. If Shonda decided to do a AU spinoff...I would watch, especially if this episode is any indication of what that spinoff would be. Still, this was classic Grey's Anatomy.. Too great!!!!!moreless

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    By tvcritic99, Feb 04, 2012

    I love Greys Anatomy, but this episode was just boring.

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    I don't understand it.

    By decypher, Feb 04, 2012

    To be honest, I watched 15 minutes of this episode and then it lost my attention. Experiments never work well with this show, as it's a pretty limited vehicle by definition. Nobody wants to see third class singers act their way through a show, nobody wants to know what could have been... , it's already about "what might have been if this would be real", why add another heavy layer on top??!?!!

    Stick to the drama that you've been doing so far, it's entertaining, the gore is fun, nobody expects anything "art-sy" from this show, so quit the crap.


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    Why oh why?

    By absolute6991, Feb 04, 2012

    So far Grey was spot on this season. That s why I gonna give them a pass on this one. I love some creativity in the show but it s not even present in this episode. No originality as the subject of what is meant to be would happen anyway. So many series treat it and way better.

    Please keep up drama, humor, cries, laughs coming for the rest of season and a few mores

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    Get Out of Jail Free

    By SoCalSam, Feb 03, 2012

    This is a Get Out of Jail Free episode for the writers. All their rules limiting their creativity are lifted; they are free to write whatever they want to write. There is very little anatomy in this episode; very little medical story except just enough to hold the story together.

    I did not like it when Bones did a story like this and I don't like it here either. I think this is an indication that the writers are getting desparate for material. I later gave up on Bones. I am not so quick to give up on Grey's Anatomy but if this episode is an indiacation of the writers becoming desperate for material then I might have to give up on this show too.

    The hospital shooting episode disappointed me. In that episode, the police knew where the shooter was but they did not go after him and many of the shootings happened after that. That episode was also not written well.moreless

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    Undo What was

    By cacay21, Feb 03, 2012

    Grey's Anatomy have always been the walk-the-extra-mile show. It dared to be visionary, to be totally out of the tv routine. This show have never been scared of experimenting. They got numerous episodes that are just jaw dropping (dared to mention the hospital shooting, oh my heaves right) But lately, their supposedly fun episodes aren't so fun (maybe with the exception of the Documentary set). This is not a great Grey's episode, it's not a totally lame one either. Am not quite sure what this episode is. Maybe it's a review, or an episode for reminiscing. Don't exactly hate it, but it's not entertaining enough that I can't find the proper words for a proper review. I gotta say though, it's nice to hear those tracks again, (maybe this is a recycle episode - recycling of scripts and scenes or whatever.)moreless

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