Grey's Anatomy

Love the One You're With

Season 9, Ep 3, Aired 10/18/12
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  • The survivors from the crash are asked to make an almost impossible decision that will affect the rest of their lives. Meanwhile, tension grows between Jackson and April after they're forced to work together, and Alex tries to restrain himself with one of the interns.

  • Cast & Crew
  • William Daniels

    Dr. Craig Thomas

  • Steven Culp

    Dr. Parker

  • Camilla Luddington

    Dr. Josephine "Jo" Wilson

  • Gaius Charles

    Dr. Shane Ross

  • Jerrika D Hinton

    Dr. Stephanie Edwards

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  • Emotional roller coaster

    By gudu35, Oct 19, 2012

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    • Meredith: So, we've all agreed and uh-- Derek (walks in and sits down): No, wait. We can't do this. I saw the plane. I went to the hangar and I saw the... pieces of our plane laid out on the floor like a jigsaw puzzle. If we agree to settle, they do the investigation, and we can't do anything with the results. Bayview Representative: Bayview aeronautics will take the results and act accordingly. Derek: Oh, I'm sure you'll be very thorough. Big companies are always very good about self-policing. Callie: Mistakes happen, Derek. Accidents happen. We make mistakes that can cost lives, too. Derek: Yes, we do. But when we do, we have M&Ms, we pore over the files, we make sure it never happens again. And we try to make sure future patients never have to go through that grief. They don't have to sleep with the lights on every night because the darkness is too much. We can't just stand by and let this happen to other people's... Lexies and Marks. We have to do something about it. We have to make this right. Lawyer: If I could interject for a moment-- Meredith: Be quiet. Lawyer: Your decision does have to unanimous. Owen: She said, be quiet. Derek: Callie... What are you thinking? Lawyer: My advice at this time-- Mer & Owen: Shut up! Callie (crying to the lawyer): You're not one of us. You don't know. You have no idea what we've been... Derek's right. We shouldn't take the money. We can't take it.

    • Dr. Thomas: You know, I was, too. In a plane crash. In Vietnam. Everyone on board the plane died but me. I never, uh, I never have told anybody about that around here. You know, it's... Uh, would you like a smoke? Cristina: Oh, I don't smoke. Dr. Thomas: Me neither. Not anymore. I mean, these things could kill you, you know? Cristina (laughs): Wh-What? Dr. Thomas: Well, you know... it seems like... everything kills you these days. Cristina (smiles): Yeah. (laughs) Yeah.

    • (Arizona is sitting on the bathroom floor) Callie: Are you okay? Where's the nurse? Arizona: I di-- I didn't like her so I fired her. Callie: Oh, great. Great. That's just great. Why are you... Arizona: I thought... that I could get to the toilet... on time by myself. Apparently, I was wrong. Callie: Did you fall? Are-- Are you okay? Arizona: Do I look okay? I am sitting in a pool of my own urine. Callie: I'm putting you in the shower. Arizona: No, just get out! Callie (starts the shower): Hey! Do not talk to me that way! Arizona: Please! Please get out! Callie: Arizona-- Arizona: Do you hear me? You did this! I can't even pee by myself! Callie: Yeah, and that's a problem because you now stink! This bathroom stinks! (Callie lifts Arizona up) Arizona: Get off of me! Get-- Callie: I am not sharing my home with anybody who smells like this! (they are both now in the shower) Arizona: Get off of me! Get off of me! Get off of me! Callie: I have no where else to go! This is my life now, too! (they both start crying)

    • (On the phone) Owen: Yeah, we're meeting in an hour about the settlement. Have you decided? Cristina: No, I don't care. Owen: Wh-- So... Do you want to think about it some more or-- Cristina: No, no, I just-- Oh, uh, settle or-- or don't settle. It-- It doesn't matter. You know, whatever the group wants to do is fine with me. Owen: Okay, um... I'll call you and I'll let you know. Cristina: No, no, don't. I mean, uh, just send me a check. Or, you know, I'll-- I'll get the lawyers to call. Owen: Okay. Cristina: We can't keep doing this. Owen: I know. Cristina: I'm here now. Owen: I know. So... bye. Cristina: Bye.

    • Bailey (cleaning the microwave in the attendings' lounge): It is a horror movie inside this microwave. A horror movie. Oh, they are... entitled, ungrateful children and they should know better. Not that I care. I don't care. I'm done caring. Richard: Okay, so what's really going on? Bailey (groans): ... Tuck let go of my hand. Richard: Uh, what? Bailey: Tuck-- He let go of my hand. I took him to his first day of kindergarten, and I was, you know, ready for the tears and the good-bye, and how hard it was gonna be, and he just let go of my hand. He didn't even look back. He walked in, saw a toy he liked, and didn't look back. (scoffs) I called his dad. He was... busy. (sighs) He's getting married again. I mean... and she's very nice. I-I like her. Whatever. He was busy. So I called Ben, and he was studying up to observe his first laparoscopic surgery. He was so excited-- Richard: Everybody's movin' on. Bailey: And I'm here, doing appys and choles, 'cause that's what a general surgery attending does, appys and choles. While everybody else is off conquering new things, I'm stuck. And I didn't care. You know, I mean, this was my choice. I'm not even sure I noticed... Richard: Until Tuck let go of your hand. Bailey (voice breaking): 'Til Tuck let go of my hand. Richard: You know what happens when someone lets go of your hand? Bailey: What? Richard: You get it back. It's a good thing. You know, interns let go, and... Tuck let go, and even Ben let go. And they're all still there. They all still love 'ya. But it means you get your hand back. It means you have time-- Not to wash the dishes-- To do something with, to get out there, to find diseases to cure, to take it to the next level. Hell, uh, it means invent the Bailey method. But you gotta get out there, do something. And don't look back.

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