Grey's Anatomy

Love Turns You Upside Down

Season 9, Ep 8, Aired 12/6/12
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  • The new batch of interns find themselves involved in all the drama at Seattle Grace: Meredith asks Heather to go above and beyond to help fix Derek's hand; Cristina starts a healthy competition between Stephanie and Leah, which inadvertently leads to a medical emergency for Cristina's patient; Alex sees Jo in a new light as they work to save a baby's life, and April teaches Shane a valuable lesson during "lumps and bumps" duty.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Camilla Luddington

    Dr. Josephine "Jo" Wilson

  • Neve Campbell

    Dr. Lizzie Shepherd

  • Chandra Wilson

    Dr. Miranda Bailey

  • James Pickens Jr.

    Dr. Richard Webber

  • Sandra Oh

    Dr. Cristina Yang

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  • enough with the attitude, Meredith!

    By jumar1281, Dec 08, 2012

  • Diversity gone amok

    By mrivera, Dec 12, 2012

  • To juma1281

    By joeylau, Dec 09, 2012

  • Refreshing

    By hakone1, Dec 07, 2012

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    • Jo: I have never been this tired, ever. Heather (sitting in front of her locker): I have a jacket. It's so far away. Stephanie: I just want to go home. Shane: Hunt really put you guys on probation? (Leah is crying and Stephanie puts a hand on her shoulder)

    • Derek (seeing Heather walk by): Hey, you. (Heather stops) Yeah, you. Heather: Dr. Shepherd. Derek: Did you or did you not shut things down with my sisters? Meredith: Don't bring Brooks into this. Derek: You brought Brooks into this. They are your family and they want to help you. Right? Heather: Oh, oh. You're asking me? Yes. Um, they seemed willing to help. Derek: Of course they want to help me. I practically raised them. But if my sisters find out that I need help-- Look, who did you call so I can call and shut this down? Meredith: Don't tell him that. Derek: Don't tell her not to tell me. Heather: Alright, enough. You know that live nerves are better than dead ones. Even I know that, and I'm an intern. (to Mer) And, you. You put me in a really awkward position today. You just threw me to the wolves. Not that I'm comparing your sisters to wolves. But oh my, god. They're out for blood. They are furious with you that you didn't call them yourself. And they told me somethings. Okay? Unkind things. And now I know stories about you. And you, too. I know things about both of you that I don't want to know. I don't want to be in on your secrets or your fights. It makes me really, really, really uncomfortable. Lizzie (walks up): And let me guess. Your parents had a messy divorce... (Derek groans) and always put you in the middle. Am I right? Heather: How'd you know that? Lizzie: Lucky guess. Lizzie. One of the wolves. Good to see you, Mer. I hope you got some baby pictures handy because I did not take the red-eye just so my brother could hack my nerves into hamburger meat.

    • Shane: Guess what? Butt-scab lady was seen by oncology last night. The mass was malignant. They said I might have got it all. April: What are you doing here? Shane: I told you I'd come help with the rest of your lumps and bumps today. April: Who put you up to this? Because nobody slums it down here unless they have to. Shane: I'm here because I want to be. (April laughs) All I ever wanted to be was a surgeon. And now Torres just chose me to scrub in on one of the coolest surgeries I'll ever see because of you. You gave me 27 solo procedures yesterday. At least one of them saved a woman's life. I'm grateful for this job and I'm grateful to you. I'm hardly slumming it. So I'm gonna glove up and I'm gonna help you with your lumps, and you're gonna like it. April: Okay, fine. But you get the nasty smelling green one in bed two.

    • Leah: This was not just my fault. Stephanie: It sure as hell wasn't mine. Cristina: You could have killed her. I understand competition and drive, but you two, you need to figure out how to work together, and you better do it fast. You're both my service. Owen (walks up): I'll do you one better. You're both banned from the O.R. until further notice. Cristina: Thank you.

    • Alex: Why aren't you in the tunnels? Interns always hang out in the tunnels. This place smells like fish. Look, I don't know what your deal is, but you can't go around assaulting patients. Jo: She abandoning her baby. Alex: Then let the cops handle it. It's not your job, princess. Jo: Stop calling me princess! (sighs) My mother left me at a fire station when I was two weeks old. I got bumped around foster hoes 'til I was 16, when I took matters into my own hands and started living out of a car. I parked it behind the gym of my high school so I could sneak in and use the showers before class. My home-ec teacher-- Ms. Schmidt-- she let me do my laundry there for free. And, yeah, I got into good schools because I worked my ass off. And when I walked across that stage at graduation, I didn't have a cheering section filled with my richy-rich family. I had one person-- Ms. Schmidt. That's it. She's the one who gave me this watch when I got the job. Her son works for the company. Alex (sits down next to her): It is a nice watch. Jo: Thanks.

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    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: December 6, 2012 on CTV
      Sweden: December 12, 2012 on Kanal 5
      Norway: February 5, 2013 on TV2
      Germany: February 27, 2013 on ProSieben

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