Grey's Anatomy

Put Me in, Coach

Season 8, Ep 7, Aired 10/27/11
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  • Owen stresses teamwork and moves his leadership role over to the baseball field when he signs the doctors up for a baseball league, pitting them against their biggest competition, Seattle Presbyterian Lexie tries to hide her jealous rage when she sees Mark with a new woman, but her emotions get the better of her Alex fights to keep Zola at Seattle Grace after it is suggested that she be moved to another hospital due to a conflict of interest with Meredith and Derek. Richard scolds Meredith and Bailey for their feud.moreless

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  • Shonda Rhimes

  • Debbie Allen

  • Jeannine Renshaw

  • Scott Foley

    Henry Burton

  • Ellen Pompeo

    Dr. Meredith Grey

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  • 8.07 "Put Me in, Coach"

    By Edie70, Apr 14, 2012

  • Christina's finest moment!

    By greysncis2010, Oct 28, 2011

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    • Meredith (opening voiceover): Surgeons can't be lazy, the risks are too great. The second we stop pushing ourselves, something terrible happens. Something we never see coming.

    • Meredith: (closing voiceover): So we may no always be winners, but we're not lazy, we take chances, we go for broke, we swing for the fences, and sometimes, yeah, we struck out. But sometimes... you get a home run.

    • (Laying on the ground looking at clouds) Meredith: That one looks like an islet cell. Cristina: Which one? Meredith: That one. It's all puffy and insulin producing. Cristina: It looks like a cloud. Meredith: It looks like an islet cell or maybe a buffalo. Cristina: I have no imagination, Mer. Teddy's sucked it out of me. Meredith: Oh, let's not go there. We're just gonna believe that everything's gonna be okay. We're keeping the faith. Cristina: Yeah. She did say that she has something great for me today. What are you on? Meredith: Cabbage patch. Cristina: O.B still? You gotta get out of those pink scrubs. Meredith: Why? Bailey's got me blackballed from every surgery. Besides, it's quiet. I get to work on the trial stuff. Cristina: I thought Bailey told you to stay away from the trial stuff. Meredith: I know but I just can't help it because I feel like I'm this close to the-- (a softball comes flying in) Cristina: Hey! Meredith: That could've hit us. Alex (runs by and gets the ball): Nice hustle. Cristina: You know, I think this is more you just avoiding thinking about Zola. Alex: Did you hear somethin'? Meredith: No. I keep asking Janet so she's sick of us and she doesn't really know anything. We're just waiting for the court to give us a hearing date, so we're just... Cristina: Keeping the faith. Meredith: Keeping the faith.

    • Owen: So why did I just have an irrate mother say you refused to save the life of her teenage daughter? Derek: It was a consult for an HH tumor. I told her with a transcolasal approach I think I could get it all. She didn't want to take the risk. It's a free country. Owen: So do it the old fashioned way. Derek: There are plenty of surgeons in San Francisco as qualified as I am to do that. Owen: They want you. They got on a plane. Derek: I won't do it. It'll grow back. Owen: Maybe it won't. Derek: Maybe. Maybe we should just wait and see and hope for the best. Owen: Yes. Derek: No. No, I'm not gonna do that anymore. I had a kid in a crib in my bedroom for a while and social services took her away and the only thing they're gonna say to me now is that you've got to wait and see and hope for the best. Owen: It's frustrating-- Derek: I am sick of half measures. Not in my O.R. Not today. I can't. Owen: I think you can. I think her best shot is in your hands and so does that mother. We don't send people home, Derek. It's not who we are, it's not who you are. Derek: You're right. Don't send her back. Owen: So then you'll do it? Derek: No. I'm gonna prove to her that my way will work.

    • Cristina: Hey. Teddy gave me a marathon angeoplasty. Her 'great thing' was a plumbing job. Meredith: They subpoenaed Zola's medical records. Cristina: Well, that's good. It's movement. (Mer pulls out her phone) What are you doing? Meredith: I gotta email Janet and see if she knows anything. Cristina: We're keeping the faith, right? Meredith: Yeah. Did I mention I can't crack this islet cell thing either. I've been researching responses all day through insulin challenge. There's just nothing. Cristina (looking at the monitor): You see that? That right there, oh yeah. That used to be a curly fry. (sighs) And I used to be a surgeon. Meredith (her phone beeps, reads the message): 'You're right, keep the faith. I will be out of the office all week.' I am picturing her making calls, fighting the good fight to get my kid back, not sitting on a beach somewhere. Cristina: I know. (Mer goes to leave) Mer. Meredith: Zola's probably forgotten us by now.

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    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: October 27, 2011 on CTV
      Sweden: November 16, 2011 on Kanal 5
      Germany: May 9, 2012 on ProSieben
      Norway: May 15, 2012 on TV2

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    • Patrick Dempsey, who plays Derek Shepherd is wearing a Bowdoin College sweatshirt at the game at beginning of episode: Bowdoin is a small college in Maine where Patrick is from

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