Grey's Anatomy

Readiness Is All

Season 9, Ep 23, Aired 5/9/13
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  • Episode Description
  • The doctors of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital prepare for a super storm heading towards Seattle; Owen's desire to be a parent gets stronger as he becomes closer to Ethan; and one wrong move puts the lives of Meredith and her baby in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Jo looks to Alex for help in a moment of crisis, and one doctor gets the shock of her life.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Bill Harper

  • Tony Phelan

  • Hilarie Burton

    Dr. Lauren Boswell

  • Ellen Pompeo

    Dr. Meredith Grey

  • Patrick Dempsey

    Dr. Derek Shepherd

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    • Callie: Whew. The storm is here. It's totally here. The, uh, day care center said they're gonna be open 24 hours, so I'm keeping Sofia in there. We're not leaving. Are you guys leaving? Derek: I don't know. Callie (sighs): Where the hell is Arizona? (checks her phone) Derek: We're gonna stay, right? Meredith: Yes, we're gonna stay. Derek: 'Cause if we get trapped at the house, and you go into labor... Meredith: No, we're staying because they need surgeons. Derek: You need to take it easy. Meredith: I'm just gonna work until I-- (gasps) Derek: What? Meredith what is it? Are you okay? Meredith: Yeah. Yeah. My water just broke.

    • Alex: What the hell happened? Jo: THe power went out a half-hour-- Alex: No, you. What were you thinking? Peckwell could've died. Jo: Is he-- Alex: No, he's fine, and you're lucky he's not pressing charges, but you are an idiot. You get that you could have gone to jail, right? You say that you worked so hard to change, to become this new person, but then you do this? If you don't want to be a low-life anymore, you gotta grow up and stop acting like one. Jo: No, you grow up! (she shoves him) Not everyone's like you, Alex. People are horrible. And the last time someone grabbed me like Jason did, I... I promised that no one would ever do that again. So I am sorry, but... not everyone's like you. Not everyone's good. And now you think I'm horrible, too. Alex (shaking his head): No. No, if you hadn't gotten to him first, I probably would have killed the guy. Jo: Why? Why would you do that for me? Alex: Shut up. Why wouldn't I? (a tree crashes through the window)

    • (Arizona showing Lauren into an on-call room) Lauren: You guys have back-up generators, right? Arizona: Yeah, yeah of course we do. (laughs) Lauren: This really has been a lot of fun. I'm kinda sorry- Arizona: Me too. I'm sorry it's over. Lauren: Yeah. Alright, well I guess you'll just have to have me back at some point. Arizona: That would be really great. (inhales) Um... Well... (holds her hand out for a hand shake, Lauren laughs) Okay. It was... (they hug) okay. Thank you. (power goes out and Lauren kisses Arizona, she pulls away) Oh, oh God, I can't. Lauren: What? Arizona: I can't. It was a pleasure meeting you. (turns to leave) Lauren: Arizona. (Arizona stops) You are allowed to lose a little bit of control. (Arizona locks the door to the on-call room and turns around and starts making out with Lauren)

    • Cristina: Owen's uh, transferring Paul Dawson and his kid over to Seattle Pres. Meredith: How's Owen? Cristina: I don't know. You know, I woke the guy up. That's all he's been wanting me to do, but now he just seems more disappointed with me, and I know he's got close to the kid. Meredith: You know, Owen was talking about taking the kid himself. Cristina: Taking him? What, like a-adopting him? Meredith: Or fostering. He asked me about it. He seemed ready to do it. Cristina: Okay, what am I supposed to do with that? Like, what am I supposed to do? Meredith: I don't think there's anything you can do. I don't think it's about you.

    • Matthew: Hey. Never saw it coming, right? Jackson: What's that, the storm? Matthew: No. April. I was sure someone would let it slip. And have you, uh, seen Dr. Hunt? Jackson: No, no. What's up? Matthew: Nothing. I-- Would you tell him thanks, though? I had him keep April off surgeries all day. This was kind of my only shot at this. Didn't want to miss it. Jackson: No, no, you didn't. Congratulations, both of you guys. Matthew: Thanks.

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    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: May 9, 2013 on CTV
      Norway: May 21, 2013 on TV2
      Sweden: May 22, 2013 on Kanal 5

    Allusions (1)

    • Ben: You'll blow up the room.
      Meredith: I've, uh, been through something like this before.
      Ben: And how'd that work out?    Meredith: Not great.

      This is a reference to season two episodes 16 and 17 where Meredith had her hand on a bomb that was inside the patient.

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