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    Boo Hiss

    By marthaespinosa5437, 2 hours ago

    I agree with most in here that say it's time to end the show. It's been an outstanding one but it's run its course now.

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    By yeahyeahgirl, Nov 13, 2014

    I liked callie and ariizona as a couple but I knew they we're going to break up a while after arizona lost her legs. I just hope they continue to do well even apart and i'm kinda over merideth now, it's like uh hehe

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    Fuck yall

    By big_jon, Oct 28, 2014

    This show sucks!

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    Kill it!

    By srba_tb, Oct 24, 2014

    Please Shonda, pleaseeeee let it end with this season!

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    Bad Season 12

    By kmmixon, Oct 24, 2014

    OK after what eleven seasons the writer's, producers, cast who made all the changes. It is bad enough Christina is gone - what a mistake, now or again I should say Derrick and Meredith are at battle again. The regulars are going missing one by one and it stinks. What is the issue?

    The season has started off bad are you all tried of the show?

    I give the season a 2 for now

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    Dr Pearce

    By eleanorlutskes, Oct 11, 2014

    This new doctor really isnt working for me. It feels like they want her to replace Christina and take on a new character. She doesn't meld well with the other character and is really intruding on the show. I dont think she will last long on the show. I said the same shame and Leah last season and they are gone now.

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    one of my fav show

    By helvilindfors, Oct 09, 2014

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    my favorite show to watch

    By TracyFrattini, Oct 07, 2014

    I would like to know why has change the options to watch online the abc link use to be free it says it is but its not I can't even keep up with my shows if I miss them. all of abc shows have switched to this so I'm very disappointed. I've already money into Netflix I'm not going to pay for amazon too that's crazy.

    I'm in the medical field and I love this show so much but this is crazy.moreless

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    It entertains but....

    By moonrkr, Oct 06, 2014

    It entertains... but it s not the best. IT's always the same....

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  • 3.5

    season 11 ep1 was a flop

    By LouiseYau, Oct 05, 2014

    Did anyone else notice how fake the helicopter scene looked? the whole city scape and helicopter itself looked so blatantly CGed, in the past they at least used a real helicopter. It also bugs me that the operating theatres are so dark, real operating theatres are extremely brightly lit so the surgeons can actually see what they are doing. The long lost sister story line just feels like a repeat of lexi's story.

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