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    Greys anatomy

    By nathanwebster526, Mar 27, 2015

    Well if any want to watch this show don't anymore cause Derek just cheated on meridith so I might kill that both that kissed him

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    I love this season

    By albinobunny, Mar 18, 2015

    I honestly really love this season for many reasons: More focus on Mer as a person (this whole show is after all her story), and I like that Derek is gone, because he just was soooo bad for her. Not a good husband and partner.

    Same goes for Callie and Arizona. Callie is so much better off without her, (she needs to be able to dance in her underwear again!).

    And so much more good stuff. The only thing I hate is the fudging music in the background, which is super annoying and I simply want the feel-good/fitting indie-music back which defined the show in it's earlier seasons. So yea. All is perfect, exept the soundtrack.moreless

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    It's over. You can all go home. It's over... So over

    By Tsmm311, Mar 08, 2015

    I ADORE Grey's! But this is how I have felt all season. Derek is gone. MerDer appears to be over. The reasons I loved Grey don't seem to exist anymore. (I still tape and watch the reruns every day - the original characters and seasons are AMAZING!) I truly wish Shonda would have written a wonderful ending to the whole show when Sandra left last season. I just don't see it being saved with who they have left. Meredith, Karev, Callie, Bailey, Richard, Arizona. The new people are good, but they aren't Mark Sloan, Lexi, Mousey!, George, Izzy! Just my humble opinion. I love Grey's Anatomy. Loved Grey's Anatomymoreless

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    Music too loud

    By debjdl2, Mar 07, 2015

    Please don't play the music so loud during the can't hear the script.. It's so activating because I really want to watch the show and hear what they are saying without turning it up and rewinding it so much.

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    Most recent show

    By Sandigirl, Mar 06, 2015

    Why does female Dr. Sheppard always whisper? It's very annoying! Almost turned it off tonight but couldn't because I have enjoyed it for so many years. It is starting to get boring but thank you for many episodes of entertainment.

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    By bijou59, Feb 27, 2015

    The show needs to come to en end. The love story between the head doc and the other

    Shepard is annoying and no chemistry. Please stop! I say end the show while it's not totally awful. I only am still watching cause I've watched for years. And honestly, never liked Ellen Pompeio. The hot male docs are to end the show. I watched last night's episode and thought: really? This show must have new bad writers because it's almost totally unwatchable.moreless

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    Grey's Anatomy

    By sandrahare79, Feb 21, 2015

    Stop the hideous banging music that goes on during the entire show. So annoying!

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    I like the old shows better

    By mommylarry, Feb 07, 2015

    we need a love story again it has no spice or love.

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    Not the same

    By melissadiehl14, Jan 19, 2015

    I love the show but lately have been finding myself more excited to watch the daytime reruns then the regular season. It's not the same without Christina and some of the other cast members. (Marc, Lexi, George, Izzy) I think it's time to end the show. Maybe Meredith should just move to DC with Derek and give up surgery to raise her family and not to follow in the footsteps of her mother.

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    This show and cast are old and stale and simply run its course! Kill the show already!

    By mturner04, Jan 07, 2015

    I used to like this show however no longer do-it simply has Long past run its course. It just is Not worth watching anymore. Patrick Dempsey has plain and simply milked that "mcdreamy" thing dry, and just is not what it was at start of this show, the story line and cast are old n stale. Time to Kill this show and cast off! Should have killed off quite a while ago!

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