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    I am devastated

    By FotiniPetrou, 2 days ago

    At first Christina left left the show, I suck it up, now with Derek I dont think i can, they were my way he left was brutal, they didn't divoted more than episode for him to die and he didn't deserve to live the show that I've never cried in a film or a show but Grey's Anatomy is the only one that makes me cry :'(

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    Good-Bye Shonda!!!!!!

    By mullrick, 3 days ago

    Grey's MUST END!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope, hope, hope that due to the majority here, that everyone follows through with their words that they do stop watching, hopefully forcing season 12 to come to an end. If Derek isn't coming back ........... the relationship that we ALL pulled for ........ if he is done, fans need to be done. Show killer shonda that she is not all that.

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    Shonda Rhimes It Is Time

    By KennethMitchell, May 17, 2015

    After going back and watching old episodes I realized what made me fall in love with this show at the beginning. With that said, this show is absolutely amazing until a certain point. I'd say that point is Yang leaving for some, or the plane crash. Which for me was the plane crash because.. SPOILER ALERT: Mark Sloan died and he was my favorite character. But the fact that I still watch it today even though it is boring and doesn't have the spark it once had still speaks volume to the greatness of this show. If it was that bad I would of stopped a long time ago, but I haven't. It needs to end soon though if it still wants to be considered one of the greatest shows ever. Shonda Rhimes doesn't disappoint though and she is amazing for giving us Grey's, Scandal, and Private Practice for some. But its time to quit as expectations only continue to grow. She put all her focus in one show and one show only making it the best she possibly can.moreless

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    By MarciaDowell, May 15, 2015

    Derek being killed off has ruined the show, along with Christina. no one is interested it it anymore. Sad it was a good show.

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    Its getting so boring now!

    By Crissythebrit, May 02, 2015

    Ive watch Greys since it started and i absolutely loved it but even before Derek was killed off it has become awful! I agree with others that once the original characters left and they were replaced with new characters the show began to go down hill! Izzy, christina, Lexy and George were really great in the show but these new characters are ridiculous! I cannot stand listening to their constant prattling on about nothing, especially when they are in the middle of surgeries is not only annoying but stupid. The writers seem to have run out of decent storylines and now its all about having sex in the hospital closets, i really hope that isnt how hospital staff behave! God help us! Shonda got rid of all the interesting characters, except a couple that are left. I wont bother recording any more episodes, its just gotten too boring for words.moreless

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    He dies !after making us fall in love with him all over again.

    By tracieknobloch, May 01, 2015

    Last WEEK was my last episode. I took it off my DVR recording was used to him being AWAY & it didn't bother last week I fell in love with him all over even walked in his room & they were talking. Then it was a vision & didn't really was a crappie way to ended for me right there.

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    Awful Way to Kill a Good Show

    By The_boss, Apr 30, 2015

    What the heck was Shonda thinking?!? Last week's episode was my last. Meredith not only pulled the plug on Derek, she also pulled the plug on the show. It isn't worth watching anymore.

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    time for all of you to go

    By annrayman, Apr 28, 2015

    this show should have ended with the plane crash, the only 2 characters worth watching at that pt, once the character of dr Yang left, this show was utterly hopeless, the loud music's been annoying for years. the awful acting, McDreamy or MC Constipated? he looks the same, they should have killed of Meredith as well, and euthanised the show entirely

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    i dont think so!

    By Gillmer, Apr 26, 2015

    Grey and Derek was the reason I was watching the show. The love affair and drama. Yes I do agree that some of the characters that went off was unfair and stupid put they could be replaced not Derek. When I saw Derek lying in bed talking to Grey I was relieved but then it was just a wishful thinking. Why kill off a main character but now I think it's time for the show to end. It will not be the same without the true love story. The others was just there to make a story but Grey and Derek was nice to follow.moreless

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    Not ready to say goodbye to Derek!!

    By IvyBlue, Apr 26, 2015

    No, no, no!! This is just to sad!! They should have kept Derek on the show!!

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