Grey's Anatomy

Seal Our Fate

Season 10, Ep 1, Aired 9/26/13
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  • Episode Description
  • The Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital doctors are faced with the devastation left by the storm. A giant mudslide in Seattle injures a group of first responders and citizens, causing the already shorthanded ER to spring into action. Meanwhile, Meredith is faced with a tough decision that will affect the life of a loved one, Callie is rocked by the reality of Arizona's infidelity, and Richard's life is in extreme danger.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Rob Corn

  • Joan Rater

  • Ellen Pompeo

    Dr. Meredith Grey

  • Patrick Dempsey

    Dr. Derek Shepherd

  • Sandra Oh

    Dr. Cristina Yang

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  • 10.0 per

    By CarolOliveira, May 22, 2014

  • Want to stop caring about humanity? Just watch Grey's Anatomy

    By somonak, Sep 28, 2013

  • Was it neccessasry to kill of Heather?

    By Tawny246, Sep 27, 2013

  • SERIOUSLY???!!!!!

    By darkwolfette, Sep 27, 2013

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    • Derek (during Heather's surgery): Oh, damn it. There's blood in the temporal horn. I'm gonna have to do a temporal lobectomy. Shane: Dr. Shepherd. She'll have motor and memory deficits if you-- Derek: I'm trying to save her life. Shane: This is my fault. Derek: Shane. Shane: No, I did this. Derek: You didn't do anything. This isn't your fault. This just happened. Now I can't have you in here if you can't hold it together. Can you be in here? Shane: Yeah.

    • Meredith: Be a good friend. Tell me I made the right decision. Cristina: You made the right decision.

    • (Jo pulls Alex into a supply closet) Alex: What are you doing? Jo: Heather's hemorrhaging. Alex: Yeah, I heard. Jo: She could die. Alex: Alright, look, don't go there. Jo: She's my age, my class. Her locker's right next to mine. I use her deodorant without telling her, and she could die. Alex: I know. It sucks. It all sucks. (Jo kisses him) Jo: Wait, wait, wait. This is bad. We shouldn't. Alex: Yeah. Jo: But I want to. Alex: Okay. Jo: Wait. Did you have sex with any of my friends in this closet? Alex: Uh... Jo: Okay, no. This isn't happening. I gotta go. Alex: Wh-- (Jo opens the door and finds Arizona about to walk in) Jo: Hey. Arizona: Hey. (Jo walks off, to Alex) I was just gonna get some lidocaine, but I'm not gonna slip on a used condom, am I? Alex: Screw you. Arizona: Yeah. Did you hear the news about me being a big slut got out? Alex: Yeah. Arizona (sighs): It's mortifying. But, you know, I mean, I think that-- I think that we're gonna be okay. You know, I-I think-- I think it's gonna make us stronger. You know, like a bone. You know, sometimes you-- You have to, you have to break it in order for it to heal correctly. And I think that maybe Callie and I... That's what I was gonna tell Callie... (sighs) Like, um, an ortho metaphor? What do you think? Alex: I think you should stick to "I'm sorry I'm such a slut." Arizona: Yeah. Good call.

    • Cristina (about Richard): You're not opening him up. Bailey: The electrical injury may have caused intra-abdominal tissue damage and likely progressing because of his heart failing. Cristina: He barely tolerated the balloon pump. Bailey: I need to get in there and debride the dead tissue. Cristina: There's no way his heart can handle the anesthesia. Bailey: His lactate is 6. Cristina: He needs sustained cardiac I.C.U. Bailey: He's gonna die if we don't do anything. Cristina: We're not doing nothing. We're gonna let the balloon pump work and keep his fluids tight. Bailey: I am the attending. You are a fellow. I make the decisions here. Cristina: Well, I own this hospital. You work for me.

    • (While Cristina is trying to insert a pump on Richard) Cristina: It's too quiet. Talk. Bailey: Y-You're doing good. You... are not going to rupture the aorta. Because you... are Cristina Yang. You are the star of your class. I always knew it. I said it to anyone who'd ask-- 'Look out for Cristina Yang.' I-I said it to Webber. (voice breaking) 'Cristina Yang is good. Cristina Yang would not rupture an aorta. Cristina Ya--' (Richard's blood pressure stabilizes) Oh, god, you did it. Oh, dear lord. He has a steady heartbeat. Oh, praise jesus. You did not rupture his aorta. Cristina (to nurse): Secure this device and get him up to the I.C.U. (to Bailey) We just bought him some time. Bailey (hugging Cristina): Hug me back, Cristina Yang. I know that you are not a hugger, but right now I need you to hug me back. (Cristina hugs Bailey back)

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    • Original International Air Dates:
      Norway: January 7, 2014 on TV2

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    • mrivera Oct 13, 2013

      This episode takes place at most a few hours after the last episode of last season. Can someone tell me how in that small space of time, Bailey and Hunt managed to completely change their hairdo's?

    • kartikeyawadhawan Oct 10, 2013


    • RominaMartin1 Sep 27, 2013

      This double episode, felt out of pace. The actors looked bored and the characters dumber.