Grey's Anatomy

Take the Lead

Season 8, Ep 3, Aired 9/29/11
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  • The Chief makes a career-changing decision that shocks Seattle Grace Hospital; Cristina and Owen try to find normalcy in their relationship; April continues to struggle in her new role; and the 5th year residents are given their first solo surgeries, only to find out that even the most routine procedures aren't always easy.

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  • Shonda Rhimes

  • Chandra Wilson

  • William Harper (I)

  • Kim Raver

    Dr. Teddy Altman

  • Jessica Capshaw

    Dr. Arizona Robbins

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  • Great...perfect and full of suprises!

    By ChristineWagn2, Sep 30, 2011

  • Another amazing episode.

    By MsBoonzie, Sep 30, 2011

  • Episodes Theme Song?

    By Volvi_01, Oct 02, 2011

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    • Richard: Okay, let's get started. Mark: Yep, got a lot of standing around to do today. Richard: He's right, people. Starting today fifth year residents rotate in as lead surgeons. Callie: And we've alerted the morgue. Richard: Attendings, you will observe and stay silent. Offer help only when you absolutely have to. Bailey: Yeah, before you help them swim, let 'em sink a little. Richard: Next order of business: Effective at 9am this morning I have resigned as Chief of Surgery at Seattle Grace Mercy West hospital. I will stay on the surgical staff and I will turn this meeting over to the new Chief of Surgery, Dr. Owen Hunt. Owen (stands up): Thanks, Dr. Webber. I know this comes as a surprise to you too and I appreciate over the next couple of days your help and your patience. So, I have your call schedules, but I can have them-- Arizona: Wait, what happened? Mark: Why did it happen? Derek (quietly, to Richard): Is this the board? Are they forcing you to step down? Teddy: Hunt. You're the new Chief of Surgery. Nice!

    • Bailey (annoyed): Dr. Hunt, may I have my call schedule, please? Owen: I'm sorry? Bailey: My call schedule. Which I usually get at the staff meeting but I didn't because you said that you would distribute them but you haven't so I have to come find you and you're not very easy to find, not unlike my call schedule. So, may I have my call schedule, please? Owen: Of course. I... Just as soon as... Bailey: Thank you. (walks off) Callie: That was very less chief-y there. Owen: Okay, what did I do? Callie: Oh, nothing, nothing. She was Webber's right hand man, she'd hate anyone in your position. I know it's not about making friends, but you really want Bailey as your enemy? (walks off)

    • Callie: No, leave it up, leave it up. I'll just do the meniscus repair myself. April: Great. And now I lose a procedure. This is worse than being an intern. Callie: Yeah, being chief resident sucks. I did it once. April: Well, how'd you do it? How'd you get them to listen to you? Callie: Uh, I didn't. I sucked. (laughs) Look, it's not about making friends but it is about getting them on your side. You wanna be the person that they come to not the one they run from. Y'know, kinda like your little contest, you know, getting them to compete for good outcomes. April: I know, it's awful, right? Callie: No, it was a good idea. They thrive on competition. You gave them what they needed. And either way, the patient wins. That was a good idea. April: Okay. Callie: That wasn't your idea, was it? April: No.

    • Meredith: We should have never been together in that OR today.
      Derek: What do you mean?
      Meredith: We're not a team anymore, anywhere. And when we get Zola back, before we get that phone call we need to figure out if we can be one. If we can even be together. So, now is the time to say how you feel.
      Derek: I can't. I'm gonna say things that are uh...
      Meredith: Oh, Derek, just say it. Whatever it is, we can deal with it. I can accept the consequences.
      Derek: Meredith, you have never accepted a consquence in your life. Since the moment you switched over those files you haven't suffered one bit.
      Meredith: That is not--
      Derek: While those around you have lost their jobs and lost their reputations.
      Meredith: And I lost Zola.
      Derek: So did I! Because when you do things, you just dive in and never give damn about how deep the water is and who you land on.
      Meredith: I know that I messed up. But all of this happened before Zola was even in the picture. Don't you think I've changed?
      Derek: I don't think you can change. You stole a baby, Meredith.
      Meredith (sighs): I told you why I did that. What do you need for me to say I'm sorry?
      Derek: I need you to be sorry.
      Meredith: Of course I'm sorry.
      Derek: You did it again today in the OR.
      Meredith: What? I had a successful surgery today.
      Derek: You refused to listen to me.
      Meredith: I didn't listen to you because I didn't need to listen to you. I knew what I was doing and I was right. You just couldn't trust me.
      Derek: Why should I ever trust you? Why should I trust you? You ended my trial, you set back my career, you nearly ended your own, you destroyed Richard's. I have no reason to trust you.
      Meredith: Then why are you with me?
      Derek: Because of that. (points at the post-it) Because I meant that. I promised that I wouldn't run. I promised that I would love you...
      Meredith: ... even when you hate me.
      Derek: Even when I hate you. I'm trying, Meredith. I am trying but you make it so damn hard.
      Meredith: I understand and I don't want you to keep the promise, not if you don't want to. And not if you can't trust me with our daughter.
      Derek: I do. I trust you with Zola.
      Meredith: Well, you just said--
      Derek: That's not what I said! ... I know you took her to protect her. I know you altered the trial for Adele and Richard. You stood in front of a bullet for me. I know why you do all of it. It's what I love about you.
      Meredith: And what you hate about me.
      Derek: Yeah.
      Meredith: So, you can't trust me at work?
      Derek: No, I can't.
      Meredith: Well, that's easy then. So, we just don't work together.
      Derek: So what are you saying?
      Meredith: I'm off your service. That's my consequence. If we wanna stay together, with or without Zola, we just won't work together.

    • Richard: If you wanna be mad at someone, be mad at me. Bailey: I'm not mad at you. Richard: Yes, you are. Bailey: Everyone knows who to be mad at. Richard: The only thing that Meredith did to me was to give my wife a little more time. And I'm damn sure gonna spend it with her. I'm happy, Bailey. And I'd like you to be happy for me, too. Bailey: I'll try. ... You're gonna have to give me a while. Richard: I'll wait.

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    • Music Featured in this episode:
      "Lost and Found" by Katie Herzig

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: September 29, 2011 on CTV
      Sweden: October 19, 2011 on Kanal 5
      Germany: April 11, 2012 on ProSieben
      Norway: April 24, 2012 on TV2

    Trivia (2)

    • Chyler Leigh (Lexie) does not appear in this episode.

    • Derek is blacklisted from ever doing a clinical trial again.

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