Grey's Anatomy

The End is the Beginning is the End

Season 9, Ep 11, Aired 1/17/13
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  • Meredith, Derek, Cristina and Arizona receive big news regarding the plane crash lawsuit, Richard avoids Catherine's romantic advances and Jackson takes on one of Mark's old patients.

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  • Joan Rater

  • Cherie Nowlan

  • Tia Napolitano

  • Rob Hardy

  • Ellen Pompeo

    Dr. Meredith Grey

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    • Owen: So where we at? Roberta: The insurance company found a loophole. Apparently there's a rule that no more than two attendings are allowed on a medi plane. So when Dr. Robbins took Dr. Karev's place on the flight... Anyway, they say, they aren't gonna pay. Owen: So, who pays? Roberta: We do. The hospital. Owen: We don't have that kind of reserve. Roberta: No, we don't. Owen: So? Roberta: We go bankrupt. The hospital closes it's doors.

    • (On the phone) Derek: Hunt, come over here. Have a drink. Owen: I-I can't. Derek: I-- It's not your fault. I know that. We're moving forward. Just please come over here and have a drink. Owen: Shepherd, I-- Derek: Cristina. Tell your husband to come over here and have a drink. Cristina: No, no, he's not my husband. (Derek hands his phone to Cristina) I mean, I don't know what you are. I mean, I don't know what we are, but... you know, it doesn't matter. All that matters now is that I'm drunk and happy and I want you to be here drunk and happy with me. Plus the bathrooms lock, so... (hands the phone back to Derek) Derek: Whatever you're doing, just... let somebody else do it and come on over and have a drink. Owen: Another time. Enjoy your party.

    • Jo: I got you a couch with the money I won. Alex: This is such a girlfriend thing. Jo: Okay, I think what you want to say is, 'thank you for the awesome couch.' Alex: Okay. But we're not doing it, if that's what you're thinking. Jo: Why would we do it? That's disgusting. You're like my brother. We drink beer and hang out. Alex: Okay. (they go sit on the couch) I mean, I've never really had a friend who was a girl who didn't want to do it so it's weird. Except Mer, and she probably wanted me at some point. Jo: Wow. You really are a douche. Just shut up and drink.

    • Jackson: Hey. April: Hey. Jackson: I am kind of sleeping with Stephanie. I was hoping that you wouldn't have to find out about it all. But of course, it's probably gonna get out. So I just wanted to make sure that you didn't have to hear about it from anyone else. April: Okay. ... I miss you. (sighs) I just-- I feel like we were friends, and now everything is just so-- Jackson: So we can still be friends. April: You know what I'm thinking about right now? Kissing you. Standing here looking at you, all I want to do is kiss you. (sighs) So, no, I-I-- I'm-- I'm not ready to be your friend yet. Jackson: You sure? April: Yes. Yes, I'm sure. Thank you for telling me.

    • Stephanie: You know Jackson told he thinks James may not even need another major surgery? Leah: Really? Jackson told you that? Did Jackson have his hands on your boobs when he said it? Stephanie: What are you talking about? Leah: You made fun of me for sleeping with Karev. Called me a skank, make this whole 'I don't want to be like Leah' thing, and now you're sleeping with the boss. Stephanie: How'd you know? Leah: Oh, well, I didn't. Now I do.

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    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: January 17, 2013 on CTV
      Norway: February 26, 2013 on TV2
      Germany: March 20, 2013 on ProSieben

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