Grey's Anatomy

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Season 8, Ep 18, Aired 4/5/12
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  • A lion breaks loose in Seattle, leaving a couple's lives and relationship at risk; Lexie overhears Mark's discussion about moving in with Julia; Teddy begins to take steps towards coming to terms with Henry's death; Callie grills Arizona on her past lovers; and Alex requests to be taken off Morgan's preemie case when she becomes too dependent on him. Meanwhile, Meredith tries to be a support for Cristina as the tension between her and Owen hits a boiling point.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Ellen Pompeo

    Dr. Meredith Grey

  • Patrick Dempsey

    Dr. Derek Shepherd

  • Sandra Oh

    Dr. Cristina Yang

  • Chandra Wilson

    Dr. Miranda Bailey

  • Justin Chambers

    Dr. Alex Karev

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  • 8.18 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight'

    By Edie70, Apr 24, 2012

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    • Meredith (opening voiceover): We have a phrase in the operating room: "Don't pet the lion". It means, no matter how nice a tumor looks, how small it is, how perfect its margins may be...It's still a tumor. It's still dangerous and it can bite.

    • Meredith (closing voiceover): We've all heard the warnings...and we've ignored them. We push our luck. We roll the dice. We play with fire. It's human nature... when we're told not to touch something... we usually do, even if we know better. Maybe because, deep down, we're just asking for trouble.

    • Derek: Oh, well. Roar. Meredith: Don't do that. Derek: Well, you think it's cute when Zola does it. What is it? Meredith: If you ever cheat on me, I'll kill you. Derek: Okay. Meredith: I mean it. Derek: Okay. Meredith: Say it. Derek: I will never cheat on you. You want to talk about it? Meredith: No. Derek: Okay. (they hug)

    • Arizona: Okay, hey, here's the thing-- I do know about your exes, and frankly, sometimes it sucks. Callie: Okay. Arizona: And you know, I mean, I don't-- (Callie starts walking towards Arizona and Arizona keeps backing up) I don't like knowing, and sometimes, you know, it-- it drives me crazy. Callie (taking off her jacket): I know. Arizona: So maybe there's a reason, you know, there's a-- there's a very good reason that I was-- I wasn't telling you about my exes. Callie: Mmmhmm. (takes off her shirt) Arizona: You know, I was trying to spare you. Callie: Yeah, I understand. Arizona: You do? Callie (unbottoning Arizona's shirt): Yeah, I do. Arizona: Oh, okay. 'Cause I thought we were fighting. Callie: Oh, we totally are. (kisses Arizona)

    • Richard: Each and every one of these items was removed from a patient. Jackson (picks up a jar): Christmas lights? Come on. Where would you-- Richard: You don't wanna know. Jackson: How did you-- Richard: Very, very carefully. It's pretty great, right? Jackson: Actually... yeah. Richard: Well, sometimes we have geniuses on our table and sometimes we have idiots. I for one am partial to the idiot. (puts the lion tooth in a jar) You don't get a lion's tooth from a genius.

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    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: April 5, 2012 on CTV
      Norway: August 21, 2012 on TV2
      Germany: November 21, 2012 on ProSieben

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