Grey's Anatomy

The Self-Destruct Button

Season 1, Ep 7, Aired 5/8/05
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  • Episode Description
  • Derek and Meredith try (unsuccessfully) to be discreet as they spend the night together at Meredith's house, but their haggard appearance speaks volumes to everyone - including Bailey, who warns Meredith to end the relationship. Meanwhile, George suspects an anesthesiologist of drinking on the job but is reluctant to speak up about it, Alex treats a former competitor who now finds honor in self-mutilation, Izzie has to deal with a patient who won't let go of his girlfriend - literally, and Cristina seems to be battling a case of the flu.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Ellen Pompeo

    Dr. Meredith Grey

  • Sandra Oh

    Dr. Cristina Yang

  • Katherine Heigl

    Dr. Isobel "Izzie" Stevens

  • Justin Chambers

    Dr. Alex Karev

  • T.R. Knight

    Dr. George O'Malley

  • Fan Reviews (9)
  • Drinking on the job; not a good idea.

    By Valentine_76, Feb 20, 2011

  • This episode was really good and funny.

    By Stephanie61593, May 26, 2010

  • It's another great installment with unforgetable storylines and scenes.

    By martooo_m, Mar 02, 2008

  • She's falling for him

    By mythillos, Nov 27, 2007

  • Izzie and George find out about Derick & Meredith. How will they take it?

    By shaneypoo_88, May 04, 2007

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (16)

    • Bailey: Cristina's got the flu. So, you need to pick up the slack in clinic. Meredith: Look, I'll mop the floors, okay? (Bailey glares at her) Sorry, that was inappropriate. Bailey: It's not the only thing that's inappropriate. While we're on the subject, you care to tell me what you think you're doing? Meredith: Look, I'll jump through hoops if you want me to. But what I do what I leave this hospital is my business. Bailey: Half this hospital knows your business. Flu isn't the only virus spreading around here. Meredith: I made a choice, and I know you don't respect me for that choice. But I'll live with the consequences. Bailey: Then I'll have lots of hoops for you to jump through. Meredith: I've done everything you've asked me to do. I may not do it your way but it gets done. So whatever else you got, bring it on.

    • Izzie: Ew, what smells? Meredith: That would be me, or more specifically, my patient's insides all over me. Izzie: That makes me strangely happy. Cristina: Oh, God. Oh, Meredith, you smell like... Izzie: Karma. Meredith: What? Izzie: Nothing. Cristina: Something vile is stuck in your hair. You know, just go stand over there, please. Meredith: Ugh, how much do I love being a surgeon right now? Izzie: Karma. Meredith: What does karma have to do with anything? Izzie: I'm just saying, you've been given all the best surgeries. And now you smell like putrid goo. And you're giving off a stench. Karma's a bitch. Bailey (walks in): Dr. Shepherd needs an intern in surgery. Which one of you is clear? Cristina: I'm good, Dr. Bailey, where do you want me? Bailey: You need to lie down somewhere. Cristina: I'm fine, I'm completely healthy. Bailey: Grey? Izzie: Of course. Meredith: What is your problem? Izzie: Um, you! 'Cause apparently you can help Dr. McDreamy in ways the rest of us can't. Meredith: You did not just say... Izzie: Yes, I did! Bailey: Hey! (to Cristina) Hemispherectomy in OR 1 with Dr. Shepherd. Go. (Cristina and Izzie leave) Apparently, I'm not the only one with hoops.

    • Burke: Hey. Whoa. Got the flu? Cristina: Yeah, and thanks for it. It's making my life so much easier. Burke: I didn't give it to you. It's all over the hospital. You should be in bed. Cristina: Disease, diagnosis and prescription from one man. Burke: Seriously, I'll give you a ride home. Cristina: This is not gonna make me go home. You go home. Burke: But I feel fine.

    • Meredith: Yikes, wouldn't want to meet you in a dark alley. Cristina: Right back at 'ya. (Alex jogs up) Izzie: A run? You run? Alex: Every day, babe, every day. Meredith: Not suffering enough? Alex: What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. Cristina: Don't go acting all indefatigable. You're dragging like the rest of us. Alex: Oh, what is that, professional weakness, Dr. Yang? Cristina: It's called the flu. Alex: Yeah. (interns are in the locker room) George: I'm gonna need a major rush to make it through this day. I need a kick-ass surgery. Alex: Ooh, you a bad boy last night, George? Izzie: That would be Meredith. Alex: You a bad boy, Meredith? Cristina: Do tell. Meredith: Nothing to tell. Cristina: That says it all, huh? (Izzie slams her locker door) Meredith: Sorry, I have a sex life. Alex: Don't apologize. Embrace it. Share it. Count me in. Izzie: Yeah, next time, just let me know if I need to go to a hotel so I can get some sleep. Meredith: Am I missing something? George: You were just a little loud. (everyone leaves but Cristina and Meredith) Cristina: Do they know its McDreamy keeping them up all night? Meredith: I hope not. I already have Bailey riding me, I don't need my roommates thinking I'm getting special treatment.

    • Meredith (opening voiceover): Okay. Anyone who says you can sleep when you die... Tell them to come talk to me after a few months as an intern. Of course it's not just the job that keeps us up all night. I mean if life's so hard already, why do we bring so much trouble on ourselves. What's up with the need to hit the self-destruct button?

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    Notes (3)

    • Although credited, James Pickens, Jr. (Richard Webber) is absent from this episode.

    • Original International Air Dates: Australia: September 19th, 2005 on Channel 7 Sweden: January 3rd, 2006 on Kanal 5 Netherlands: February 14th, 2006 on Net 5 Germany: April 25th, 2006 on ProSieben Croatia: October 16th, 2006 on NOVA TV Finland: October 18th, 2006 on Nelonen Portugal: December 10th, 2006 on RTP1 Romania: February 20th, 2007 on TVR1 Serbia: February 2nd, 2008 on B92

    • Music Featured In This Episode: 1. Downtown by Tegan and Sara plays when Izzie and Meredith argue in the locker-room, 2. Hummingbird by Wilco is the one played at the end of this episode, 3. Suitcase by Joe Purdy plays while Alex's patient dies, 4. Wish I by Jem plays at the beginning of this episode.

    Trivia (5)

    • Goof (editing continuity): When Jamie, the girl with the brain abnormality, is being examined by George, it is obvious that the shot of the twitching leg is not actually Jamie. Although they have the same purple socks and dipaer, when you see the leg you can also clearly tell that the child has no shirt on, while in the next shot Jamie is wearing a shirt. There is an adult hand holding the hand of the child in the leg-twitching shot, but Jamie's hands are in her lap a second later.

    • Goof (storyline continuity): In this episode, Izzie is overwhelmed when she finds out about Meredith sleeping with Derek; nonetheless, in the pilot episode, when Cristina is mad at Meredith she yells at her how she slept with her boss, and Izzie is present in the conversation, so, she would already have to know about Meredith's fling.

    • Goof (editing continuity): When Cristina is turning around to look at the observation window in surgery, she has her head turned half way up, the camera angle shifts, and it is suddenly back down again and turns all the way again.

    • Goof (storyline continuity): When Claire is admitted we are told that she passed out in the shower. Although, when Meredith sees Claire's scars on her abdomen, Claire requests for Meredith not to tell her parents. Her parents seem equally clueless. But if she collapsed in the shower, wouldn't her parents have seen those scars? Unless she was showering fully-clothed. Possible Explanation- They talk about her going to college and coming home at Christmas. It's possible she lives in a dorm and not at home and this is where she passed out. So her parents wouldn't have seen her stomach. They would have met her at the hospital.

    • Goof (editing continuity): As Izzie is leaving the house in the morning, she is carrying a purple travel mug, as she gets out of the car to enter the hospital, she is holding a disposable coffee cup, and as she leaves the locker room, she is once again carrying the purple travel mug.

    Allusions (1)

    • Episode Title: The Self Destruct Button The title of the episode is a reference to a song. The Self Destruct Button is title of an AC/DC song. It is also a song by Dana Monteith.

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