Grey's Anatomy

Transplant Wasteland

Season 9, Ep 17, Aired 3/14/13
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  • The hospital new management causes a physician to question her future at Seattle Grace. The doctors and interns juggle transplant patients, each of them come with their own obstacles.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Ellen Pompeo

    Dr. Meredith Grey

  • Patrick Dempsey

    Dr. Derek Shepherd

  • Sandra Oh

    Dr. Cristina Yang

  • Chandra Wilson

    Dr. Miranda Bailey

  • James Pickens Jr.

    Dr. Richard Webber

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    By mrivera, Mar 18, 2013

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    By mizzyt73, Mar 18, 2013

  • Grey Sloan <3

    By vinceyap, Mar 17, 2013

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    By Arkano1317, Mar 16, 2013

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    By hammadi1220, Mar 15, 2013

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    • Callie: We're officially the new board of directors. (they all congratulate each other and get up to leave) Jackson: Actually, I'd like to share a list of a few things I think are our top priority. Callie: You mean that the foundation thinks-- Jackson: No, I don't, actually... mean the foundation, or my mom or these stupid protocols. (throws the binder out) I mean me. Meredith: Okay, well... Let's just listen. (they all sit back down) Jackson: Number one, I move that we reinstate Owen Hunt as chief of surgery, effective immediately. Dr. Hunt has agreed to this. Derek: There were some conditions. Jackson: Which brings me to my second point. We are reopening the E.R. We will be a level-1 trauma enter again. That will be top priority once Owen Hunt is here to share his input. From now on, the foundation will follow our lead. We will tell them our decisions as we make them. Callie: Well, hear, hear. Arizona: Yeah. No, that sounds good. Jackson: I've got one more thing. Meredith: Maybe you shouldn't push it. Jackson: We are building a new hospital. And that was your vision, not mine. My priority is to make sure your vision comes true. And while it is important that we become a leading center for research and innovation, we have to remember something, we are now officially a hospital run by doctors. That should mean something. It is our responsibility to be the best doctors we can possibly be so that those who come after us can strive to be their best. So... with that in mind, I move to rename the hospital. Cristina: Again? Meredith: Why would we do that? Arizona: To-- To what? Callie: Oh, let me guess. The Harper Avery hospital? Jackson: No. I propose that we give this hospital a name that can honor the very reason we've come together and been able to do this, a name that exemplifies the spirit of this hospital, but also the depth of our dedication. (turns his note pad around it reads 'Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital') All in favor? (they all agree)

    • Catherine: He stepped up, didn't he? My reluctant son? If I were the kind of woman to say 'I told you so,' this might be the time. Richard: He got through the day. Catherine: Oh, come on. Can't you just say that I was right once? Richard: No, not when the stakes are this high. You want him to step up, but the steps are too high, and the consequences for his career are too grave. It's not fair to him. Catherine: Don't you tell me what's not fair for my son. You want to give professional advice? Fine. But you're wandering into parenting advice, and that is not your place. Richard: Yeah, you're right. I'm sorry. I overstepped. Catherine: Yes, sir, you did. You ever... You ever say something and then a minute later, realize you sound like a complete imbecile? Richard: Um, that's never happened to me. Catherine: Mm. I've been a single mom for 28 years, ever since Jackson's dad ran off to god knows where because he couldn't stand the pressure of being an Avery. And I've been looking for a man who cared about Jackson the way a parent would, and... the moment I find him, I bite his head off. Richard: You're always gonna know what's best for Jackson.

    • Alex (to Jason): Move over. (sits down in the booth with Jason & Jo) Jo: Um, hi. Alex: I heard you almost killed somebody trying to get Jaelynn her kidney, and I was kind of a douche face, and... Anyway, I'm-- I'm sorry. And thanks. Jo: Okay. Alex: Can I uh, buy you a beer or something? Jo: Uh, I'm all set. Jason: Yeah, we both are. We're all set. (Alex stands up and leaves) Well, that was, uh... What were we talking about? Jo: I'm sorry.

    • (Owen is jogging, Derek pulls up next to him in his car) Owen: There's nothing to talk about, Shepherd, move on. Derek: Oh, come on. This is costing me gas. Owen: You can afford it. (sits down on his porch, Derek gets out of his car) Derek: Nobody blames you for hiring the plane. Not me, not anybody else, and you shouldn't either. You never would've signed that paper if you knew what was gonna happen. Let it go. Owen: You blame me. You said it, Shepherd. You said it again this morning. Derek: I was pissed. I've been pissed, but not at you. The world. Yeah. Yeah... I'm pissed at Mark. Owen: You gotta let that go.

    • Alex: It's about time. Meredith: You mean 'thank you, Meredith for carrying a kidney across state lines for me.' Alex: Whatever. Hand it over. Jo: Can I scrub in? I'd love to-- Alex: I got Murphy. (Jo walks out) Meredith: You want me to apologize, Alex? I'm sorry. I'm sorry we bought the hospital. I'm sorry you have to think of us as your bosses now. But we didn't do it for just us. We did it for everyone, for you, for Wilson, who, by the way, fought so hard for you today, I thought she might cut someone to get you that kidney. So drop the attitude before nobody wants to work with you anymore.

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    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: March 14, 2013 on CTV
      Norway: April 9, 2013 on TV2

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      Avery, I love you but if you get God complex because your mommy bought you a F*** HOSPITAL, I will start to hate you... that is all. thank you :D