Grimm "Mommy Dearest" Review: The Miseducation of Sergeant Wu

By MaryAnn Sleasman

Mar 08, 2014

Grimm S03E14: "Mommy Dearest"

That was pretty grim, even for Grimm. First there was all the uncomfortable preggo-tummy torture and then Wu, OMG Wu. I just think it's a little messed up—maybe messed up in a good way, but only maybe—when the least traumatic thing that happens in an episode is that a lady-witch gives birth to a monster-baby in the middle of the woods. 

With an episode promo that primarily featured Adalind and her monster-spawn and a title like "Mommy Dearest," not gonna lie, I totally fell for it and assumed that this episode was going to be an hour full of reasons not to give birth, ever. I really thought it was going to be like the squid-baby and Will Smith in Men in Black. Instead, it was still totally a PSA about the horrors of pregnancy, except there were more, um, tongues. I spent a lot of this episode screaming "NO" at the screen and not actually looking at it. 

But Adalind's story was nothing more than a bookend for Wu's Wesen-inspired nervous breakdown, though I'm sure we'll get more crazypants baby action later. PLUS SHE HAS HER POWERS BACK. YES. 

But here's what happened to Wu:

Unbeknownst to Wu, his childhood sweetheart, Dana, married an Aswang—a Wesen that eats amniotic fluid because the writers on Grimm decided that pregnant women shouldn't be allowed to sleep at night. Sam's Wesen status wasn't really an issue in the marriage, except that in yet another glorious example of Old World Wesen clashing with New World Wesen, Sam's mom flew in from the Philippines to nosh on her unborn grandchild's go-go juice. It was her right, according to the same ass-backwards craziness that has consistently inspired Monroe's parents to be rude about his choice in fiancée and friends and, well, his life in general, and also that guided the baddies in that ode to The Little Mermaid earlier this season. 

Wu actually had some working knowledge of Aswang, having grown up listening to the folklore himself, plus an emotional investment in the victims of Momma Aswang's tongue-sucker (he convinced the fam to relocate to Portland) made Wu both an incredible asset and a potential liability in Nick's investigation. Hank and Nick clashed over whether or not to read Wu in on the truth about Wesen, with Hank arguing that the shock and confusion of one's first experience with a Wesen could drive a man mad and Nick (and Monroe and Rosalee) erring on the side of caution, which I could understand coming from Monrosalee, but found a little harder to take on Nick's end. There are laws and stuff governing Monroe and Rosalee's interactions with the human world, but Nick just came off as, well, tired of this shit. He's been through the big reveal quite a few times by now. 

I'm pretty sure Hank won this argument though, what with Wu ending up in a mental hospital after facing off against Sam's mom on his own. TOLD YOU SO, BRO.

Personally, I'm torn on the outcome to Wu's story. (FIX IT. FIX IT, NOW, GRIMM.) It makes sense for Wu to join the Cool Kids in the Know Club. He's the last of Nick's close friends and acquaintances who doesn't know about Nick's night job, and as we saw this week, that's dangerous for Wu's gallantly heroic but unenlightened butt as well as for those who do know why Portland is so weird, and who've occasionally gone out of their way to keep Wu in the dark. However, that's also why part of me is sad to see Wu brought into the fold (or at least brought in in such an unfortunate manner), because if everyone on the show knows about Wesen, then one of Grimm's longest-running stories draws to a close, and that's always a little bit sad for any show, even when it's time. 

Sniff. Our little Grimm is growing up so fast. 


– Wu is gonna be okay, right? RIGHT?

– Oh hey, they have that table (Dana and Sam's nightstand) at Target. #wants

– How long 'til Adalind comes back to Portland to terrorize everyone? 

– Any predictions about the wee Baby Hexenbeist? Is she gonna grow up super-fast? I feel like she's gonna grow up super-fast. 


What'd you think of "Mommy Dearest"?

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  • Lightposte Mar 18, 2014

    The feeding-on-the-first-grandchild tradition is just something the writers added to interpret the Aswang. As far as I know, they never attack their kin and those they know (neighbors). And also, from what I know, Aswangs are never born. Your mother could be one but not you or any of your siblings. It's some sort of a demonic powers being passed from one person to another through tokens (a ring, necklace, a bottle of oil with herbs and roots in it, etc.).

    About Wu, I always thought that as a Filipino in this story, he'd easily accept the Wesen's existence. There are still a lot of Filipinos, from kids to adults, who actually believe in such superstition. Filipinos back in the days were more likely to believe it instead of denying it (at least that's how I was). I thought I'd hear him say something like "Cool! I've always wanted to see one in real life!". I just wished they went that route instead of the gone-bonkers cliche. I guess living in America has dulled Wu's open-mindedness to such things. And it's understandable how such mental breakdown can occur - his emotions have been already stirred prior to the encounter with the Wesen.

    Let's just hope that he'd be back to his usual snarky self when he's officially part of the group! I'd love to hear him quip about Wesens.

  • Darkfool_oz Mar 16, 2014

    I was very disappointed they Nick let Wu at least know some myths are truer than he thinks and that what he saw was real. Maybe Hank should have shared his own experiences. Not about Wessen, but just stuff hey couldn't explain. They owed him that much. To let him go to a mental institution and walk out with not batting an eye lid was poor.

    Were ppl really that scared? Clearly you never did XFiles or Supernatural. Grimm's baddies are tame on the scare scale after those shows! ;)

  • mharkrollen Mar 16, 2014

    I guess the baby will become tiyanak.... so so creepy. I think Tiyanak is the creepiest Filipino Folklore.

  • rodolfchristianmiranda Mar 16, 2014

    Great episode. The aswang portrayed in the episode is called a "tik-tik" because of the sound it makes as it creeps on the roof of where a pregnant lady is residing. It would be really interesting seeing a "manananggal" or "tiyanak" in the show.

  • WGWG Mar 15, 2014

    Awesome Grimm episode! Growing up with these stories I was still pretty much creeped out by the Aswang. The ticking sound alone gave me shivers.

    Anyway by the looks of things, Adalind's new baby will grow up really fast. She gave birth at 6 months. You bet that kid will walk soon and start biting things physically or even mentally.

    And I agree 100% that Wu needs to be fix. ASAP.

  • MichelleHood24 Mar 15, 2014

    I'm just going to say it DEMON BABY. I like the guy protecting Adalind he's got some heart and kindness. Now that aswage thing was creepy as all hell I think this was the first time in Grimm I actually went OMG what the hell is that ahhhhh since the scalping saga. Poor wu he needs a hug that was not the best vesen to see for your first time. Overall I like this episode it was good.

  • Ankh49 Mar 14, 2014

    I agree. I didn't want Wu in the know because I think it's too much. The Scooby gang is big enough as it is besides which he has nothing to add to the group.

    Having said that though - why oh why, once Wu saw what he saw, did Nick not reassure by letting him know that he saw it too? I am especially disappointed in Hank as he knows what it feels like. Surely when it reached the stage where he had himself committed one of them could step and say 'hey it's all real. Keep your mouth shut, pretend you are cured and we'll explain everything when you get out. But you can't argue the fact that it made good telly viewing and tugged at the heartstrings. I really hope this gets fixed soon. It is depressing.

    I look forward to seeing what Adalind and her demonspawn get up to, although from what I recall Renard is also the product of a hexenbeast/Royal union. where are his awesome powers?

  • sylaine Mar 12, 2014

    Grimm is still trying to gross me out as much as possible, apparently. But apart from that, I really like the fact that they're using myths from all over the world, not just western ones. Poor Wu. Not only that his parents seemed to have some kind of sadistic tendencies - Drew Wu? I mean, really? He also got the short stick this time. I didn't quite get Nick's reluctance to give him the "truth is out there" speech - especially because Wu showed to be both willing to entertain alternate explanations and totally freaked out by them. On the one hand, I hope they fix this, and soon, on the other I hope they don't do it in a way that makes Wu's nervous breakdown a joke, 'cause it's not.

  • riot Mar 10, 2014

    5 min in and I had to pause it. OMG the Hell Grimm. Although I'll probably put my reaction on the fact that My older sister is preg with twins, I just saw her huge belly last night, and the couple is pacific islander like my bro-in-law. The fact that he might know this myth and works nights. Such a freaky episode I can't even concentrate on what happened with Adalind lol.
    I mean it was a great episode, and freaked me out. Also I'm really glad the background story had to due with the Philippines, you see so little about their culture in the media.
    It's been awhile since I was going "OMG wtf, stop this, okay keep going but I'm gonna look away, okay I'm not. Prob gonna get nightmares"

    And I hope they tell Wu soon. Though I can't see why they wouldn't try to come up with some sort of story to help him. I mean he went through what Hank went through times 10. Like crap could have came up with something like that she was on Narcotic or was using some kinda of drug that made those around her hallucinate. I'm sure they'll tell him just don't wanna wait. And having trouble seeing how they could go through with it after he was in an asylum. I mean before he got actual face to face, I could get it but right now...?

  • camcak Mar 10, 2014

    The actor who plays Wu pitched this story to the writers between seasons. He grew up with this tale and told them that they should use it.

  • Ankh49 Mar 14, 2014

    Seriously? Cool!!!

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