Grimm "Nobody Knows the Trubel I've Seen" Review: A Hexen-mother's Love

By MaryAnn Sleasman

Apr 26, 2014

Grimm S03E19: "Nobody Knows the Trubel I've Seen"

Grimm's hiatus schedule has been more than a little ridiculous since the show started the second half of Season 3, but at least the writers can usually figure out how to rope us back in—not that the cliffie at the end of "The Law of Sacrifice" left much room for boredom. While I'm not exactly thrilled with the introduction of Theresa Rubel, the Grimm who doesn't know what a Grimm actually is, I'm willing to give Grimm the chance to make her worth my while. The show hasn't done me (too) wrong yet. 

But can we just take a moment to talk about how dumb everyone was in this episode? The ruse to rescue the wee baby Diana from the Royals was clever and perfectly executed, but the follow-up leaves a lot to be desired—and now Adalind is going to whoop everyone's ass, all because no one bothered to let her into the cone of silence even a little bit. Part of that was strategic, I'm sure: The fewer people who know where the baby actually is, the better. However, Nick, Renard—everyone, really—they KNOW Adalind. They know perfectly well what she's capable of, and they saw how destroyed she was by the loss of Diana. Did they think she'd just get over it? Like, really

I'm all for deliciously devious Adalind action, but I cringed at the implications of what VIktor asked her to do and how readily she jumped at the opportunity to screw over Nick and Renard—and all because she thinks the Royals have Diana. Adalind is willing to do anything to get her daughter back, or to at least be reunited with her. It's just shocking how dismissive everyone was of Adalind's maternal instinct, especially since at no point did she ever give Monroe, Nick, or the others any reason to doubt her dedication to her child. They made their assumptions based on her past—which is somewhat fair, I guess—but man, people change, and Season 3 has put a ton of emphasis on the idea of people, cultures, and destinies changing. How many Wesen has Nick encountered who've worked really hard to rise above their biological or cultural instincts? What about Nick himself? What about Rosalee's hellraiser past? Or Renard's less-than-noble Royal roots? Everyone on Grimm is trying to be better, despite having reasons not to be. That no one could see that same change in Adalind is a little surprising. 

And now they're all going to suffer for it. I feel a little bad; mostly for Adalind, and maybe for Rosalee and Juliette, who were all "I told you so" to their dumb, dumb menfolk. And on that note, we should also probably talk about the amazing face Juliette flashed when Nick brought Trubel into their abode. It was pure, "Really? Another F*ing stray?"

At best, Trubel will serve as baggage to cart around for the next episode or two: deadly enough on her own, but too new to the world of Wesen and Grimm to understand the whens and whys of how it works. At worst, she knows more than she's letting on and totally playing Nick for some to-be-revealed-later reason. That bit at the end of the episode was just a little too ominous for my comfort, unless Grimm was going for more of a "Teehee, teenagers are such trouble!" vibe. In which case: no. 

With just three episodes left in the season, Grimm seems no closer to resolving any of its marvelous messes. That's mostly why I'm concerned about Trubel—there's already so much going on in the stories that the show has been meticulously establishing all season. We didn't even get any Monrosalee wedding-planning this week! There's still time, though, and Grimm has always been pretty successful in the mad dash to the finish.


– Adalind desperately making the rounds to literally everyone was so heartbreaking, and how about that exchange with Renard? "I hate you." "I don't blame you." "Help me." "I don't know how." 

– Do you have any predictions percolating for the homestretch of the season? 

– Was Zombie Nick ever actually dealt with or did that whole story just fade away? 

What did you think of "Nobody Knows the Trubel I've Seen"?

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  • Lollipopfop May 02, 2014

    I love that Adelind has her powers back, and I hope she finds Kelly Burkhard and gets even. Or not. But I will actually stop watching if Trubel is a part of the cast. We don't need a Grimmling, especially not a carbon copy of a million other teenage girls with kickboxing superpowers. Why do they all have that same exact "tough", rude, arrogant, know-it-all, bratty personality? I absolutely hate that. Its very played out. Can't one of these super girls be reasonable, polite, and have any humility? Its a desperate bid to get some teenage audience, and it will cost them the viewers in their thirties they have, including me.

  • telytubie Apr 30, 2014

    Has TPTB swept the contract under the carpet so Adalind could get away from selling her baby, have the cake and eat it too for free? Or, are we actually seeing the effect of Adalind breaking the contract.... in that her baby seems to 'favor' someone else, notably when Kelly turned up at Monroe's house. Also, when the baby actually caused a commotion alerting Nick & co of Adalind escaping when they're suppose to slip away quietly.... it occurs to me Adalind may have already lost her child when she signed the contract in blood, like severing their bond/blood-tie even if she keeps the baby in person.

    And what's with the morphing face when she slept.... Was that a hint she's not in full control of her hexenbiest self? Not to undermine 'maternal instinct', I notice Adalind always look way too please and smug every time the baby exhibited her power without a shred of concern for my comfort. IMO, She always look awe, please and smug, in that order.

    I sure hope they're not going to recycle power stripping plot.... how is it that she'd still regain her hexenbiest power with grimm blood in her? How awfully convenient all of the sudden someone knows that makes Nick 'vulnerable'.... Viktor's obviously playing on her desperation. It appears to me Adalind tends to be as manipulative as she's foolish when it comes to getting what she wants. She's quick to give away her child for her power just as she's now mindlessly doing Viktor's bidding to get her back. How ironic. "Anything" indeed!

    Personally I'd prefer her action to have consequences on a wider scope effecting more people (Viktor's plan) than an endless personal vendetta against someone whose action was the result of her own evil doing in the first place!

  • Katerine_M Apr 29, 2014

    I just wanted to give a quick shout-out to the action scene in the car, when Nick's in the backseat with Trubel.

    I always love it when we see some real Grimm action from Nick. Not zombie "superpowers" or wildly swinging weapons around, but action that really looks like Nick is in control. Like this: while I have mixed feelings about Nick conking a confused teenaged girl in the head, it was necessary, and the action was swift, effective, controlled, and not overkill: precisely what I always envisioned good Grimm action to be. :)

  • rpennycuff Apr 29, 2014

    I am not crazy about the idea of a Grimm in training. I mean Nick has enough to deal with at the moment. I really liked this episode but I am not crazy about Trubel and the fact that she may be around for a while.

  • Lollipopfop May 02, 2014

    You may be right. I am so sad about that. I have enjoyed this show so much, i would hate to have to give it up, but I think I would. That last line "Cal me Trouble" convinced me that i would be too irritated by her to enjoy it if I stayed watching.

  • migotka21 Apr 28, 2014

    Renard and Trubel in the same room. What will happen? Any ideas?

  • Lollipopfop May 02, 2014

    What would happen? Renard is on the same side as Nick. Unless Renard had to arrest her for breaking the law, they should have no problem. And if he did, Nick would help. Its not like Renard is anti Grimm in any way. He is the one looking for an alliance with a Grimm against the Royals.

  • migotka21 May 02, 2014

    There's this 1 tiny problem. She doesn't understand Wessen (yet) and from her POV a good Wessen is a dead Wessen. Details like their attitude, alliances and so on are irrelevant. Kill first, check alliances later, right? I'm thinking explosions, knives, lots of blood, Nick-who-didn't-have-time-to-help and similar events. It takes more that 5 seconds to explain that Renard is on the same side and 5 seconds is her reaction time - judging from what we saw last time.

  • ludoTV Apr 28, 2014

    Mary-Anne, you totally nailed the review... Renard, Nick & co were pretty dumb thinking Adalind was just going to take it and not question the Royals or try to make a deal with them. It is also a bit dumb of Victor to not suspect something amiss if Adalind is calling him... Ugh...

    Other than that... I was happy that the 'wessen of the week' turned out to be a young out of control Grimm... and Nick's new room mate! Perhaps she will run Juliette out of town? Please? At any rate Nick's coaching of Trubel could provide some entertainment value... Can't wait for Bud's reaction to her...

  • ABCRobbieB Apr 28, 2014

    Yeh that was really crap, how thick are they, as if she's not going to do whatever it takes to get her baby back, lame, lazy writing.

  • stevei Apr 28, 2014

    You know, even after 2+ seasons, people are all just gaga over Monroe and Rosalee. Well, this show is about Nick Burckhard. He is the main character and everyone else is secondary. I, personally, think Renard is much more central to the story and his relationship with Adalind more important also. I believe the introduction of Trubel will give us a deeper insight into what Grimms are and how they operate, which I welcome; even if we don't see a wedding this year.

  • Katerine_M Apr 27, 2014

    I actually really liked the Trubel arc. And I think it'll tie in nicely with all the other arcs that are going on. My own view: as long as the arcs tie together in some way in the end, the more arcs the merrier. Makes them all the more rewarding when they do tie together. :) And I think the addition of Trubel adds an interesting element to everything else that's going on.

    I'm a little worried about her, though.

    I keep waffling between thinking she's a Royal spy, vs. thinking she's exactly what she appears to be. On the one hand, she did just manage to get into a position where she's gained Nick's absolute trust, in like less than a day.(!) Plus, there's still that mysterious "she" that betrayed Renard to the Royals when he visited Europe, earlier this season (assuming there is a "she," and the traitor is not the man who was interrogating the suspect. He did place an extremely weird emphasis on the word, "her," and then immediately called for the suspect's death).

    OTOH, she was obviously genuinely upset and overwhelmed, even when she was alone, so unless she (Trubel, not the actress who plays her) is an extremely method actress, it's more likely that she's exactly who she appears to be: a troubled teenage girl, who spent a good portion of her life fleeing from monsters that only she could see, who were trying to kill her, without ever knowing what they were or why they were trying to kill her.

    So, assuming she's exactly what she appears, I can see two possible outcomes for her:

    1. She tries for a little while to absorb what Nick has to teach her, before discovering that she really can't reconcile his way of viewing Wesen with her own personal experiences. And Monroe and Rosalee are made to suffer as a result (according to the previews, she officially meets MonRosalee in the next episode). Or Nick is forced to kill her, to save MonRosalee. Or...
    2. (and I think this is actually more likely) She develops a massive crush on Nick. Nick is, after all, the person who just saved her from a lifetime of terror and ignorance. And he's the only person she's ever met who's like her. And he's an authority figure, to boot. And she's a goth teenager. Yeah, I see a massive crush coming. And Juliette is made to suffer as a result, or Nick is forced to kill her, to save Juliette.
    Either way, I don't see this having a happy ending, which is too bad, because I really kind of like her.

  • JenMo73 Apr 27, 2014

    So here's the deal, they should of had a plan to deal with Adalind. Seriously how could she just be ok with her baby being stolen from her? Yes, she's a bad person but if they are protecting her baby then they should of realized how an upset mother would react. Maybe play along with trying to hatch a plan to get Diana from the Royals. A little silly, yes but I'm sure dealing her before she stopped crying would have better than what they will have to deal with now. Also I'm not sure if she will be all that upset when she finds out Momma Grimm has her. She did go to Nick's house asking where Momma Grimm was at. She has some level of trust there. Why not say, "I'll try and contact my mom and we will send her to find Diana"? That might have calmed her for the time being. Now she's going to whatever it takes to get her baby back. I'm sure they will all figure it out.
    Oh and Miss Trubel....she kinda looks like Nick. If she is a sister that will be interesting, but Portland needs only one Grimm. :)

  • ILoveTVandDDsBB Apr 27, 2014

    Thought for a sec it was Bex Taylor-Klaus playing Trubel. It's going to be real interesting now that there's a new grimm to the mix.

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