Grimm "Synchronicity" Review: The Band Is All Together

By MaryAnn Sleasman

Apr 05, 2014

Grimm S03E17: “Synchronicity”

Grimm's past/future struggle was strong with this one, and for once, everything came down to Nick instead of Monrosalee. We've seen Nick take tentative steps toward the future before, shucking Grimm tradition in favor of not blindly killing all the Wesen simply for being Wesen. But with the return of Momma Grimm, Nick's progressive stance on Grimm-Wesen relations was put to the test, and I think we saw Nick come into his own as a Grimm when he stood up to his more seasoned mother, instead of deferring to her more draconian methods of dealing with Adalind, Renard, and their still unnamed Monster Baby. 

As far as Grimms go, Nick is a pretty patient and understanding one, but I think that we can sometimes miss that in the absence of a fellow Grimm to compare him to. When you realize that Nick is actually quite an anomaly, and the Wesen of the world are more accustomed to dealing with Grimms like Nick's mom (or worse), the problem of Nick attending Monroe and Rosalee's wedding makes a lot more sense. That's not to say that it didn't make sense before, because it totally did, but spending some quality time with a more traditional Grimm allows us to see why Monroe's argument that Nick is "different" seems feeble and a little bit naive to his parents. Papa Monroe doesn't look quite so paranoid and unhinged anymore. 

Kelly Burkhardt isn't even a particularly ruthless Grimm, but compared to her son, she certainly walks a narrower path, with an air of "I am the Grimm in the room, therefore I am in charge" about her. She approaches a mission with only one outcome in mind—the completion of that mission. Why talk to Renard and Adalind about their baby when she can just take the baby? 

Monroe and Rosalee explained to Nick that when Wesen see him in their woged forms, it's the darkness in his eyes that gives him away and causes them all manner of horror and discomfort, but given the history of Grimms and their previous operating protocols, it's hard to blame Wesen for being jumpy even without the soulless eyes thing. As a result, Nick is going to wear sunglasses to the wedding. Simple, but effective, until he trips on a rock or something. 

Anyway, Adalind is back in Portland! Because no one is ever going to think to look for her in Portland! I really think that if Kelly knew who Adalind actually was, she would've selected a different city to hide her in, and with that, I'm a little surprised that uber-Grimm Kelly didn't bother to learn more about her target before bringing her into her freaking son's house, but eh, Adalind is back with her snark fully recharged, so whatever. Rookie mistake, Momma Grimm, and while I'm sure things will get messy for the next few weeks, they'll probably all work out in the end. 

The two concurrent stories running through this episode are where the hour got its name: "Synchronicity" is the apparent relationship between two or more events that otherwise have no connection. Monrosalee's nuptial arrangements comes off as quaint and cute, a domestic break in all the running and hiding and slaughtering of Royals, but when you look at it in the context of the rest of this season, their wedding-planning woes are just as high-stakes as Grimm's more intense storylines. There have been times when the traditional versus nontraditional, progressive versus conservative, old versus new sentiments have been overwhelming this season, but not without purpose. Monroe and Rosalee's wedding represents the ultimate unity between traditionally incompatible Wesen and the historically incompatible Wesen and Grimm. We've seen so many examples of Wesen who strive to escape the role traditionally reserved for them, and now, we're seeing that progressiveness extend to Grimms as well. Throw in an apparent Monster-Messiah baby for good measure and we're clearly headed for one hell of a finale—and given that we already know NBC has renewed Grimm for a fourth season, the future is looking bright for the series as we head into Season 3's homestretch. 


– Aww. Have we ever actually seen Renard smile before? 

– I totally forgot that Renard is supposed to be some kind of bad(ish) guy. Kinda glad to be getting back to that. Kind hoping Renard proves everyone wrong. 

– LOL @ Adalind's "Oh my god." 

– Poor Adalind. No wonder she ran to Renard. Literally no one cares about her except in relation to Monster Baby. 

What'd you think of "Synchronicity"?

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  • Ninjaandy May 03, 2014

    This show has gotten much, much better in the last half of this season. In fact all of season 3 has been great. Pity they wasted much of season 2 with the Juliet nonsense.

    Heck, season 3's been so good, I even kinda like Juliet now.

  • JohnPeterson5 Apr 25, 2014

    This episode (along with Ep. 17) was hilarious, in a good way. The constant run of synchronicity (I'm a big Carl Jung fan) and everyone's reactions to the seemingly endless chain of improbable events was priceless. A most quotable double episode:

    Nick: Well, I guess she doesn't know who you are either since you killed her mother.
    Kelly: Oh, right. Yeah. I'd forgotten about that.

    Nick: Did you kill the driver?
    Kelly: Why would I do that?
    Nick: Just checking.

    Renaud: Well, you did sleep with my brother.
    Adalind: And you slept with my mother.
    Renaud: I suppose we belong together.

    Munroe: Wait a minute, didn't your Mom kill her Mom.
    Nick: Yeah, but Adalind doesn't know that.
    Kelly: For the record, she fell on a shard of glass.

    Nick: I'll tell you the rest when we get there.
    Munroe: There's more?
    Nick: A little bit.

    Nick: They're going to wonder what happened to their FBI agent.
    Munroe: Wha ... FBI agent? Ye ... never mind.

    Hank: That's not a woman you want to have a baby with. Who's the idiot father?

    I guess I'm one of the few Claire Coffee fans here in Grimmville. I love the way she pushes Nick's buttons and the way she plays Adalind as an unlikely mix of ingenue and hell bitch. I always thought she and Nick would make an interesting (to say the least) couple.

  • Copioli Apr 22, 2014

    I hate Adalind so much...I want her dead or at least power deprived again.

  • Akyriel Apr 10, 2014

    I wonder how long the show's creators knew how Wesen see Grimms. It took them long enough to reveal it, but it should have actually been done earlier by having Nick's eyes change, as seen by a Wesen. At least they have most always shown that the Wesen seem to realize Nick is a Grimm when they change into creature form, so it is consistent.

    Juliette needs to go back to her job. She's a vet, right, so when does she ever work? Maybe they can develop her into a Wesenarian. She could study and learn how to treat Wesen and do so with a Wesen doctor/healer of some kind, if not on her own. Wesen are animal related, so why not? Give her something more important to be.

  • ILoveTVandDDsBB Apr 10, 2014

    It was good to finally learn how the wesen can tell that Nick's a grimm

  • Sugar2U Apr 10, 2014

    Well we saw the dress (UGLY) so A, the dress will get destroyed before the wedding ( my hope ) or B, there will be NO wedding... we NEVER see the dress before the wedding.. I am soooo glad Renard and Adalind are back together AND the girl will be named DESTINY ( I think )

  • rpennycuff Apr 08, 2014

    This was a very interesting episode. I loved seeing Rosealee in the wedding dress. She is going to be a lovely bride. I also liked when Renard is introduced to his daughter. I am looking forward to the next episode.

  • GenisVell Apr 07, 2014

    When I was watching the episode, before they revealed what Nick looks like to Wesen, I said, "He should wear sunglasses to cover his eyes. They are too blue to be normal!"

  • Katerine_M Apr 07, 2014

    It depends on the lighting. If he's indoors, his eyes are actually very green. :)

  • SmileyJess Apr 07, 2014

    Wouldn't coloured contacts work better than sunglasses? They'd probably be a lot less conspicuous. Unless the darkness MonRosalie was referring to also affects the whites of the eyes.

  • Katerine_M Apr 07, 2014

    I think that, even if it were just the irises and not the corneas, contacts would still only work, if it were just a matter of Nick's eyes changing color. But what Monroe described sounded, to me at least, like Nick's eyes become soulless pits of Hell. The fact that Wesen see their true, darkest, Wesen nature, reflected in his eyes, sounds like there's a lot more to it than just Nick's eyes changing color.

    In fact, as an analogy, Wesen being able to tell Nick's a Grimm, is probably about as related to Nick's actual eye color, as being able to taste is related to our taste buds (i.e. not very... you do need taste buds in order to taste, but most tasting actually takes place in our noses).

    My guess: the only reason that even the sunglasses worked (when looking at them head-on... Monroe and Rosalee didn't even try looking at him from the side!) was that they couldn't see his eyes at all.

    As a side note: I wonder what this will mean in terms of Nick's wearing sunglasses all the time. I hope not; Nick is kind of a reserved character, and most of his feelings come through in his eyes. The actor who plays him really excels at that, and if we (the audience) can't see his eyes, that takes away from most of his performance.

  • bubujin_2 Apr 07, 2014

    You know Adalind is going to be a bad Hexenbiest mamma when she drives off in a stolen truck without putting her precious Magic Baby in a proper infant carrier/seat. But guess will have to chalk that up to sleep deprivation and (turbo)jet lag.

    Actually after our first introductions to Adalind I'm kinda liking her character now, and am hoping that mammahood will turn her from a path of pure evil.

    And might it be sort of cool if Hexenbiest Magic Baby and the Grimm somehow unite? If not for 100% Good but at least for some sort of positive New World Order among the Wesen, et al.?

    The sunglasses solution as a way for Nick to be the best man was certainly glib and cheesy after this many seasons have passed. But I'll go with it. Of course I'm going to be looking for a completely over the top wedding episode that also manages to culminate in Nick and (sure, why not?) Juliette becoming god parents to Magic Baby. With the Nick-Adalind blood tie this has got to happen!

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