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  • 8.5

    Catching up late off of DVDs

    By rkoenn, Feb 07, 2013

    I only started watching this show late last fall and have seen all the season 2 episodes so far so I just picked up the DVD set off eBay for $11. Last night I watched the pilot episode and know I will enjoy the entire first season based on that one. Being a fan of fantasy and scifi I find this show a lot of fun. I like the premise and throwing it in with a detective theme works great. I am a fan of the Dresden files books and like that show during its' brief run and this show has some common elements. The first episode introduced Nick and his partner and set him up discovering that he is a "Grimm," a hunter of evil creatures that exist unbeknownst in our world. This premise certainly lends itself to good story possibilities. This first episode was very good as Nick discovers his inborn capabilities when another Grimm, his aunt, shows up and is almost killed by a wolf/beast. She also brings along the trailer full of weapons and information on what inhabits this creature world that is coexisting with the normal world. I am looking forward to watching the entire season one and can fairly well assume it will probably get better.moreless

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  • 7.5

    1.01 '''PILOT' = Not bad, not exactly new or fresh ...

    By Edie70, Jan 17, 2013

    I think it was pretty decent, not the best one as I said. But I liked the special effects and the Pilot was good overall. And I loved Kate Burton guest starring as Marie, she is always a scene stealer, happy to see that she will appear in one more episode to say the least. Tim Bagley had also this new kind of character to play with, he always plays the funny guys and now this weirdo. And the end of the episode surprised me in a great way - what a cool cliff. 7,5/10moreless

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  • 5.0

    Oh come on, it wasn't THAT bad!

    By Saoirse, Jan 08, 2013

    All right, I know I'm late, but I only got the season 1 boxed set the other day...

    I did watch the pilot when it aired originally, and yes I thought it was clich city, but I stayed with it, and it's been well worth the ride.

    I don't recall seeing a show where the pilot episode was the best. episode. ever. They serve a purpose - these are the characters, here's some backstory, this is what the show is about... and in that, the pilot does it's job perfectly well.


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  • 7.0

    Somewhat predictable, but enjoyable.

    By Lady_Lancaster, Sep 30, 2012

    Every new show is going to take some time to find its feet and this one will be no exception. Building a fan base is always difficult, especially when the majority of the actors concerned aren't all that well known. As for this episode, the beginning was quite good, even though the actors seemed a little bit lost. The middle seemed to get a bit 'confused' but they straightened it out again at the end. I will reserve judgement on the show overall until I have seen a few more episodes but so far, it's quite watchable, even if the premise isn't a new one.moreless

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    The Grimm adventures of Nick and Hank.... ????

    By spiffysiren, Jan 26, 2012

    I just watched the Pilot of Grimm, like most people I cant help compare it to Supernatural its clear that's what the producers are aiming for. Personally I found the Pilot mediocre but aren't all pilots cringy when we look back at them after watching a show for a few years?

    I think what the pilot is lacking is comedy, they need someone like Dean to lighten the mood. We did get a snipped of this with Silas Weir Mitchell (that funny wolf guy who's name you cant remember) is it wrong that I'm hoping the aunt dies and Nick (that tv version of Brandon Routh) Has no one to turn to except Wolf guy? It would make the show that little bit more interesting. Instead of assassinating the characters like many others have I'll simply say that they need a little more work, but hey that's what a whole season is for to build the characters.

    I'm still on the fence about this show what's keeping me watching is David Greenwalt I love him from Buffy/Angel he wrote a few of my favorite episodes so this gives me hope that Grimm has potential! oh and Sasha Roiz as the big bad that doesn't hurt.

    All in all the pilot was so so it has potential to be interesting but its also forgettable which can lead to it being cancelled. I hope they stick to keeping the show dark with touches of humor, build more interesting characters and of course that they stray off the beaten path and make the show unique and not a carbon copy of Supernatural.


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  • 7.0

    On the plus side of meh ...

    By lilmisstx, Dec 30, 2011

    Of course, like many others, I immediately thought: Producers are trying to come up with another Supernatural. Sorry folks, not possible. Supernatural is ... well ... SUPERNATURAL, a show that for us fans has indelibly left a mark.

    That said, Grimm was not bad. I don't think the acting sucked, rather I think the pilot was hurried in order to get the main story out. The wolf guy was funny, so that gives me hope too. The story line was okay and I think it has hope.

    Only time will tell for sure, but I'm on the side of giving it a chance.


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    This show S U C K E D big time.

    By CrystalNelson1, Dec 10, 2011

    The acting is soooooooooooo bad, the characters are so boring. The actors fell into telling, the didn't understand their relationships. This show is BAD with a capital B. The storyline is lame. And it has no connections with fairytales. I know all about the Grimm Brother's stories, I know it's dark, and shows the reality of the dark side of life, but it just didn't make sense to me about fighting demons and things.

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    Thanks, but no thanks.

    By frostbite200, Dec 10, 2011

    I'll get right to it. Most of the acting in this pilot was terrible, they may improve over time and I hope they do, but they kept taking me out of the scenes. Though it would be unfair to say all of them missed the mark,Silas Weir Mitchell and Sasha Roiz both very exceptions.

    The dialogue and pacing also just never seemed to work, while the cinematography is insanely good, the atmosphere and tension are entirely absent. With all the parallels to the CW show Supernatural, I pondered how good their pilot was, and while first episode show was not perfect, it had far more potential to capitalise on then Grimm does, and it did, where in Grimm case it's fighting an up hill battle. Good luck, to those who enjoyed it. I'm out.moreless

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  • 6.0

    It lost me already, it just didn't hold my attention.

    By bergerac, Nov 08, 2011

    Early reviews had not looked promising and it wasn't expected to stick so I wasn't even sure I wanted to get into Grimm and then risk it getting canceled. But I finally watched it but by the end I was puttering around my living room while the tv was on in the background.

    John Rogers, the creator of Leverage, my favorite show, said "People only pay attention when they care." And I didn't care while I was watching Grimm. John Rogers also said "People love a good story, but really they're watching because they love the characters." This philosophy shows on Leverage because I love the characters, right from the very beginning I loved all five of them. But on Grimm I don't care about them and so I stopped paying attention. If I don't care what happens to Nick why should I keep watching to see what happens to him? I also wasn't into the story either, it felt like old news.

    @doctorwho747 Sure no pilots are perfect, but there's a difference between doing something I like imperfectly and doing something I don't like imperfectly. All shows are judged on their imperfect pilots, that's how people tell whether or not they want to get into a show. They shouldn't have to keep watching a show when they didn't like the pilot. Can you imagine if we had to keep watching every show whose pilot we didn't like? Why should we do that for Grimm if we don't do that for every other show?

    I've seen many comments from people who weren't sure they liked it after the pilot but are going to give it a few more episodes. I on the other hand am sure I don't like it and watching it more would only bore me more. It's not that I thought it wasn't perfect and that's why I will stop watching it. If I thought it had potential I would give it time to fix the flaws. I just don't like it in general, the same way I know I don't like Brussel sprouts and eating more of them would not make me like them more. Whereas when I watched the Supernatural pilot it was like eating chocolate. I cared about Sam and Dean right away, I was riveted to the screen the whole time and I knew I would love the show. And their pilot wasn't perfect either, no one's is.

    Also, don't blame us for comparing it to Supernatural or having to choose between the two. Blame NBC because it made a show that obviously copies Supernatural, that is not as good as Supernatural, and put it on at the same time as Supernatural. By making the two similar shows compete for the same fans it is forcing us to choose. Sure there are DVRs but I already watch Supernatural live and DVR Fringe. The only reason I could DVR the pilot is because Fringe wasn't on.

    So I do have to choose and I'm choosing Supernatural hands down because it does it so much better. Just compare the two opening scenes from their pilots. In Grimm some random jogger they have told us absolutely nothing about is running along, I totally knew she was going to be jumped even though there was no build-up of suspense, and when it did happen there was no action. It was over in the blink of an eye, all you see is a blur as it is carried off camera and it was all very ho-hum. The scene was facile and uninspired; it was like they didn't put any thought into it. It was nothing more than "We need to establish something is killing women in red hoodies and plant the Eurythmics song, so jogger gets jumped, iPod falls to ground, okay done! Moving on." All they did was move the story from point A to point B, and it was boring. They didn't even bother to make it scary.

    In Supernatural we meet the Winchesters and we see they're a loving family as they put Sammy to bed and I immediately cared about them. Then there's this tense build-up when the clock stops and the lights start flickering and the toys over Sammy's crib start moving. Mary goes in to check on him and she sees a dark figure by the crib. Thinking it's John she starts to go back to bed but then goes to investigate some flickering lights at the end of the hallway. Then she hears noise downstairs and goes to check it out and realizes that John is asleep in front of the tv and it was not John in her son's room! She races back and we hear her scream! John rushes in but sees nothing. Then drops of blood start pattering down and he looks up and sees with horror that his wife is pinned to the ceiling and gutted!!! She erupts into flames so John grabs the baby and rushes out into the hallway where he puts Sammy in Dean's arms and says the immortal words: "Take your brother outside as fast as you can! Don't look back! Now, Dean, go!" He goes back to try and save Mary but is met with an exploding wall of fire! I just watched it again so I could describe it, and it seriously gave me chills even though I had seen it several times before. And I will never forget how much I was going "Holy Crap!" when I saw it the first time. It completely floored me, I had absolutely no idea what was going to happen from one second to the next.

    Not only was the whole scene scary and shocking and dramatic and tragic, but it also set up the heart and soul of the show about a family broken by the supernatural murder of the mother, plunged into a world where monsters are real, and two brothers who keep pulling each other out of the fire. I was very invested in what happened to the Winchesters from that moment on.

    Those two scenes sum up the difference between the two pilots and the two shows for me. Although Grimm is set in the same world as Supernatural, the story they are telling within it doesn't excite or even interest me and they didn't give me reason to care about the characters or feel emotionally invested in their journey. Grimm felt to me like a boring version of something that has already been done before. So it's not because the two shows are "similar" that I don't like Grimm, it's on the contrary because Grimm has a completely different approach to storytelling and character creation, and one I don't like at all. It feels like the Supernatural writers are digging deep to find the heart and soul of the story and the characters, whereas the Grimm writers are just connecting the dots on the surface. Supernatural was able to give me tons of heart and soul in its pilot so if Grimm didn't, either it doesn't care about heart and soul or it royally sucks at it. And without the heart and soul I just don't care enough about the story or the characters to keep watching.

    I just came across a quote from Lost creator J.J. Abrams, about Supernatural creator Eric Kripke, whose new series Revolution Abrams is producing. Abrams said Kripke "is deeply concerned about character, back story, the emotional lives of the people he's writing. It's something I really appreciate." It's something I really appreciate too, and what I feel is lacking in Grimm.moreless

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