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Quotes (5)

  • Nick: Hank, what are you doing?
    Hank: Testing out the new equipment and getting a picture of you while you're still young and innocent.
    Nick: Oh, well, I'm getting married once, not four times.
    Hank: Oh, you're a happily ever after guy.
    Nick: Yeah.

  • Hank: What's that song?
    Nick: Sweet Dreams.
    Hank: Eurythmics. One of their better. "Sweet dreams are made of these. Who am I to disagree?"
    Nick: I didn't know you couldn't sing.

  • Dr. Rose: Did you know about the scars?
    Nick: What scars?
    Dr. Rose: A lot of them look like knife wounds. They're all over her body. What line of work was she in?
    Nick: She was a librarian.

  • Monroe: Look, I don't want anymore trouble, okay? I'm not that kind of Blutbad. I don't kill anymore, I haven't in years
    Nick: Wait. What did you say you were?
    Monroe: Blutbad. Vulgarized by your ancestors as "the big bad wolf." What, did you just get the books tonight?
    Nick: You know about the books?
    Monroe: Of course I know about the books. We all know about the books. You people started profiling us over 200 years ago. But as you can see, I am not that big, and I am done with the bad thing.
    Nick: Well, how do you...?
    Monroe: How do I stay good? Through a strict regimen of diet, drugs, and Pilates. I'm a reformed Blutbad, a Wieder Blutbad. It's a different church altogether.
    Nick: You guys go to church?
    Monroe: Sure. Don't you?

  • Nick: What's that?
    Monroe: Wolfsbane. So he won't scent us.
    Nick: You're kidding me, right?
    Monroe: Not if you want to stay alive.

Notes (3)

  • Music: Sweet Dreams (Eurythmics, Marlyn Manson)

  • Injoke: Jogging victim Sylvie Oster shares her initials and last name with series producer Steve Oster.

  • International Airdates:
    Canada: October 28, 2011 on CTV
    Sweden: November 17, 2011 on TV6
    Australia: January 4, 2012 on F0X8
    UK: February 13, 2012 on Watch
    New Zealand: June 18, 2012 on FOUR
    Czech Republic: September 17, 2012 on Prima COOL
    Germany: February 18, 2013 on Vox

Trivia (1)

  • When Monroe stops his Volkswagen on the bridge, he turns the headlights off, but in the next two shots (from the side), the VW's lights are still on. The shot after (where Monroe and Nick are fording the stream), the VW's lights are off again.