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    From Greece with love

    By anitsakitsolaki, 23 hours ago

    is one of the best series that have never ... shame in Greece is presented by a domestic channel and must be seen online every time

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    The monsters we love!

    By ErosMakelaris, Yesterday

    It's a wonderfully balanced blend of mystery, humor, fairy tail and supernatural adventure. Well scripted and with good performances by main and supporting characters - that make it happen!

    Grimm it's good entertainment. It's time well invested!

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    Can't wait for the Next Season!

    By shaikhan89, Oct 01, 2014

    you are obviously the only one who thinks that, this show has been nothing but great, the suspense, thrill and creative ideas put in are just amazing. It keeps you hooked wanting more and more and the storyline is getting better and better by the minute. I'm sorry my friend but this show did deliver, and i like many other fans can't wait to see the next season!

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    Just Awful

    By FactNotOpinion, Sep 14, 2014

    I was really looking forward to the first season of Grimm. I thought "finally, something edgy, original and slightly spooky on prime time TV". I was so disappointed! Even the names on this show are silly. No effort was put into being creative here. The whole "face change" stunt is so overused it has become boring. I wanted so much to love Grimm. It promised but didn't deliver.

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    When's the next season coming out?

    By BrooksMcVey, Sep 03, 2014

    I want season 4 and i want it now

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    NEVER AGAIN!!! (spoiler alert!)

    By xanderodell, Jun 18, 2014

    if you have just started watching Grimm this is a warning... never ever! ever! ever! watch the last episode of the season until the next season starts. if you're like me you are only going to get pissed off. Grimm always ends its Seasons with a cliffhanger. Season 01, Juliet Faints and a mysterious girl is called MOM!? Season 02, Nick gets kidnapped and now Season 03, Nick loses his Grimm powers. next season, ill be better prepared! bwahahahaha

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    great show

    By terryscannell85, Jun 01, 2014

    i have only just started watching this near the end of season one. this show should have a higher profile, from what i have seen it looks great and i can see the many different avenues it can go with the storytelling.

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    Fantastic show ever !!!

    By cavall15, May 21, 2014

    Great TV show !!! Waiting for Season 4 !!!! Every Character is fantastic , Great Job 10+ !!

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    Love that they have introduce girl Grimm

    By jodieackman, May 11, 2014

    I think you need to fix wed sight

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    Out of this world!

    By liberatedd, May 01, 2014

    This show is beyond fantastic! The plot, characters, they are all great! :D

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