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    Grimm goes all Young and the Restless!!

    By scifi-wifi, Yesterday

    This is the biggest mistake they've made with the show since the voiceover intro for Season 2!!

    We've just watched S5 E7 and can't believe what they've done to its' filming technique! It looked as if they'd spent loads of money to film this episode in UltraHD but decided (as such) to lower the everything else to the standard of a really poor daytime soap (sorry for naming TYATR, but it was the only example I could think of!!).

    The action scenes were poor (as was any movement across the screen) and became blurry/ghosting at times. The start of a lot of the scenes seemed to be too staged - no flow to them as there used to be - with the thought going through my head that the editing was really poor. The acting seemed too 'plasticky'... as if (sometimes) they were too aware that this was a new filming technique for the show. The storyline we just couldn't follow as we were so 'engrossed' with the terrible videoing style.

    I don't think we can blame the actors at all as they've been doing the show for 5 years now so someone else must've made (or had their arms twisted by a really bad Wesen) to make really unnecessary and standard-lowering changes to the way the show is filmed now. All you have to do is compare E6 & E7 and you can see so clearly that there is no continuity in the video department!!

    Please, please, PLEASE!!.... bring back the old style of filming... acting... EVERYTHING!!! It worked so well and helped build up the atmosphere as each episode went along. If it carries on being like this for the rest of the season it will be a massive mistake and lose so many loyal fans.moreless

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    Grimm s5 ep7

    By Yvonner7041, 3 days ago

    I couldn't believe what I was watching, the production of the show went from cinematic to cheap Australian soap opera and somehow the actors' lines seemed corny! I was embarrassed for them. And Nick getting it on with Adalind? The woman who singlehandedly almost destroyed his life? It's insane! Do they have new writers? Iv watched Grimm since the pilot and it's my favourite show, but I'll stop watching it if it doesn't improve. And Juliette died. End of story. Her appearance is completely ridiculous. And I never cared for her character, or her taste in clothes . Change it or bin it.moreless

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    What's happened to Grimm? episode 7

    By Phildavey2, Feb 06, 2016

    We were eagerly awaiting the return of season 5 but episode 7 was laughable. The production standards have gone to hell. It looked like a cheap '80s daytime soap, think Falcon Crest, Far too many close ups and long pointless one to ones. The dialogue was puerile. The actors looked embarrassed to be spouting this rubbish. If it doesn't get back to it's usual high standard I'm afraid it will lose two previously avid viewers.

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    Grimm filming changes

    By Science16, Feb 04, 2016

    I love this programme but I hope this new filming method is a trial because I found it unbearable to watch , it's awful . I will stop watching it because it hurts my eyes , it's juddery and wierd .... not nice ! Sort it out please .

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    Bad filming on Grimm series 5 EP 7?

    By ZaskerLe, Feb 04, 2016

    What happened to the filming of the latest Grimm episode? It looks cheap and tacky more like a soap opera or hand filmed HD camera. For those of you with a good Sony flatscreen TV you may recognise this as the effect of motion flow on the highest setting. This causes all programmes and movies to look the same, plastic, almost fake even, its smoothness makes it look unrealistic and very very cheap. I have that feature turned off on my tv as I'm not a fan of it. Not sure what happened to the filming of this but hope it was a mistake or just testing the water as it was difficult to watch and not enjoyable what so ever. The sound is also terrible, seemed very forced and the separation on the surround system had very little effect, only sund to be really heard was the center speaker. I've bought all seasons so far on blu-ray but if they start looking like this I won't be buying any more.moreless

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    You're ruining it

    By ripz69, Feb 04, 2016

    Whatever you've done with the new series, please stop. The new filming techniques and sound track are making it like watching a cheap and cheerful c grade under budget remake. There's no excitement with the new layout and it's positively off putting to someone who has watched avidly since the first episode of season 1. What made it goods gone so please go back to the old layout before I can't stand it any longer and stop watching.

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    Cheap TV Now

    By hrd260, Feb 03, 2016

    I watched the latest episode, (S5 Ep7) and it was like watching an American TV soap, cheap acting, dialogue and sets and appears to have benn done with video tape. What a comedown from what was a great series. I had to watch this episode in 2 parts because I gave up half way through. Bring back the way it was made in the past then maybe I will believe in the series again.

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    Till s4 it was good but after fifth man it hit the the skies unfortunately those were skies of hell....

    By Loki222, Feb 02, 2016

    Rubbish mean nicks girl was dedicated for her for so long... even in effects of potion she didn't had any sex with the captain... and he goes and take side for the protection of hexinbitch; ) and that chance child with her man if i were any vexin i'd kill him for the crime of being

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    Grimm season 5

    By Estellestar, Feb 02, 2016

    What's happened the quality is terrible was the budget cut, the filming quality is terrible and the sound is ametuer at best really awful? ????????

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    Awah this is rubbish

    By Rachieg, Feb 02, 2016

    What have they done s 5 ep 7 and it feels all weird like I am watching home and away in 1980s. What has changed are they now on a limited budget ?

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