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    Nick needs his mojo back

    By linewton, Nov 15, 2014

    Or the trouble with Trubels. Lets get the show back on . It's losing its focus.

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    Juliette character needs to improve

    By JusWatchng, Nov 10, 2014

    The writers need to move the Juliette character out of soap opera mode and move her into Grimm-mode. The writers started her off nicely accepting Nick as a Grimm and having her help Nick's mother and the Resistance - but then she has become this simpering idiot without a backbone who goes behind Nick's back to Monroe and Rosalee "suggesting" their relationship would be better if they did not help Nick get his "Grimm-ness" back? Really? She can't speak to Nick about that? Or about the spell that made him lose his powers instead implying he cheated on her? Again - really? She knows what he is and she knows his life if based on him being a Grimm. Rather than try to change him, she should leave him or get with the program. The writers need to make her a character part of the Grimm universe - which is what the story is about. Perhaps that's what they are trying to do now that she knows Nick has special cornea and that it is Nick needs to get his powers back - SOON!!moreless

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    Not another soap opera please

    By aa915, Nov 08, 2014

    Can we not have another soap opera plotline involving Juliet? I barely endured through the last one. Either get her on board or get rid of her. The girfriend-as-drag is such a tired trope. Which brings me to the other tired cliche--the bad girl/boy with the heart of gold with the sad backstory (usually an abusive childhood, preferably as a foster child) who only our hero understands. Sound familiar? It's as though they had one original idea and then petered out and are now resorting to every TV cliche in the book.moreless

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    Grimm has lost it's way

    By tllarge, Nov 01, 2014

    Juliette and Trubel have to go. This show was better when Juliette forgot who Nick was and Monroe was funny. Very disappointing

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    return nick's power damn it!!

    By ScibianThanas, Nov 01, 2014

    as the title states... I can't wait!!!

    I'm gonna stop watching till the power is back on!!

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    I used to love this show. Now we have Trubel. And Nick isn't a Grimm? This turned into Buffy.

    By Lollipopfop, Oct 27, 2014

    This show has turned into a power chick show. I don't mind that, but there are toil many of them all ready. I don't need a second rate version of Buffy here.

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  • 9.5

    The monsters we love!

    By ErosMakelaris, Oct 25, 2014

    Very good comeback! Nice, captivating twists, that create an atmosphere of suspense and anticipation.

    It's a wonderfully balanced blend of mystery, humor, fairy tail and supernatural adventure. Well scripted and with good performances by main and supporting characters - that make it happen!

    Grimm it's good entertainment. It's time well invested!

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    The title of the show is GRIMM NOT Used to be a GRIMM

    By BenjaminDover1275, Oct 24, 2014

    I don't like this story line where detective Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli) loses his power. I love the show BECAUSE he has Grimm powers. NBC needs to get off this story line -- - - NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    From Greece with love

    By anitsakitsolaki, Oct 21, 2014

    is one of the best series that have never ... shame in Greece is presented by a domestic channel and must be seen online every time

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    Can't wait for the Next Season!

    By shaikhan89, Oct 01, 2014

    you are obviously the only one who thinks that, this show has been nothing but great, the suspense, thrill and creative ideas put in are just amazing. It keeps you hooked wanting more and more and the storyline is getting better and better by the minute. I'm sorry my friend but this show did deliver, and i like many other fans can't wait to see the next season!

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