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    Decent show.

    By dmarex, Aug 28, 2010

    In a sea of various sitcoms, this one really stood out because it had a different format than the others. The reason why I liked it was because of the way they told the story. I would lie if I said that I wanted the show to go on, because I felt that they told everything they could have in their five seasons.

    The character were very great - each one of them had something that I really loved and what caused me to tune back every time it aired: Sean's protectiveness and the fact that he always got into trouble; Claudia being a sexy mom, yet acting like a teenager at time; Jimmy and Henry growing up into young men, each in their own way - I preferred Henry because he was really quirky. The only character that I didn't really like that much was Eddie. Lily was also an okay character, kinda annoying at times, but otherwise tolerable. Also, Brad was a great addition to the cast.

    I loved the show during its 90-or-so episodes, and it is definitely one of the better sitcoms - still, it is kinda lost in the sea of other sitcoms.moreless

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    a hilrious family show

    By cube2k8, May 06, 2010

    grounded for life is a very disfunatal family that takes place in new york and the kids are always getting into trouble and the dad is sorta really bad at raising his kids but he does the best he can with them . it involes alot like most family show problems and stories that make you want to laugh alot and make you say omg i cant belive that just happend. the show was hit a for awhile and then things just died down . but i watched all the eps of the show and enjoyed them alot so i gave this show a 8moreless

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    An Irish Catholic family goes through funny stories in New York.

    By Baycityrookie, Aug 09, 2008

    Sean and Claudia Finnerty live in Staten Island, New York. They have 3 kids; Lily, Jimmy, and Henry. Also living with them and stopping by is Sean's father Walt Finnerty and Sean's brother Eddie Finnerty. I started watching the show when it debuted on Fox and I thought it was really funny. It was a good show to kill time with when nothing better was on. It was a good comedy with funny plots. I guess people just never picked up on it or they didn't find it when it was on. The show was different to me, The plot a lot of times had actually happened in the past and they were discussing about it in the present, till they caught up and figured out what to do. When the show moved to CW, It was on Friday nights, and I was never around to see it and it was eventually canceled. Overall I graded it a 7.5 out of 10.moreless

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    The Finnerty's yell and argue there way to family joy

    By addict666, May 31, 2008

    This show is really funny and realistic in an outrageous kind of way. Sean, the head of the family, is really hilarious and all of his yelling and irrational decision making leads to a lot of really funny situations. His constant fights with Sister Helen are classic and are really hilarious. Claudia is great as the teenage mother at 30 who is trying to deal with all the craziness around her. Eddie adds so much comedy to this show with all of his shady dealings and his crazy girlfriends. I love how he ends up with Crazy Amy at the end who mixes really well with his personality.

    The kids are also really great. Henry the youngest added a lot of easy humor to the show and he was at his best when he was on the drug squad and trying to bust his father. Jimmy's character develops a lot from the dorky youth whose afraid of everything to the dorky horny teen. He gave that character depth even thought my description didn't.

    And finally Lily who was as outrageous as Sean in this series and she brings a lot of humor to the show. A lot of times when women are in comedies they only play off the other characters but she creates a lot of humor on her own. I loved all of her boyfriends especially Dean and Brad. Brad was a constant on the show that led to a lot of great moments.

    Overall a really great family comedy that is more grown up.moreless

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    Grounded for Life

    By Aria427, Apr 11, 2008

    Sean Finnerty and his lovely wife, Claudia, became parents right out of high school. Now 32, they struggle to keep their lives (and three children) under control. Claudia is a hostess at a swank restaurant, and Sean works in the subway tunnels. Working 9 to 5 and having three kids to maintain isn't an easy task, but they're doing the best that they can. Oldest daughter Lily, 14, is more than a handful. At that age where she thinks the world revolves around her, Lily devours the majority of the Finnerty's free time. Her little brother, Jimmy, is bookish to say the least, and stays out of trouble -- for the most part. And then there's the baby of the family, Henry, who's just a little off. Hyperactive and mischievous, Henry is usually secondary when it comes to problematic children.

    Helping Sean and Claudia deal with the brood is Sean's father, Walt, a crotchety man whose idea of a learning experience is teaching the boys how to dig a hole. If he hadn't been a father, he would have been a drill sergeant. Also helping to lighten the load is Sean's younger brother, Eddie, an unemployed stoner who spends his time hanging out with friends and "unknowingly" selling beepers to drug dealers.

    Over its first season the show evolved a unique take on standard sitcom structure. Each episode begins with a family crisis "explained" in flashbacks from various character's points of view, often overlapping, sometimes contradicting each other as we learn to distinguish what the narrators THINK happened from what we eventually learn REALLY happened. Since the Finnertys are at least nominally practicing Catholics, this usually involves issues of blame, responsibility, and guilt, guilt, guilt.

    In the third season, Grandpa Walt was phased out of the show (though he may appear in upcoming episodes). Sean and Eddie pooled their money and bought a bar (which Eddie initially intended to torch for the insurance money), which becomes the home away from home for the family. Music plays a big role in this series. Original music was written/performed by Ben Vaughn and Ween. The majority of the titles of the episodes are derived from pop songs.

    Grounded for Life is a great comedy movie.moreless

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  • 8.2

    Nice show.

    By crzza, Apr 05, 2008

    "Grounded for Life" is a live action sitcom that now airs on ABC Family. It centers around a blue collar family. It has a laugh track that sometimes doesnt fit the show and I have to take off for that. I still liek it though. I have whatever episode they offered for download on itunes on my ipod and i sometime tend to watch it alot, sometimes not. Sometimes im really in to it, sometimes im not. The comedy is really funny though. i love it so much. its the best thing of the show. I hate that it got canceledmoreless

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  • 9.0

    This was a great but under appreciated series!

    By aesgaard41, Apr 03, 2008

    Started out on FOX, became a hit, canceled by FOX, rescued by WB, dropped by the WB, syndicated by FOX Family.... this wonderful, funny show has been struggling for a long time for the respect it deserves. It's not a bad show; it's actually quite under-appreciated, but then, only the fans seem to love it. It had a revolutionary style that started with the end and then flashed back on the events that got them there. The back story was that Donal Logue, the happy go-lucky husband, and Megyn Price, the hot-looking wife, were teenage parents trying to get by with their demurely sexy daughter Lynsey Bartilson and feuding sons, Griffin Frazen and Jake Burbage (who mysteriously vanished but still spoken of just before the last season). Their lives were tested by the idiot brother, Uncle Eddie, a possible shady character who didn't understand why he was always in trouble, played by Kevin Corrigan; while Sean just never tured round and beat the crap out of him I'll never know. Richard Reihle, the widowed father with out-dated parenting tips and Bret Harrison, the kind of nerdy and socially-inept neighbor kid with the hots for the daughter. The show had a surprisingly winning formula and the stars all had excellent chemistry, but very little faith by the networks. Riehle, the consummate character actor, even left to co-star in ABC's short-lived hit, "Married to the Kellys," and even faithfully returned for the last episode while the youngest son remained inexplicably and noticeably became missing, something that was never explained (Burbage's parents moved at the end of his contract). Several things occurred in the series that took the characters away from their original roles: the dad quit his job to save his favorite bar and fight to keep it open, the mom quit his job to go to college, the uncle tried going legit but still remained basically demented and crooked while the daughter took the next door boy as her boyfriend after realizing he was the kind of guy she wanted. Oddly, of all the strange incidents that happened in the series, the one incident that stands out in my mind never occurred in the series. For a promo to his movie "Big Fat Liar," Frankie Munez of "Malcolm in the Middle" described an up-coming episode with Lily the daughter growing to a hundred feet tall and turning her parents into finger puppets then confessing he was lying. Still, that's an image that has never left my mind and as Fox Family brings the series back, that image will remain my picture of the style and crazy wit of this series. For me, the show ended too soo, I'd like to have seen it end with Sean finally making it and Eddie off to prison.moreless

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  • 8.5

    We had way to much fun during the 80's and all we got was this lousy family...

    By cherbear16, Feb 07, 2008

    I absolutely loved this show. This was a case where a great show got caught up in a lot of network mumbo jumbo. Also i loved how the show used the idea of flashbacks to tell a story. Usually you see the idea of flashbacks in more dramatic works so i actually thought it was very groundbreaking to use this idea for a comedy. Also i like it when middle class families are portrayed on tv. Especially middle class families that are more along the edge. Also it was a breath of fresh air to see a family who was YOUNG. Rarely have u seen parent who are only 18 years older than their children portrayed in a light hearted sort of way.

    This along with "Still Standing" has to be one of my favorite shows. I wish this show could have stayed on longer but unfortunately it got sent to the television graveyeard before its prime. I think at least another season could have been made with the Finnerty family's new baby and Lily being in college but still living at home. I highly recommend this show to anyone who is just looking for a funny show to kick back and laugh at.moreless

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  • 9.6

    Highly enjoyable ;-)

    By avi01, Nov 14, 2007

    I love grounded for life!

    Its about the day to day life of a young couple who are still very much missing there Teenage period of life and who now are raising three kids.

    This show is fun and the format is cool. Something happens and the episode starts after the thing happened and throughout the episode, the incident is taled. I like that concept.

    The characters are so fun. Sean Finnerty is the crazy dad. He is still so teen in his head. His wife, Claudia Finnerty played by hot Megyn Price tries to keep him on track but she herself is also still kinda teen in her head. The children are funny and well payed. Also Sean brother, Eddy is the sort of "corrupted-love-fun" brother type. Add all these along with some other characters, all interacting brilliantly, we get some great comedy time. Highly recommended.moreless

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